Episode 24 – The History and (Confusing) Watches of Cartier

In this episode, Matt and Cameron explore the history of Cartier, a name associated with many things: monarchical crown jewels, massive diamonds, and the classic, rectangular Tank watch, now in production for nearly 100 years. We confuse ourselves with all the little variants of the tank, check out some of Cartier’s more modern lineup, and discuss the significance of the company in the history of watchmaking.

We also discuss the book ‘The Radium Girls’ by Kate Moore and take a look at the offerings from Blu Shark Straps!

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jimf42 says:

I have a blu shark nato. they are very nice. they also make a nice wallet

Joshua Maxwell says:

Throw your pics in a PPT or Keynote. Won’t have to jump around. Great show!

seanhenders says:

Difference between the Tank LC and regular tank is the case…the top of the case on the long sides are rounded on the LC…the regular tank is flat and squared-off.

Great shows guys. Thanks!

Matt Wasilewicz says:

Another great video guys, keep up the good work. I am really enjoying these brand specific history episodes. Also just pulled the trigger on my first watch purchase from Crown and Calibre, can’t wait for it to arrive!

WIS says:

Love your history series !

Luke Murphy says:

Speaking of the Radium Girls, you guys should do an episode on the history of Panerai, they have some fascinating stories.

Gage Smith says:

Do history of Hamilton watches next time, and keep up the great work!

Wirenfeldt1990 says:

you guys missed the usual slot.. i thought something had happened.. good to see the upload though..

zach jones says:

Love the show guys would love to see another under $1000 or under $500 podcast or maybe a full podcast on MICHAEL brands where do you guys maybe have 10 different people send stuff in and you do reviews on all of them I really like that portion of your show

Jeffrey Morrissey says:

It would be really cool wearing the Cartier Mash while on acid with friends…

The Loli Catcher says:

in french the ‘s’ is usally silent eg francais = fronsay, anglais = onglay

antonio macias says:

These podcasts are going to be referenced for lifetimes to come. Thanks

Trevor C. says:

TAG Heuer history next, please!

Scott Harter says:

lol – My older brother had a ’78 Lincoln Continental MK V and it no shit had the Cartier dash clock. It also had an 8-track player. It was in excellent condition, and it was CHEAP. I think it cost him less than $1K in ’89, and he got $750 trade in in ’92. Probably the nicest car he ever owned.

HackiH says:

YES to the tool and machinery show!

W. Bush says:

6:19 When painting with radium, don’t lick your brush!

sergh8605 says:

This is one of the few shows that I don’t skip the commercials and wait for the end. Thank you for the great show guys!

nicksimpson87 says:

YES TO THE MACHINERY SHOW!!!!! Field trip to Cameron’s shop?????

Buwsur says:

Book review podcast would be cool

Brandon Lyko says:

When’s the next video going up?

Tom Levy says:

A Bovet showcase would be neat

Vortic Watch Company says:

Listening to an episode on watch making machinery would be very enjoyable!

Jimmy Parks says:

Can you guys do a show on case and movement finishing

ryvr madduck says:

I respect the Cartier history, but I’m not a Cartier watch wearing wanker.

Pierre-Olivier McConnell says:

Just FYI the “C” in Mont Blanc is silent.

jimf42 says:

look at a photo of a WWI tank from the top…and you will see why it is called the Tank.

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