Brad Pitt’s Watch Collection of Cartier, Rolex & Patek | COLLECTION REVIEW

Brad Pitt owns Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier and we review his watches and recommend an F.P. Journe here!

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** Brad Pitt’s Watch Collection of Cartier, Rolex & Patek | COLLECTION REVIEW **

Brad Pitt’s collection from blue Ellipse Patek Philippe and a Rolex Daytona to an A. Lange & Sohne, is something to be admired. Check out Christian’s thoughts and why he recommends an F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu!

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iimaniDAVID says:

Christian.. May I respectfully suggest spinning off the celebrity reviews to another segment?

Neil Gordon says:

Some constructive advice in the comments that I agree with. Otherwise this is a great video. Interesting, polished, timely. Crushed it bud.

officialpartychannel says:

How about reviewing the dalai lama’s collection next?

Naqoyqatsi L.A.W says:

Does he ever stop sucking up? FFS

valebliz says:

Chris go check out Lange channel, they’ve got more than a few cool videos, not just the zeitwerk one…

Josh Bohm says:

Fun story. He was a dick in college and my girlfriend’s dad and the other frat guys gave him a swirlie for shitting in a girl’s purse at a party. Nice collection, though.

Aleksa Jonic says:

When will you do collection review?

the Wizard of Time says:

you should check out John Mayers collection

Jorge berman says:

You left out his Terra Cielo Mare.

Bob jones says:

Unfortunately anything expensive when it comes to watches is cool

Planet Ocean says:

You forgot he also wears a Pam 052

Daniel Katz says:

Lemon, nice

golfbuddy1969 says:

Question: I am a fan of most of his movies. I have always thought of Pitt as a modern day Paul Newman.

Amazing what you can afford with a $250 million dollar bank account. I am not a fan of black with anything other than a white metal.

David Min Art says:

nice watches

Mother says:

It is indeed Wednesday

Miguel Padilla says:

Love the videos, just wish you would put the retail price for each watch!

John Gult says:

Thank you

Ricardo Reis says:

Great video Christian! You should do Eric Clapton next

Matthew Larson says:

Brad Pitt? Figured he’d be further back in your queue, behind Alec Baldwin, Merkel, and Soros.

Tom bryan says:

Pitt looks hung over in the first picture.

Alex Stotis says:

Another great video!

marcus copley says:

What no Squale lion shark. No wonder Angelina left his ass

Imran Chowdhury says:

So finally you slowed down the speed of your talking!!!

Unadulterated Mischief says:

Thumbs down for”supreme.”

ryvr madduck says:

One of the funniest wrist watch videos of a celebrity collection is of Robert Downey Jr.. Check it out. Very nice to hear Mr. Pitt buys and collects many Rolex AND he know Journe?! Really great stuff. But Brad really needs to get a Man On The Phucking Moon.

Lloyd Garth says:

Seriously, does anybody really give a shit about some actor’s watch collection. Jesus, talk about trivialities!

Greg Mieg says:

playing it safe with pateks in my opinion. Im sure he has a stylist. Ive seen him with a 5711. Also, who knows if he even buys these or gets them for promoting a reference and the brand

8thWeekday says:

Might be real cool to do a watch collection review of an older actor that had watches you sell in the shop (vintage) but when they were new!

Michael Ho says:

More celebrity watch collections videos…

santiago castillo says:

I think he has also wore some naitilus through the years

Captain Z says:

But Lange is propped up by Richmond, if they were independent they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

Vavazelus says:

Pitt’s grail in my opinion is the White faced Daytona.

Jay Sikes says:

This proves that Angelina was the crazy one, and he was the sane one. During the custody hearings, this should be presented as evidence.


Thought he had a Nautilus as well.

Greg Mieg says:

you should have the watches listed with reference in your description.

Matthew Cowley says:

Do you still have that Jump Hour watch for sale?

Mister B says:

Damn, do I like that DJ of yours especially on the president bracelet. Nice wc review man, few of Bradley’s watches are seen in the watch forums, nicely put together and really like your style of vids. Keep them coming man!

Ahmed Helmi says:

The fp journe CB is 22k $ not 17k

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