Cartier Tank, The Best & The Worst (& More) :: #ASKTNH LIVE

Christian answers watch-geeks’ questions LIVE – today we discuss Rolex, Enamel Dials, and a lot of CARTIER.

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Christian answered #watchfam questions LIVE on Instagram – and among them were a few standouts, which we’ve highlighted in this video. Christian answered a question about the watchmaker Ematelier, which currently produces enamel dials. This led to a discussion of the overall enamel dial market, comparing watches like Patek Philippe World Timers to Jaquet Droz Grand Secondes, and potential directions for dial producers like Ematelier to look to.

Further, we talked about Rolex entry pieces, namely the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. We covered the sizes, colors, and affordability. Next, we jumped into a discussion about Cartier. Christian dove (RANT&H-style) into modern Cartier – the new Cartier Tank Louis (QUARTZ!!) models, the bastardization of classic Cartier elegance, and his favorite modern Cartier – the Skeleton.

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Chia Rhun Kwa says:

How about the new Tank Américaine in steel?

Clyve Watch-Wrangler says:

Did you take that little girl’s watch? Shame on you! Also belong to the blue dial date just club…but the dial really pops on a tt model with gold indices.

tyga z says:

your cartier is a girls watch…. as u said, its “pretty”….

JP Davis says:

Spot on the classic Cartier Tank as to size and  wtf with date window and quartz.   Andy W had it right,  same with Jackie O.   Talk about eye candy.  Go vintage with Cartier,  of course price is the obstacle.  I got burned on one of their  early quartz (purchased new),  circuit  went out in three years.

Venus Dee says:

Please do a video discussing Citizen women watches as a whole. I feel they make some of the best watches for women and with their own designs and not the female version of a man’s watch. So far I bought my wife 2 Citizen watches (along with some MK watches) and the Citizen watches are simply amazing.

James Duffy says:

Damn, I always miss your #ASKTNH live streams. Just as well, I should just email you guys with all my questions.

Nicolas Restrepo says:

Does anyone not remember that Seiko makes enamel and urushi dialed dress pieces for the Japanese market? And at ultra affordable relative prices at that?

Goyomojo Tech says:

what’s wrong with a date window…

A B says:

Why is the cartier tank americain ,quartz, nearly as expensive as the mechanical one On chrono24, so pre owned….

George Sternberg Allen says:

I think the only men’s cartier tank worth purchasing atm (besides vintage of course) is the Cartier de Santos because it is auto instead of quartz, the quality is impeccable (I would even go as far as to compare it to the Royal Oak!) And it’s a great daily watch

Lulu54545454 says:

Cartier is doing such a good job that they are shutting down their brand new factory!

julian sanchez says:

What are your favorite vintage cartier references?

Harry Brown says:

However it tells time pretty well 😉 jk i agree

Kristian Georgiev says:

If I wanted to buy the quintessential vintage tank in steel or yellow gold, with the most classic proportions, what would the model be?

Venus Dee says:

I am happy to see you give weekend content as well now. To me you are currently the most interest watch channel to see and the channel I look most forward to over all my Youtube subscriptions (watch and non-watch related).

Now a side note, your opinion for a top end watch for a female to wear, Cartier (whatever type) vs Rolex OP 36mm (whatver color)?

Tomasina Covell says:

And what the hell! If they’re going to have a date window on them why are they not even attempting to do what would really be worth the while and make the date numerals in Roman style instead of the simpleton’s Arabic! What would be cooler than a tourbillon or world timer, and even moon phase, that’s it, nicht wahr?

Paulo Buencamino says:

Shhhhh don’t tell the world about the skeleton tank! It’s my obscure little grail

AddictiveWatchClub says:

How has no one picked up that universal yet?!?!

Rasmus Helenius says:

Seiko Pressage also has enameled dials

Heinz Fraenkel says:

Good point about ematelier

bluebottle650 says:

Great video and content! Still loving the 1601 linen dial you sold me earlier this year. It would be great to see your thoughts on the Cartier’s other accessible line-ups….. Ronde Solo is one, gifted to me and I love it on the bracelet and its an automatic movement. Also include a vid on your thoughts on the re-release of the Cartier Panthere. Keep up the great work!

Paul and Sue Roberts says:

As far as the Cartier is concerned I think you’re delusional and if you don’t like Roman numerals your screwed.Definitely not for me…..

Cedar Canoe says:

Cartier is unique, but unfortunately not my taste. Wwished you ‘d talk some more on JLC, that for me is a brand with an awesome movement history and recently (70 years) also watches. But look at what movements PP, VC and AP have used throughout their entire history? Indeed, JLC! To me that brand is the real unhidden treasure.

Ashley Slingers says:

Well articulated rant actually.

Jai Sbr says:

who really cares about watches, Christian is the reason to watch

J S says:

Droz makes super cool stuff….and you are right that deals abound on the secondary and grey markets!

Vladimir Mihnev says:

I think the quartz makes it a women’s watch only.

Wojciech Piętka says:

Christian where did you get that light brown (orange) strap for your Cartier Santos Dumont?

Tomas Longa says:

If you came here for Cartier Tank, skip to 10:00

Frosafrost says:

I’ll just buy a sup250 Seiko solar for my girl. 27mmx18mm. $100

Philip B says:

The Tank is the only skeleton watch I’d wear, maybe also the Royal Oak but at least the only dress watch!

Alexander Marquardt says:

I wanted to write that the proportion of the larger Cartier Tank could make sense for me (1.90 m and not slim) course
smaller watches tend to look silly on me (go ask Federico). Then u said the Sasquatch thing and now I´m sad and feel I should run into the woods and hide…
(joking aside: keep up the good work)

M Riley says:

Bravo!!!!! Christan!!!!! “I don’t wind my Cartier” Andy Warhol…. Bravo!!! LOL Yes ICONIC design WORLD WIDE, and cross generational recognition…. Tank Solo rocked by the most famous people in the last 75 years. Recognizable as much as Rolex…. and just on one design Tank Solo. Yes $8k is too much for a Quartz…

Kyndell Cole says:

Lol you’re killing me Christian
I’m a pretty big guy and on my big ass wrist 35 to 40 is refined

Salem Al Maskari says:

Universal Geneve are amazing watchs.

heyflojo says:

Please stop saying “Jesus Christ”. There’s no reason for it.

Mars Mars says:

Dang you use to many words

AdrianMercs says:

Spot on with the Cartier rant. My all time grail is a basculante with the hand winding ultra thin 2.1mm piguet movement. There is no other 3 hand dress watch with that much presence. Period.

Captain Zed says:

Good video. Much appreciated. It seems like you are now the most consistent content presenter in the YouTube watch space. Many others seem to be struggling with consistency.

smsg1347 Gardezi says:

Wouldn’t entry level Rolex be the airking?

666 says:

Cartier is Garbage

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