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It’s no secret that Rolex is one of the most faked brands in the world—we’ve all seen those market stalls on holiday peddling numerous shady imitations—but the fake watch market doesn’t stop there, oh no. And not only are fakes not limited to the arena of Rolex, but also not to the £100, DOA monstrosities that stand out a mile off. Modern CNC technology and the growth of aspiration across the globe has incentivised the manufacturers of fake watches to push their attempts further and further. And this is where we are now, with a fake of the Cartier Ballon Bleu de Cartier that you’d be hard-pushed to spot.

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Jaime says:

I really appreciate the effort you put on alining the hands and synchronizing the seconds hand

afarhan21 says:

Fakes would never be worth the price.

Alexandros El says:

I prefer the fake. I am not an investment, just a watch user.

Greg Larsen says:

It would be awesome if a Greubel Forsey was reviewed on this channel.

Joestoes says:

Why is 4 always written as IIII on watches instead of IV?

Jesse Hampton says:

Videos like this are a bit annoying because it’s just a side by side comparison, I’d like to see a “How to spot a fake…” by itself. I really doubt anywhere selling a fake will have a genuine for you to compare to as well.

CJ Dennis says:

I could watch loads of these real versus fake videos. Excellent job yet again!

Dragan Zlatanovic says:

The main goal of a fake factory is:
1. make the watch LOOK (!!) similar as much as possible to the original,
2. make the highest profit out of it.
The fakes you are seeing here are not fakes you are buying on your Egipt vacation for 30-50$. These costs almost as much as your ”All inclusive” holiday in Hurgada for one week ☺ While you think the watch only needs to look like the original, you would be very surpised when your Daniel Wellington quartz would last much longer than this Cartier.
I believe only rich people can buy high grade fakes for 500$+, because they can afford to smile at it and throw it away once it stops working. I bet, 99% of the people writing comments ”I don’t care, for me this fake is great” would start crying when they would realize they throw in trash 500$ in less than one year..

Bad Larry says:

great upload thanks

JayeBird says:

Depends on how much and how exact the fake is. But yeah, it’s not the real one. I’ve always liked Cartier.

Knurling_Turtle says:

This should be a regular series.

TheFPSUploader says:

Lovely video as usually!

Could you do a video on the 39mm Omega Seamaster planet ocean?

Would love to have some high quality videos of the new Omega watches from Baselworld 2018 as well.

Mateo12485 says:

So the fake is on the left, right?

Thomas Kimmel says:

so which one is fake?

An idiot in a racing car says:

Disgusting print on the fake

khalid0 says:

Would like to see a review of the Tag Heuer Monaco V4, if possible the Phantom model.

improbablehandle says:

Real, fake, overpriced or not, I like the design. Good vid.

ed chun says:

Just got this watch yesterday. Love it! As you said, high quality, good ratios and well-designed main dial. I personally like the skeleton hands, which make me easier to read the chronograph minute and hour hands on the sub-dials.

J. Daniel Lopez A. says:

Fake Omega Next PLEASEEEEE
I just saw a fake Omega Seamaster James Bond edition from the spectre movie for about a hundred dollars

Caseback Watches says:

Sometimes you can spot fakes by the performance of the movement. I’ve once bought a high end fake Longines Master Collections and it didn’t loose a single second over days. Made me suspicious because of my experience with other Longines and then the watchmaker confirmed. Made in China 😀

Jamie Parker says:

indeed a decent fake could be anything from £100 onwards so I went to a jeweller a few years ago and just asked what they could source that was genuine at my price (£150-ish)…I got a quartz TAG Heuer Professional from 1982…I need to upgrade before long as the bracelet is gone and another bracelet will be the same cost as the watch was so I’d sooner look to upgrade and trade in for either for a lower tier automatic like a Longines or a higher grade quartz like an Omega Seamaster


The only argument everyone has is…its about pride or character of a person…no other argument. …so I guess I am happy being characterless??giv me the damn watch…

Anoni.mouse same says:

That is such a dodgy copy of Cartier I would have spotted it just on quality of the print and over Ebay crappy pictures. Show us a really good one. Watches are worthless unless they are one of a kind bespoke..

pspsps S says:

i think it speaks volume to what we are actually paying for these days. like is a 10k watch worth 10k ?

luminor007 says:

I wouldn’t buy a fake.. but I think it could be a nice idea if you just want a collection of replicas as a hobby, not to wear them outside but as a collection of replicas that one day you may aspire to buying as they would look nice even if they didn’t function as well. I think people would be interested in seeing them, even if you told them they were just replicas.

Svetoslav Popov says:

Fakes are rarely sold trying to fool the buyer that the watch is original. The buyer is the cheater in most cases. But he cheats himself mainly. I would never buy a fake or replica watch. Buying fake whatever means you do not have respect to the talented people who put their inspiration and skill in the designs they create. And worst of all, it means you don’t have self respect.

Yitzhak Hosea Barrios says:

Your channel is just so superb. Very soothing to watch. Pleasing to the eyes. Please continue uploading these high quality, no-unnecessary-gimmicks videos. I hope you get a million sub. Good luck!

Otman Eid says:

What about the bracelet??any advice…thanks

Imran Chowdhury says:

The dial printing is enough to spot on the fake. Take a high resolution photo of the dial and then zoom it 50% bigger and you will find the differences either in the dial printing or in the hands or even in the date wheel somewhere it will tell you I am fake.

Mt Mmt says:

Hi can you speak about the German wacht junker ?

Ian Woollard says:

Buying a fake would make me feel empty and emotionless. Fine watchmaking to me is about how I feel when I wear something beautiful

Yaseen Kutbi says:

What a ghastly piece.
It’s a complex design sure, but not….good looking.
And that’s not a very convincing fake, all things considered. What’s more, is that you could honestly tell at a glance; you don’t even need to be familiar with this particular watch, you just a decent understanding of how watches are manufactured and finished, and also proportions, proportions are very important.

minityper says:

On the fake the movement is probably better.

yeahwafflesgo says:

pussy white boy

Richie P says:

Show me a fake Grand Seiko Spring Drive with a display back, and if I can’t immediately point out what’s wrong with it, I will happily buy it for the price of a genuine.

Sam Aremes says:

I’m not entirely sure if what I’ll say makes sense but I could immediately see the real one from the fake from the first shot. The reflection of the light off the cover, the richness of colour and the overall depth was apparent to me. That made me think, why would a fake make their watch look deeper and richer than the original? So I based my guess from the first shot and it turned out to be true but I know this won’t always be the case because some fakes are near impossible to detect.

mena seven says:

Chinese fraudster stop making quality fake Swiss watch. It is a disaster when somebody unknowingly spend $8000 in a fake Swiss watch. Only a watch connaisseur can find the fake Cartier in this video. To avoid fake the solution is to buy from reputable dealer. Like they say buy the seller not the watch.

Andrew Goss says:

Nice Cartier. Link to purchase the fake?

Robinson Ang says:

Thank you so much for the new knowledge and new information… more comparison please…. ROLEX tudor iwc panarai pls

villenium says:

Excellent video. The closing points are particularly relevant when you think of some of the amazing affordable watches that are out there.

Nicholas Nathan says:

I can’t tell if its always the fake preceding the real one in the video. One fake cartier, but both are real watches nonetheless – a real watch tracks time and reports it.

1 says:

*_Thanks for saving hard earned incomes of honest people around the globe._*

Skylake -E says:

For real this channel needs more sub than Jake Paul

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