Cartier Watches – Calibre Diver Men’s Watch – Cartier Watches – Calibre Diver Men’s Watch

We have not done a review on any Cartier watches for men before. Our Calibre Diver review is our first.

In the last fiver years, the Diver is one of the watches from the Cartier brand that has caught my attention.

In general, a Cartier men’s watch is a bit boring for my taste. Nevertheless, I do enjoy the Calibre Diver (I also enjoy both the standard and chronograph version of the Santos 100 XL).

I like the look of the ceramic version on the Diver. It makes the watch stand out.

I also love the combination of blue and rose gold on the Cartier Calibre Diver that I show on the video.

At a retail price of about $10,000, the Calibre Diver is an accessible, entry-level watch. Nevertheless, since they do not hold their value as well as other brands, I recommend that you only buy the watch if you can find it at a good price. I recommend that you do not pay more than $7,500 for this Cartier watch.

The 42-millimeter case of the watch feels a bit like 44mm to be, so if you have a bigger wrist, you might find this watch more appealing.

Technically, even though the Cartier Calibre is a diver’s watch, I would probably never dive with it…but you can say that as well for many of the diving watches out there; people just don’t use watches for what they’re designed for anymore. The watch is rated for a maximum depth of 300 meters.

If you’re looking to get a Cartier watch with more of a modern look to it, the Calibre Diver might be the right model for you.

This watch is also offered with a stainless steel bracelet, even though I prefer it with the black or blue rubber strap.

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7IRAM says:

Rolex, AP all the way.

MAHDIfied4SOPHIA says:

it’s about time

Jack Nunes says:

Eric, you rock mate,. Thanks for the advice

Di Saar says:

Hey Eric, just stopped by the AD in Chicago, apparently it retails here for 7.9k, so I’m assuming msrp went down since this video?

Aquanuat patek says:

Hi Eric, thanks alot for the great advice on Cartier diver, good job! will keep follow your video closely.

RationalPragmatist says:

Good vid – sad but nor surprising to see buffoonish watch YT snobs bitching about pronunciation; guess it makes them feel better that they can’t afford pieces like this.

Jack Nunez says:

Great job Eric don’t let the haters hate

Koji Takata says:

Eric please make a review/comparison of the best steel Rolexes thank you!

Peresta Yuriy says:

Blancpain please

itsleo says:

Great stuff as always Eric, always bringing the best and newest variety..truly digging the background music on this vid as well. Keep up the great work guys!

jason starek says:

What a great piece to review. I very nearly picked this up (a few years ago), but the lack of an in-house movement caused me to pass (at the time)

Sam Ho says:

Great vid as always, but Cartier just not my cup of tea

crni195 says:

calls himself a watch lover and professional- cannot pronounce cartier

Matt Goshia says:

finally a good watch vid from somebody, been weeks

bigart1993 says:

It’s like the local Rotor Rooter guy talking about high end watches. “Dem, Deese and Dose” LMFAO!

ivan gonzalez says:

name of the song?

Ross Anderson says:

Hi Eric, great to meet you in person at your fabulous store.
I enjoyed talking to you and looking at your watches.
One day my friend the vintage datejust will be mine 😉
Take care.

Alkaizer8 says:

you promised a breitling long time ago. where is it?!

davoparkin1 says:

would really love to hear your opinion on the omega speedmaster !

1Sanantoniomatute says:

Karty-air. reminds me of Oh-meee-guh.

SirRTFU says:

i think all these ass hats talking about the pronunciation of cartier are the cult you were talking about

Stephen Katz says:

Great review, This watch falls in the category of great to wear in the pool at the boca beach club. No reason to wear a 30 grand AP in the pool. The blue face one is one , lol only a watch nut thinks 5 grand is a everyday knock around.

hhhk20 says:

Lots of commentary on a brand of watch that he can’t even pronounce correctly.

Minus4Plus6 says:

These are sweet Ill take a black one full stainless with stainless bracelet… yes there are many deals to be had on these bad boys. Roll ix Roll ex potatoe potato carty ay carty err who cares haha

Alan c says:

Not sure you get the recognition it deserves on the street..the ladies might just think it’s some lower priced fashion watch

КоТэ says:

Nice vid. What is better in your opinion Eric? Royal Oak in rose gold or Royal Oak Offshore in rose gold? Thank you in advance.

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