CARTIER ? Fashion Shitter Watch or Haute Horology Masterpiece ?

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Naz alek says:

The faggot size lol

Matt Church says:


Pants Magic says:

I’ve never understood the fascination with Cartier. The comparison to Tiffany & Co. is spot on.

L8bro says:

another great one Arch. …ps: it’s “cart-yay”.

Fenway Fan says:

Anyone else remember a fat aussie lump with a Roadster and proper buyer’s remorse?

Chris_Audittr2108 says:

Cartier can never be called a “fashion brand”. They are beyond fashion and are one of the most prestigious jewellers in the world and have made incredible pieces for royalty and the like over the last couple of centuries. I’m not a fan of all their watches but my wife has a Tank Francais and I’m getting a Santos 100 later this year as a birthday present. Would never buy new as they can be picked up so much cheaper used. Great company with an amazing history. Iconic brand.

Matt Chipp says:

Sharp haircut pontiff

Mario Lopez says:

Cartier has some great pieces.
The Monopoussier is fantastic for example

We are done says:

Lol! Faggot size!!

Shaw Law says:

same with Tiffany is true – just get their regular jewelry but not a watch from them.

Frank Assnot says:

I have subscribed this is a good review

El Terrible says:

“Gave me the shits” haha go on Archie. Classic comment

AngryPistons says:

what about the perpetual calender tortue fucker….. they also make tourbillions and minute repeaters… fucker…

Herman Ingram says:

Get bent fatso!

JDave Foster says:

All golden content by the horological oracle, international bon vivant, gourmet, and ladies’ man Archie Luxury – great vid!!!

john g says:

Dumont NOT DuPont – – –   Dupont was american businessman

Oscar Dominguez says:

Keep up the good videos, and stop doing shitter vids

Rocco D says:

Archie I hate to tell you, but that 40mm gold Rolex is too small for your big ass. It’s time to move on to big sizes.

Polar Roller says:

good vid arch

celestialfix says:

Cartier is definitely important in horologie history and they do make haute horologie pieces; the problem is, they have also made a lot of crap (a/k/a “shitters). The Cartier watch brand is definitely being mismanaged; probably because it’s being run by “jewelry people” and not “watch people”—just a guess. BTW, Archie is a little off on wristwatch history: wristwatches were being made before Cartier made the pilot watch for Santos Dumont, but they were only being made for ladies–because ladies had no pockets like men had for a pocket watch. So you could say that Cartier made the wristwatch acceptable to men since no one could say Santos Dumont wasn’t a masculine guy—he just realized it wasn’t practical to sit in a tiny cockpit and think you could reach down and get a pocket watch out of your pocket. The rest is history, and they guy who made the most of the trend toward mens wristwatches was none other than Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex.

Imperatore7777 says:

Don’t make any comments he’ll ban you then ask for $25 to add you back on here.

Fabio C.G says:


Habeeb Adetona says:

ARCHIE where did you get your watch books? I’m looking to build a book collection on watches…

Mark Boekraad says:

my regards go out to AJ as well thnx for chipping pal cartier tlc limited 😀

Victor Alvarez says:

You’ve not been harsh at all. I paid a visit to my local Cartier boutique for the first time a few months ago and dear or dear what a disappointment compared to brands like Rolex, Omega or Breitling to name a few. I checked the Clé, the Calibre and especially the new Drive. Not a single applied index on the dials, flimsy steel bracelet and crappy leather straps with awful clasp. They didn’t feel like capable watches. It’s as if they were made by people who are not into watches but more into fashion accessories. The salesperson didn’t have a fucking clue, honestly. She thought all Cartier watches were in-house as they were assembled in their Swiss factory… Yep. She was reading me the descriptions in her catalogue, pathetic. And then there’s the high price tag and no discount policy, as in zero nought nil discount. huh? No capable tool watches, not elegant enough dress watches, not true sports watches? What the hell are they? I’ll tell you what: pretentious and overpriced fashion accessory junk.

bae says:

Faggot size or Archie super size?

andrew marvell says:

Stop with the fag comments you revolting cumstain!

VinceFull says:

Content is getting better and better again, Archie! Keep’em coming!


A Cartier should only be 18k gold

Daveyboyz says:

Cartier has had some great watches over the years, as well as some dogs.  I think maybe they are on the come back trail.  I have a yellow gold pasha at the moment, great looking watch in my opinion.

Niko Covich says:

cartier drive is stunning

Alex imd says:

yes you’re right archie, if you want I’ll remove your mole from your left frontotemporal place for free

Wherecar 54 says:

Excellent Vid

RolexKings RolexKings says:

…I think your review on Cartier watches is bang on AC3 – your pronunciation sucks though….Cartier Française…

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