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Douglas Freer says:

The leather strap truly improved the piece in my personal opinion.

Watch Addict says:

the roadster chrono is kinda cool, santos 100 is garbage felt like a pos when i tried it on , like one of those 24.99 watches

Jeffrey KRUPA says:

What hasn’t this cunt changed his mind about?

HFSswfl says:

Cartier need to make the classic Santos again THAT is a Cartier watch

Ming daMerciless says:

With this life changing realisation, maybe Arch should keep the shiny turd rather than spending all week bigging it up and selling it. Arch I fully support you keeping that amazing concentrated turd.

SteamPunk says:

I’d take the Seiko over that dog turd. Flip it to a Starbucks employee, Arch.

Goh Tee We says:

Cartier is a jewellery company not a time piece company Archie.

Guy Gadbois says:

“now who wants to buy this steaming turd off me fuckers?”

Johnston Pettigrew says:

blah, blah, blah…………pump and dump.

Dallas Time Bandits says:

Cartier are great fashion watches for the wives

ThaiprawnCurry says:

Pahist that motherfucking Phist!

Matt Todd says:

someone buy this fucking thing so we don’t have to see anymore vids on cartier poofter watches

Dragonutity says:

everyone who watches his videos should put up adblock. Deny this motherfucker his ad money, we all know he would sacrifice his first born, archibald beggarfield the 4, for 20 more views (with ad revenue of course).

ToxicWastoid says:

Cartier make fashion watches. So do Bulgari, and 100s of others.

ChronoMail says:

How do you judge the level of interest in the Cartier brand? Look at the number of views for this video – – – it is one-third to one-half that of AC3’s videos which mention a strong Swiss brand.

Azri10 says:

I wouldnt buy cartier watches. I’ll stick with Archie’s advice Rolex and Patek fuckers!!

john g says:

anyone want to take a bet on  how long it takes for him to flick this watch?
I say 2 weeks

MrDbcooper456 says:

when are you flicking that piece of shit

mulberrybush1967 filmfan! says:

he finally gets it. It’s dogshit, flip it turd the third.

Mike Dennington says:

Fuk Archie put up some monger vids for us.

Morris Nell says:

Come on Archie the watch is shit you just say that because you want to sell it.

Dallas Time Bandits says:

That is a dog watch

HachiZenki says:

So a Cartier is the Alfa Romeo of watches. It’s got the looks the aesthetics the feel but underneath, ugh.

ThaiprawnCurry says:

I’m a Cartier nigga…

RaiderInNY says:

Sell, Sell, Sell… Lie lie lie. “It’s cool…” Maybe one of these monkeys who don’t know any better will bite. Keep tossing that reel into the waters and see if you hook a retarded fish.

Austin Daniels says:

You get it, and now you’re trying to get rid of it.

Marc Goldberg says:

Great analysis of the brands.

Amintas Neto says:

Makes sense big boy. Design is their strength.

somerville99 says:

Not for me.

243wayne1 says:

Archie may get it…  We punters do not…

21centurycaveman says:

I finally get it! Cartier represents design over substance. Poor quality movement and loads of gimmicks all packaged in an expensive branding for those superficial individuals who represent the fur coat and no knickers brigade?

Des Falon says:

Phuck me dead what kinda police car is that at 0:30

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