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Cartier Watch Shape Your Time Official Video

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“Shape Your Time” Cartier watches corporate video.

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technomanplus says:

0:41 Looks like an Ori ship from Stargate SG-1

georules says:

Why do they make ads like this?  I barely have an idea of what the watch looks like.

Peanut says:

The video itself is a piece of art.

logwind says:

Holy shit. What THE FUCK is going on here? I don’t know whether to shoot the jaguar or call Will Smith because there’s a MOTHERFUCKING ALIEN INVASION happening. AHHHHHH.

arumugam paramasivan says:

It’s graphics are similar to avengers climax

Beta Sorrow says:

Cartier are so expensive they should be alot cheaper.

BeautyofScent says:

All that Jazz for a freakin watch?

6714euan says:

So beautiful.

latinoheatariel says:

cartier for the very rich  beautiful watch

sobhy bayomi says:

what is the name of sound track of this great vedio

Zi jie Lim says:

What model is this call PLEASe Someone

silkhead44 says:

half the price of a Cartier Watch goes into hype like this

Luis Santiago says:

Now play it backwards you see the leopard on top of a war ship or a submarine. illuminati made this commercial the leopard is biblical and the a ufo added to it.

Mademoiselle Blast says:

Piece of art, rather like the odyssée, the 1st movie released in 2012

James Kelly says:

Beautiful video, but it must have cost sooo much to create.Still, it definitely captures the classic nature of the brand.

Christopher Adams says:

These commercials today have better special effects than most movies.

no name says:

Cartier know how to do beautiful adds

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