Cartier – Fashion Watch or True Watch Brand ?

Cartier – Fashion Watch or True Watch Brand

In this episode of Federico Talks Watches I talk about something that seems to have a lot of watch lovers divided. That is Cartier. Is Cartier a fashion watch or a true luxury watch brand? Personally, I think there is no question. A brand like Cartier that has created such iconic models like the Cartier Santos and the Cartier Tank, all while continuing to innovate cannot be considered a fashion watch. Watch collectors seem to love Cartier, but in my opinion the ill informed see them as a lifestyle brand. Am I wrong? What do you think about Cartier and Cartier watches?

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J Griff says:

I’m pretty annoyed the RO isn’t in house….£15k …

Ramón B. says:

I have to agree with you about Cartier’s pedigree as a fine watchmaker. I own four of them, among them two Tank a Vis; a white gold Jumping Hour with date and a rose gold dual time, both with sapphire backs. They keep excellent time and they can go with a rolled up sleeve as well as a under a dress cuff. OK – so Cartier has an illustrious history of jewelry, there’s no penalty for that. My JLC Reverso wind butter smooth but side to side they all keep excellent time. Thanks for sharing this because I’m done with guys who sniff the air when they see a Cartier watch; own one and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. I have a Santos 100 whose sole feature is time, and BAM! that’s all I want and it delivers. One more thing; when I visit Cartier Maison in my city, I’m treated like royalty; from still or sparkling water to champagne to “Yes sir, how may I serve you today.” They’re on it!

Michael Ambuehl says:


siciliangamer says:

Solid arguments.  I want a Santos now.

FloridaGary E says:

In my opinion, fashion watches have inexpensive quartz or mechanical movements and materials.

Mattia Borrelli says:

History videos like this are incredible Federico! Great content!

Big E says:

In the beginning I did think of them as makers of ladies accessories but as I joined the watch geek community I now hold them in very high regard. I wanted to buy my girlfriend a tank but she declined and wanted a Grayton instead…millenials…sigh.

Brascofarian says:

There’s a lot of synergy between making jewellery an watchmaking, and they have the longest history of anyone in making wristwatches, how the hell can they not be considered a luxury watch brand? Bizarre.

Marktuyet says:

Never thought much of Cartier because I purchased many with gold plated cases and standard ETA movements that people paid a lot of money for and sold them when the plating wore off the case and the silver base tarnished . Looked like cheap crap .

Tony Hill says:

Sound knowledge which I wouldn’t argue with.

Amintas Neto says:

Great video Frederico.
Yes, Cartier invented men’s wristwatch.
Many people don’t know it unfortunately.
Cartier has lost its way on fashion motions but there some high end pieces they produce that are definitively worth to mention.

Jerrykid888 says:

Round vs Square. Round wins.

Trevor Hsu says:

I don’t know any watch fans that don’t appreciate Cartier. they get tons of love. the Cartier tank and the speedmaster are the only two watches over $1000 I’d ever actually consider buying. maybe a Pepsi GMT…

Bry T says:

I was planning to buy a Cartier Tank XL. I’ve seen it for real in their flagship store in Manila and I love it. However, I’ve been reading reviews saying that Cartier is just a merely fashion watch, which made me confused and having second thoughts of buying it. Not until I was able to watch this video. Thanks for giving a great information and with that, I am leaning towards again with Cartier. I would like to ask your opinion to you which is better – the stainless steel strap or the alligator strap? Thank you

Seth Greenhill says:

I walked into my local dealer to try on the diver.
It is stunning, truly one of the best new additions to come from one of the most iconic houses and I loved it.
Rolex are becoming a fashion and lifestyle brand I feel, compared to many high end that are continuing to innovate and push boundaries, rather than relying on 100 year old designs that they simply ‘update’ every now and then and yet sell 100,000s every year for those looking to invest in a lifestyle.
I like Rolex, I own several but am becoming increasingly bored of their lack of imagination and willingness to want to introduce new models which embrace the future.
Compare the Cartier Calibre de Diver to the Sub and the Cartier beats it hands down, simply in terms of beauty and technical ability.
The blue dial is on the list this year for sure.

Jason Sims says:

Also, have an original roadster and love it! The easy change strap system, did they pioneer this also?

alpinestarsssss says:

Don’t think I’ll find myself buying a Cartier, but I highly respect them. I would without a doubt consider Cartier a true watchmaker. They have created some beautiful timeless classics over time.

skrads says:

Absolutely Cartier is a true manufacture when it comes to watches and not a fashion brand. You hit on many good facts regarding this great historical company. I just happened to get my Louis Cartier Tank Extra Flat with the manual wind Piaget movement on the same day as I started reading the Cologni book on the tank Cartier. I read most of it and your facts are spot on. I love this watch. It’s only 5.1 mm thick. The Piaget movement in it is only 2.1 mm thick. 18K rose gold with crocodile brown leather band and a sapphire crown cobuchon. Just beautiful. It with the Rolex Explorer 39mm 2016 model are now my only watches. Great channel Frederico. Thanks.

All Things FUNZIEZ! says:

Didn’t have to watch this one to know you defends Cartier. Which is awesome. I think there are a lot of fashion houses that respect horology and they do a good job along making watches worth the prices they are asking. Where as some are and will always be more like Michael kors instead of like Piaget or Rolex or even seiko or orient hahaha

Peerapon Wisutthikan says:

Would love to hear your thought on Montblanc.

Rodrigo Mussak says:

Excellent video, Federico. Abrazzo

Daniel Zimmermann says:

Very interesting background about other brands, thank you Federico! Great video again, keep up to good work! I especially love your ‘deeper’ stuff videos about the watch industry and their companies.

1000rm says:

I learned a lot. Thanks for the videos.

valebliz says:

I agree with pretty much everything you said, even if i can’t like most of cartier designs. I would like a Drive Small Complications but that’s pretty much it.

Ana Isidro says:

I’m very sorry but I also see Cartier as a fashion watch despite the beauty of some models like the Santos. But I hate the Pasha and that blue sapphire in the crown. I don’t know why but is a brand that just not speaks to me. Great video Federico.

Dir Kirsche says:

Before anybody becomes a watch enthusiast, we all already know the fashion brand Cartier. Just like we all know Rolex is the king of the hill. . . . until we become watch addicts. But, Federico, can you tell me if Cartier cares, I mean, I’m sure they are happy that they have a product that sells mainstream, unlike Panerai, etc., that has a limited customer base.

smibru says:

Federico, you and Ariel Adams are my favorite watch presenters on all of youtube!

Michael says:

Cartier is not fashion, Cartier is style, great style.

esa062 says:

That was interesting and mostly new to me. Thanks! For me the only problem with Cartier watches is that their style and my taste don’t meet. Drive line looks pretty good.

Stefan Daniel says:

Wonderful arguments !!! I myself also have a question about a rather underrated, underappreciated wristwatch company. What about EARNSHAW ? Anything  about THOMAS EARNSHAW wristwatches? I personally own a Swiss Made OFFICER with black dial and Stainless Steel band and I must say it has fantastic build quality and they really have some truly impressive designs in their collections. I feel bad for this company since almost none of the wellknown watch reviewers have ever talked or mentioned an EarnshaW watch.

AntoniusAudax says:

congratulations on this video – too many people dismiss Cartier as ticking jewelry without knowing the first thing about them.

Batavo666 says:

Federico, the only thing you forgot to mention is that Alberto Santos-Dumont was brazilian.

Thanks for another great and informative video!

Vassilis Petropoulos says:

Great video as usual! I believe General Pershing liberated Paris! There is even a large boulevard named after him in the city.

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