First Take: Cara And Stephen Discuss The New Cartier Releases At SIHH 2018

When it comes to design and the balance of looking to history and the future, few can rival Cartier. This year, the brand is revamping its historic Santos line, integrating an in-house movement and a ton of new improvements into a watch that makes a strong statement on the wrist. Additionally, there are a few limited edition and limited production models that take the best of vintage Cartier and reimagine it for today. Cara and Stephen got a chance to go hands-on with the watches, and they shared quite a few favorites. Here’s an early look at the 2018 Cartier collection and what you should be looking out for later this year.


silkhead44 says:


Nexus Achiles says:

Why do I not like Cartier? I tried, went to the boutique, saw a few pieces, strapped them on. I just don’t get them.

bluemystic7501 says:

Very pimp indeed!

eliashnmyr says:

I love the santos!

Steven UK1 says:

Seriously, some of the prices..  then you find out they use a plastic movement holder. Yes there are some nice looking watches especially for girls, but so many variants and colours. Cartier is a mass market expensive fashion brand.

Sav D says:

CARTIER is so charming…

Thiang Hlima says:

CARA…u r very pretty!

Preeyen Mistry says:

Cartier, new Basculante pretty please?

Face Meat says:

Cartier: for those with too much money and a hatred for being able to tell what time it is.

Rogelio Brown says:

that ring your wearing is nice, cartier? or yours

Graham Lawton says:

Drive is awesome but please oh please pronounce Cartier correctly! It’s not Car-tee-eh!

HH Ito says:

I like this blue/steel Cartier, but I prefer my JLC Tribute Duo Reverso Q0498420 because of it’s night/day complication.

Vibesan Perampalam says:

40 k for a Cartier….lol

Santosh Moopanar says:


Drew Corbett says:

Cara’s ring tho

James Shives says:

I really do love Cartier… shame it is so far out of my budget, but if one day I can afford it, I’ll buy a Cartier before I buy a Rolex! So much class, and such elegant, timeless, and versatile designs.

Luke C says:

Finishing on the cartier looks v good

Tom Tom says:

Santos mm? You should have brought a ruler.

Jay Remi says:

After all promotional video for Cartier these past weeks HODINKEE is at it again and has obviously become the marketing tool for the brand.
I like Cartier and I like Hodinkee but you guys should come clean about your business relationship. From what I see and read it affects your credibility big time among the watch community.

ConRon says:

Very interesting case shape on the first, I like it

JogBird says:

cartiers are boring af

Davis Fehrman says:

i need to know what stephen puts in his hair lol

Rogelio Brown says:

cartier is so overpriced the fit and finish on steel models feels like a hamilton

Austin Jones says:

I love that they brought the Santos back with an in-house movement. I may have to pick one of those up

Garry Hirst says:

Cara all dressed up fancy lol

kodiak wild says:

so sihh is the sema, ces, or namm of watches, i take it….

jeromeo12 says:

Overpriced precious metal fashion watches. There is nothing complicated or interesting here.

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