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Anna dives into the Cartier Tank Vermeil with a chocolate dial and a stepped case that hit the shop today! Shop vintage watches at https://theoandharris.com/vintage-watch-shop/

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In this episode, Anna does an in-depth review of the Cartier Tank Vermeil that just hit the Theo & Harris Watch Shop! Here are some of the highlights…

“Cartier might be the single most obvious value proposition in the watch world – and it’s hiding in plain sight.

It’s their unwavering dedication to re-imagining, recreating a simple design – a fine precious case and clean, often white, roman dial – that made their bones. And the embrace of icons – Jackie Kennedy, Truman Capote and Andy Warhol to name a few, that brought them from respectable to irreplaceable.

Let’s take a look at this example from the 1970’s. Although foundationally not far related from its ancestors, it’s an entirely different look. Its case is large – at 27 x 37mm, it has a tremendous presence on the wrist, atypical for Cartier. And it’s dial is chocolate, as opposed to crisp, almost starched, white. But still, it’s all there – an inventive (and stunning) case design, bright blue cabochon and roman numerals beside thin dagger hands.

If you’re the kind of geek that couldn’t imagine not having something truly proper beneath your cuff when the occasion calls for it, this is the kind of watch you might revel in.”

This watch hits the shop today!

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Jose Casillas says:

Great video. Well done.

pietro brindani says:

How much was it sold for?

Danbo_de_Piano_Part_Deux says:

love a coco dial, just picked up my newest automatic last week w a chocolatey sunburst dial, cannot stop staring at it in the sun, great vid/feature on this super rad watch. :-]

Tomasina Covell says:

The audio chain sucks!


U dont promouce the L on vermeil

Zeph Deyu says:

WHAT IS UP WATCH FAM?! Awesome Cartier there!

Simon Jones says:

Irish Car bomber here guys? So someone’s said it’s sold but I can’t see it listed at all? What’s the craic?

Simon Jones says:

Ok it’s now popped up sold on the app.

Lewis says:

Didn’t think loads to it until I saw it on the wrist. Massive presence!

Tommy Williams says:

What was this up for ?

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