Collecting Watches – Viewer Emails 26 – Are Cartier Watches Worth Collecting?

Collecting Watches – Viewer Emails 26 – Are Cartier Watches Worth Collecting?


Buch says:

Thanks for clearing up the 861 movement issue! 🙂

DLH says:

Jlc as an ebauche maker is above anythin lemania or eta or valjoux could make. Personally vc have very elegant dress watches but like Breguet the brand is in a comma and living on past glories.

Lemania and eta do same thing, 861 is nothin special, before it there has been many manual chronograph movements and many after. It doesn’t even hack and people have mentioned reliability issues too

TheIlluminantOnes says:


sepehr0 says:

Ulysse Nardin marine collection is COOL you stupid fuck

DLH says:

As a matter of fact jlc helped panerai develop their ‘in house’ movements and certain panerai models actually have modified jlc movements so yes brands in richemont to take advantage of synergies. But swatch does things differently than richemont or LVMH. Swatch try to use movements from lemania/valjoux/eta wherever possible with glashutte original being the exception who seem to have free reign to do as they please. Ok not a ford engine a vw group engine would be a better analogy.

DLH says:

He doesn’t like being corrected!

Jur Post says:

How can you say Cartier and Feck in the same sentence? Where do you come from? Even judging and opionating Cartier. Cartier is a French brand, not from Texas United States with your pronounciation like that, ‘dude’!You know what nouveau riche means?Wait, in English it might be: noovyo Rich or something. Can’t understand how you feck up names anyway…
Come to Paris one day.. and get taught some manners..
Cartier doesn’t date.

MoveOverCasanova says:

i´d rather have a cartier with a plastic movement case than a seamaster with the best movement in the world – but that is just my taste – cartier NEVER EVER dates as far as i am concerned, because they make the most beautiful watches ever (and btw they invented it ))

Royalty Tha King says:

*Inhales* FUCK YOU. That’s all I can say… lol

UmadBRO1999 says:

There are only 2 models of Cartier I really like and want to have in my collection… those are the Santos, and the Panthere. I really wish they would make a Santos Chronograph that isn’t so huge, and place it on a metal bracelet… but they don’t sell them that way. So yeah… having an oversize Santos on a small leather strap; no thanks


Rolex for life

alexkidca says:

def go with blancpain, compare to eta movement for that price

PrinceGGucci says:

I dont get why you say ‘Cartier’ THAT wrong o.o Absolut wrong pronounction? That dont look good 🙁 Otherwise Tanks for the Video of course (:

DLH says:

@ArchieLuxury Fuck you back!
What’s great about the 321/861? And what difference does it make whether Albert piguet or whoever made it fact is its not an in house movement by omega like you originally stated, Albert piguet made that movement for lemania not omega. Btw Breguet is part of swatch group so it’s not surprising they would use eta movements since swatch owns eta. But I’m not the one who frequently bashes watches for having eta’s…


I brought the roadster and I hate the cartier movement. It seems to not hold a wind and it stops some time. I won’t buy any more

DLH says:

Albert piguet made it while working for lemania not AP, and lemania just like eta and valjoux made these ebauches for other watchmakers to use, even jlc did the same albeit for higher quality watchmakers like AP and patek. My point is not about the quality of the 321/861 movement but rather that the speedmaster does not have an in house movement like Archie states.

kwk31288 says:

santos galbee barely changed since its launch

keltecdan says:

i was thinking about getting a cartier santos chrono or roadster chrono but now that i think about it more the price of a used is about $4500, with that type of money i can buy a blancpain moonphase calender

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