CARTIER TANK WATCH – Whatever you do….. don’t buy the Tank Solo !

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James C says:

All the negative comments on here cannot take away from the fact that when Archie sticks to watches, the mans knowledge is impressive. Well played sir.

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

You don’t “play Paul Pluta” you fucking idiot!

keaulana1 says:

It seems he has some anger issues

Ricky Doolous says:

Haha, always move the hands forward says he whilst moving them backwards. Second arsehole coming when you have to pay to repair that delicate AP movement.

Dreamworld Isolation says:

Great vid. Love carti-aire

VB3 says:

You know that’s a woman’s watch? Don’t give a shit what it costs or how iconic it is, that’s a woman’s watch. Not wearing it.

Richard Lennie says:

Great vid Paul…!

Josh Wrinkle says:

Good one Arch. Good vid.

artefact says:

Had Panerai Rolex Sub AP Datejust and my all time favorite is Cartier Tank Solo XL auto. Classy.

JORGE says:

ARCHIE Fu@k you!

fifa3 says:

Archie, is the watch still available?

Colin S says:

I’ll pass on this grandpa watch

Tom Routledge says:

That’s a poofter watch Arch!

Richard Wentz says:

Archie, we disagree a bit but you’re not a I always come back to see your stuff..Cartiers are classy..

Ivan Hart says:

no indiglow, no thanks.

VaggnerVanLange says:


J J S says:

Thank God for Pauline Hanson

matt dicks says:

Obnoxious Slob

Alberto Mendoza says:

Rodolfo Valentino, and the General Pershing used Cartier Tank

sawdust 69 says:

its a SHITTER!!!

alphabetaxenonzzzcat says:

Okay – I take Archie’s point, get that model – and secondhand – as you will pay through the nose for retail for that watch. I think a quartz version is even okay. I think as a special occasion dress watch, that would be a great little watch.

Steven Castro says:

How am I just finding out about this guy?

zigzagyipyup says:

Your must de Cartier is a shitter. It’s the cheapest line in Cartier.

MrJosev27 says:

Why you guys take advice from a fat middle aged man with no woman is beyond me lol. Buy what you want, not what this deuche tell you. Be a leader, not a follower.

iimaniDAVID says:

You shouldn’t have polished the case. Ruined it.

Manuel Mendoza says:

Get your cough checked please especially if you smoke…

Polar Roller says:

Great vid Archie. Are the Roadster’s acceptable? I think you owned one some years back. What is the colored stone on the Cartier crowns. They all have them. Is it a mineral?

phootluke1 says:

phuck me it’s gorgeous, keep the phucker Arch

Nathaniel's Phone says:

Why does he keep calling me a fucker?


Cartier is for women and fat queers.

newmedstudent says:

Anyone know the name of the intro song in the video?

Steve Camasso says:

Classic! 🙂 3:11

Nikki Reyes says:

Lady Diana had a gold Cartier QUARTZ??? Who knew…???

BBnose says:

i still don’t understand why Cartier make the cheaper Tank Solo. Which look flat and charmless. Which make bad influence to the original Tank Louis Cartier

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