Cartier – Shame On You ! – Federico Talks Watches

Cartier – Shame On You ! – Federico Talks Watches

In today’s episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about one of my favorite watch brands, Cartier. Cartier is a brand I hold in very very high regard and I think they make some of the best luxury watches out there. However today I found out about a cost cutting measure, particularly in the Cartier Ronde Crosiere watch, also known as the Cartier Cruise. A cost cutting measure I never expected to see from a luxury watch brand like Cartier. Shame on you Cartier!

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K.D.P. Ross says:

Ugh, this is a really unfortunate choice they made :~

Mark Playford says:

OMG thanks Frederico I nearly bought my wife a Pasha but the Omega looks like it was well worth the money now!

tariq naseem says:

Why you hate Seiko so much???

xjsteve says:

Fed, I totally agree with you. Plastic movement holders feature in sub $100 fashion watches and low end fake watches; for one to be used in a Cartier, any Cartier says to be they no longer care about quality. That’s a sad fact. I have a number of modern and vintage Seiko Automatic watches, all of them have steel movement holders. I know this for certain as I regulate all my non Chronometer watches myself. So how can Cartier justify using cheap rubbish movement holders in a $4k luxury watch? That’s enough for me to boycott the brand.

Johnny Costello says:

There’s a sucker born every minute.

rgd1977 says:

That is pretty shoddy, it would cost very little to make a steel movement holder. Even my Hamilton has a nice steel movement holder!

John L says:

Your not over reacting. A watch from a company like cartier should not have any plastic in it.

Jared Coffin says:

You’d be disappointed to see what I found inside my Bell & Ross BR-S Heritage Black Ceramic. A disproportionately tiny little quartz ETA.980.163 (a fine Quartz mind you) and a plastic holder!!!! Angst!

Panos Lioulias says:

They are devaluing the brand even more…in terms of watches it is not respected as one would expect considering the history. This is just evidence of this general “feeling”

Functional Doc says:

The Swiss watch industry is in trouble since their profits are shrinking and another example since they won’t sell parts to your independent watchmakers. IMO Cartier is more about jewelry and style. I would love watch reviewers to start talking about the cost and frequency of service on their watches. I looked at a Sinn tool designed watch with German engineering to the hilt. The issues is you are limited 1 service center in the US and looking at $500 service every 3-4 years. Ferrari and Porsche prices for maintenance and can’t even take your car or watch to local independent mechanic.

John John says:

what are your favorite panerais?

Brandon Crow says:


bobdanger99 says:

Do you know of anything similar in looks to the tank a guichets at a more affordable price? Thanks. And also what is that style called?

Ahmed Attar says:

I think some of the Swiss watch makers now are becoming nasty, cheap, on top of their greedy behavior!

siciliangamer says:

That’s crazy. I will not be purchasing Cartier unless it is vintage. Also I echo the sentiment. You and Christian should do another collaboration. those videos are always great because you have very different perspectives.

Yulian Velev says:

Same as TAG Heuer unfortunately. That was one of my reasons why I sold my TAG. I was really angry.

Gianpa kasa says:

Well, i’d like know what about Rolex movement/value, Breitling, IWC, and a ton more of so called premium brands…i’m sure that a deep analisi will reveal other surprises

SSA Trance1 says:

My Glycine Combat watch has a metal movement holder, and the watch cost only $350!

Vegan Dinner says:

TAG pulled a similar stunt a few years back and still get flack today. Silly move by Cartier.

chato fernadez says:

Federico I think you are quite right at being upset. It shows pathetic lack of standards for a house as prestigious as Cartier. Find your friend again and ask him to let you take a picture and do another more detail video.

Tomasina Covell says:

I’ve had this layered plastic movement rings dreams made from fancy plastic. There’s still a long way for them to go in making plastic relevant, but then again they just barely get the brass or aluminum ones made, and they’re as simple as can be, not owing much to design.

Mitch Drucker says:

Hopefully the Cartier management team responds to the video and their faux pas with apologies, refund offers, and reengineering. Thanks Fed.

cubex68 says:

I was super pissed when I saw my wife’s $900 Longines had a cheap plastic retainer ring. So, I can imagine how upset you would’ve been to see that in a $4000+ Cartier watch.

B Fil says:

Dont want to point it out.. it was trully original.?. dont get me wrong .. i dono know your friend …so maybe it is original

deluted Republic Matthew says:

Even cheap mechanical watches have steel movement holders

Albert Yang says:

My $99 Wenger has a plastic holder.. As does my quartz seiko.. Doesn’t bother me.. That being said, anything I’m buying over $1k BETTER NOT

Mike Hawkins says:

Might I suggest that companies such as Cartier and the like sell luxury watches, often to people affluent enough to have them serviced at their native servicing locations. Thus, unless one is curious or does their own servicing, they would not notice such a cost-cutting material being used. I agree with you that it is in absolute poor taste, and would say that they are effectively trying to “get away with it” so to speak.


watchingitallhere says:

Once you see how the sausage is made…

ripperx444 says:

Cartier = fashion brand
I also find them ugly as hell.

Antonio Littera says:

Les Must was always kind of at the cheap fashion end and by some (most) collectors not even considered as being real Cartier. These Ronde Croisiere is also at the cheap end. More about design than function, (some design elements I even find strange) and definately lacking in attention to detail compared to what we know from Cartier.

Alfredo Ketterer says:

Fed, man, First: So great to have you back. Second: Do you think this may be like what happen ages ago when AP launched the Royal Oak on a crazy price for a luxury watch without any precious metal? Anyways… PLASTIC…. C’mon Cartier….

Zeitgeist says:

Did they also use glue to assembly all the stuff? Lol, I can understand the rage!

Rafer Janders says:

and it wasn’t some space age shock absorbing polymer?

kamaboko1 says:

I’d love to know just how much Cartier expects to save by replacing one piece with plastic. You ( Federico ) would know better than I, but what’s the manufacturing cost on a watch like that? Maybe $1000? Quite possibly even much less.

Steven UK1 says:

This is a good find and you are right, plastic movement holder for a Cartier is shocking… I thought Cartier were just milking it, now I know for sure.

Paul B says:

No…you’re not overreacting. Good rant…depressing for those of us who like Cartier…but good video nonetheless. Question – the Tank Solo (which I’ve considered for my wife)…do you think there’s potentially plastic in there too, given it’s a quartz?

jhvl666 says:

Tag Heuer does the same with their AquaRacer and Formula 1 series…

azhawk516 says:

What a bummer.

Donn Testa says:

Over reacting, it’s a budget watch 🙂

ForbinColossus says:

Fed, please steal TGV’s army toys for your background. White plastic movement holders are a sure sign Cartier thinks you a fool

johann schulten says:

I know for a fact tag heuer does that too

Brian Tym says:

No pictures? If he was crazy enough to let you open it once maybe he will let you open it again so we can all see.

Jimsy says:

I would be very unsurprised that this isn’t something that has infected all of the Richemont brands. It may not be specific to Cartier.

Mike Tindol says:

Unless you are buying a ‘name’ only I think most men that would purchase a plus 1K watch would expect quality and craftsmanship. I bet your friend felt bad.

jd c says:

I would be curious exactly what the material was.  Could it have been Teflon?  Something that can not corrode but still provides the strength needed with perhaps more flexibility.

weerobot says:

Come On Cartier!!!…charging the earth then using plastic, it just not Legit…good rant Federico…

Viggo Dahlberg says:

What happend between Fredrico and TGV?
Please tell me.

mrueck says:

Tag Heuer does this too. I was very disappointed when i saw plastic in my Carrera. Lost me as a customer.

Agentxphile says:

Maybe its one of those newer gen of plastic that’s extremely strong.

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