Cartier Tank Francaise Watch review (requested video)

Disclaimer, I know nothing about watches, but this video was requested and I hope it helps anyone in the market for this watch. This is the medium size.

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michelle haywood says:

great review!! love my cartier tank so much!! i’ve had it serviced twice, have had it for about 10 years (maybe a little longer), 400 buck!! ouch!! i dread my next service then – wow!! but i think since you paid that much you should enjoy it – the battery will eventually need replacing again and if they are going to charge that much you might as well enjoy it!! my tank is my everyday watch – love it so much! 

lvmusicman says:

It’s not that expensive when you know how much time is put in servicing your watch, a car cost th same if not more, but it doesn’t come back looking like new, like the watch.

Glen Daly says:

Wow, you sold it. The Cartier Tank has always been my favorite watch, I just could never really justify spending the money on it, but I’m getting tired of just looking and not owning. I’m buying one next month, I just cant decide whether to get and automatic or quartz.  Quartz is cheaper and more accurate, and the automatic needs servicing every half decade.  In any event, I really love them. I can’t believe they charged $400 for service, but you had to with a watch of that value. I, almost forgot, stay away from Michael Kors watches. I read in many reviews that their junk. I notice you have LV items behind you, I think they make watches as well. The only thing with that is Louis Vuitton makes leather goods, not watches.

Marlene Perez says:

Omg wow 400.00 that’s lot of money to get service. Thank you for the video I been thinking of getting one. Beautiful watch enjoy xoxo from NYC Marlene

Rochelle Amadeo says:

Enjoyed your video. What you have is a quartz watch which means it is run by a battery. You have a luxury watch and like luxury cars the tune-up will be costly. So basically for those people who are considering these beautiful watches there is a price to pay for its’ up keep, just like the car. The large Francaise are referred to as a Automatic or Self-Winding watch. They are mechanical watches, meaning that they operate just as the word says via a mainspring that constantly winds itself while you wear the watch or you can manually wind it. If you rather not deal with that then there is a box or machine that turns left and right or around in circles to keep the watch wound perfectly when you are not wearing it.
Word to the wise, luxury watches are handcrafted and made from the finest materials and they become heirlooms to pass down to your children or other family member. Enjoy your watch and don’t store it only for special occasions. Remember you want to get the best value for your hard earned money spent. Make it work for you.

Ms Stanleydragonjr says:

Really great review thank you

Inside Civ's Closet says:

On my wish list. Thanks for sharing Sam.

YYCCouture says:

You know how much I love that watch 🙂 it’s gorgeous, sophisticated, timeless and classy all in one. xxxooo

Glen Daly says:

You should just wear it. The battery won’t lasts longer if you don’t wear it.

Yuri Jhen Merina says:

hi dear thank you so much for the review it help alot,.:)) (^∇^)

Coco Supernova says:

Gorgeous beyond divine xxxx thank you for sharing SAM

Vilma Dawley says:

my rolex I have it for more than 14 years now, its automatic no problem of changing batteries, and no issue at all, and still going strong, it doesnt scratch glass surface!

SODOM says:

No, if the date is at the 6 o clock position, it is the mechanical automatic version of the watch and comes mostly in a larger size. If the watch doesn’t come with the date then it is a different model code for the Tank Francaise altogether.

Cellini Rolex says:


Mari Rodriguez says:

Wear your watch and enjoy it! You only live once!

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