Cartier – Not given enough credit ? Episode 5

Cartier is a historical brand that created the modern wristwatch in 1904 (Cartier Santos). However, today, collectors do not seem to give the brand much merit. Is this justified? In this video I talk about my stance on Cartier and some of the brand’s innovations.

Carol Forestier, Cartier’s new head of watchmaking has been coming out with great new innovative models. Such as the Astrotourbillon and the Jump Hour.


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John Viano says:

Hi Fed – Another great video! I agree that Cartier is not in the forefront but I think their designs are for a lady or gent with a specific taste. I recently read where a favorite icon of mine, Cary Grant, was a Cartier fan which impressed me. Cheers!

Thomas Cala says:

Well done Frederico. I own a Tank and Rhonde (on a leather strap). I like the Roadster which Archie reviewed and you gave some great facts about the Santos. Cheers.

Arthur Leyenberger says:

Thanks, Fed. I enjoyed learning about the Cartier brand.

AH H says:

Very informative video thank you

Senecal says:

Really enjoying your videos.

Matteo Tufilli says:

Great Contents!! Congratulations Federico!!



stephen rhodes says:

Own a Cartier myself which i simply adore but yeah there’s very little recognition given to the brand which is unfortunate.

I like your style although your OPs are just a little too large for me.

calmoore96 says:

If they bring out the concept ID2 then theyd be leading the new technical innovation. Interestingly, cartier spend the most on R & D out of all other big swiss brands.

Paul Adshead says:

yet another fantastic video federico, I also like Cartier in the future I will buy one or two

Cherian_Thomas says:

Great information! You certainly changed the way I view Cartier as a watch brand…

Ara Ara says:

What about the Gruen Curvex? It’s similar to the Tank Americane.

nick sinicropi says:

Federico, are there any Cartier watches that are offered in white metals that feature in house movements?

Ubiratan Junior says:

Cartier is an incredible brand, specially in terms of watchmaking.

Timepiece Addict says:

I think Carole Forestier-Kasapi deserves a lot of credit for bring back Cartier’s horological street cred with their latest designs and focus on movements vs quartz jewelry pieces they were known for in the 80’s and 90’s

Locutus D'Borg says:

I’ve owned the Pasha and Roadster, both great designs but they needed service every couple years so I sold them. Love Cartier designs but I wish they were more reliable.

Renovar Wwis says:

Firstly I love your style and presentation, looking forward to hearing more from you and wish you all the success for your channel.
My wife and I have 3 Cartier watches (Tank MC chrono for me, BB and Tank Francais for her). Our experience has been good. I completely agree that the level of watchmaking is clearly not top tier compared to my other haute horology pieces, but its highly recognized, and most people would comment how beautiful they are. In fact I get way more comments on my cartier than my patek or breguet. Maybe its the way they do their numerals which makea it loud without being distasteful. Another note to make is that because the movements are not that specialized, the servicing for them are actually quite reasonably priced, which makes ownership cost over time quite reasonable compares to other brands in its league.

Gino Fornaro says:

Wow this video really changed my view on Cartier! Keep up the awesome work

Brizzy 91270 says:

Frederick,the santos 100 is a great looking watch and will hopefully own one day in the future,I think regarding the movement there are a lot of great eta movements out there,again I’m happy with a good eta movement against paying a premium for inhouse.i wonder if anyone has done a video with a good eta and inhouse to see the difference in accuracy over certain period ? What are the pros and cons maybe it’s a video you could look into.keep up the good work.brizzy

Geekanoids says:

Super interesting video, thanks for sharing 😀

eco8gator says:

Great video.

I love the Cartier Tortue single button chronographs in white gold…stunners. I’d take this over a reverso any day.

North1867 says:

Nice video and I love the History. I really know very little about Cartier and their horology. Just a point, Paris did not fall in the First World War and therefore was not liberated by anyone. It was shelled by long range German Guns and bombed by Planes. 🙂 Having said that, I always believed that the Wrist Watch was a result of the WW1, now I know that’s not true. So thanks for that.

Chris_Audittr2108 says:

Enjoyed your video Frederico very much. I’m a big fan of Cartier and I got my wife a beautiful automatic Tank Francais in steel a couple of years ago. It’s so well put together. I’m getting a Santos 100 next year for my 50th so am pleased to see people such as yourself talking highly of the brand.

Amintas Neto says:

Fair points and great vid Frederico. Cartier invented the wristwatch for Santos Dumont who actually invented the airplane before the Wright brothers. 😉

Cedar Canoe says:

Very nice video, thanks!

meyoumovie says:

In regards to the Cartier question, 100% agreed. With the excellent informational and educational content of videos, I don’t believe you need to apply so much pressure on yourself by uploading a video everyday (not that I’m complaining) heck twice a week is more than enough to hold and increase your audience.

igotnoideawhattoput says:

Cartier makes a few really good time pieces no doubt, but they have an image problem among ‘serious’ watch enthusiasts as they are better known for their jewels and a lot of their watches are overpriced quartz.

Roman Jeremy says:

Hi Fred, did you know that Louis Cartier collaborated with Hans Wildorf on Santos Dumont’s first wristwatch ? Lots of mecanical innovations during that period especially in aviation by brave pionners like Clément Ader, Louis Blériot, Gabriel Voisin, the Wright brothers, le Comte Zeppelin, Otto Lilienthal. I love that period, with a bit of craziness !

The Marquis says:

Great job Fed…keep up the good work!

MrDannyg321 says:

Well just watched all 5 videos and very impressed I came very close to buying a Cartier Calibre Diver last summer but ended up going for the Rolex Sub 116613LB but its still on my wish list, Whats your opinion on the Calibre Diver ?

Richard Stevens says:

Well Said

mark says:

I love Cartier watches but only as a ladies watch. Can’t imagine wearing one myself. The only place I’ve seen men wearing them is Japan.

ThaiprawnCurry says:

Fanatastic video!

Paulo Buencamino says:

TGV sent me your direction, love you videos!

cataloni vamoos says:

what do you think of the ballon blu? fed

Timpu Andreas says:

I wish they would bring back the basculante. I am looking into maybe purchasing a vintage one, quartz or mechanical, however I’m just weary that once broken it would not be available to fix anymore

Bob FromBrisbane says:

Great. Video, really interesting. Cheers.

Luxury Duck III says:

Nice vid. Great brand.

Noel Lake-Johns says:

Absolutely stunning jeweller and watchmaker. I wear a tank, which for some time was my grail watch. It’s a brand unlikely to be beaten for elegance, though I would like to see more in house movements and less Quartz too,

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