B. Walker says:

The watch story was simply delightful to go through with you!  So exciting to see your childhood mystery fulfilled and appreciated with adulthood clarity.  I think there won’t be a moment you will read alone, all those you mentioned will be with you as you go through time with your beautiful timeless Cartier.  ; )  Happy for you!

Andreaa says:

i love when you say hygge BTW i’m from from Denmark

Tia D says:

when he said on a Tuesday and she didn’t get it

lady yustiel says:

Your (and Ali’s) vlogs are almost the only ones that I can watch and not stop. Usually I get tired of vlogs quite quickly but not of yours!! <3

peneloperoy says:

Hey Lydia! Love your videos! I was wondering, where is the bracelet you’re wearing in your pjs from? sooo pretty!!

Emmalisa Tilli says:


Daisy Green says:

Please do a makeup look wearing this! It’s beautiful & I need everything on your face! <3

Anse says:

Beautiful choice! My mom bought this one 30 years ago and my sister just got the same one now, I decided to go for the small ballon bleu! Congrats!

-safae kh says:

i looove your videos , there’s something in your smile that reminds me ameli clarck <3

bella manning says:

where is her/your phone case from, i love it!

OnTheBlush says:

Love your vlogs, what is that pretty music called when you’re putting on your boots?? It’s intoxicating xx

Miran Sharipova says:

U r so so cute. And u are always giving me positive mood. Thank you for ur videos.

PocahontasButter says:

Are the Stuart Weitzman boots grey or beige??

Thank you in advance! xx

Katrina Doerr says:

and an aliiiiiii

Alice Wright says:

You’re one of the most genuine youtubers out there. I love watching your videos, they make me feel upbeat and relaxed at the same time! Xx

Melany C says:

what brand are your pyjamas?

Brittany Landers says:

What does she do for a living? Or what does her husband do?

ilenia gre says:

Where does she live?

lynn Amel says:

Hiya Lydia , thank you so much for your videos and for putting yourself out there ! I love your videos! Your videos make some of us who aspire to a luxurious lifestyle, know for sure that it is attainable if we are willing to save and budget and prioritize . You are Awesome !!!

tijana lakicevic says:

Didn’t you once say that you hate tomatoes? xd

Katrina Doerr says:

i want a lumiiiiiii

hannah kim says:

I noticed you missing one of the earring the morning u wokeup xD

hollee beee says:

Oh my God, your comments crackkkk me up, honestly! You are so beautiful and sweet, Lydia! Obsessed with your vlogs.

Daisy Brand says:

Please could you do a watch collection video?!

Justine TARANGE says:

what is this vlog music ?

Julie Gallagher says:

Beautiful watch, wish you well in wearing it.

teagan coltman says:

those boots are perf ❤ i need some!

MulberryEllie says:

You’re very attractive but your makeup is starting to look trowelled on. By the way is your putting your SW boots on and stroking your thighs an attempt to capture male adolescent subscribers?

Kitty Kat says:

Hi lydia great video and fab choice of watch,I got the same one for my 21st and I’m 36 now and still sometimes wear it as its classic and beautiful.Enjoy it! Xx

AriellezAddiction says:

Kinda confused did your grandmother pass down the watch to you or did you purchase a new one? Either way it’s timeless.

FoodWorld88 says:

The outfit is super combinated!
Very very nice~

Nayantara Patkar says:

Hi Lydia! Really Want to know, where did you get the bracelet you wear from?

April Carter says:

People who leave negative comments or watch to criticize how SHE lives HER life – why the FUCK are you here? Move on. Being negative towards her does not make you some incredible person. And watching a few videos does not make you experts on her life.

Nora Juarez says:

me encanta tu canal por favor traduselo al Español por favor saludos

D M says:

You are amazing! Love your vlogs!

Nikoletta emily says:

Where can I buy the boots?

holly-raye says:

what makeup do you have on??looks lush xxx

Ashley Mejia says:

Aw my dad gave me that watch for my birthday!! We have a cartier tradition as well!!!! I also have the mont de cartier with the pink leather band!

fashionology95 says:

“I wish I wore a bra” hahaha highlight

PhysicsFx Alex S. says:

La montre est une Cartier Gablé et non une Santos

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