APPLES TO APPLES – Episode 4, Jaeger-LeCoultre vs Cartier

It’s a geometry showdown! The Cartier Tank MC or the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Duoface. Which would you pick?


dinesh jiawan says:

JLC is higher ranked.
But the Cartier is better looking.

George Grasser says:

What is the issue here? If you can afford one, you can afford the other too. There is no debate. You just buy them both and what watch you wear that day depends on what color Polo shirt and Ring you have chosen to match it with.

GOJIN1980 says:

Give me the simplest, purest iterations! Also, date window on the Cartier, enough said. Tank XL Solo vs Reverso Classic Medium/Large…can I get an amen?

gjaddajg says:

JLC all the way.

bloodmorel says:

One of the more relevant comparisons, IMO. Of the two, I’d probably buy the Cartier, but I do like the JLC. For me, the Cartier is quite a viable dress watch option.

Daniel Lee says:

JLC for me

mountainhobo says:

Both stunning. Turn down the music a bit, though, I would rather hear you talk.

Tom Wessel says:

Background music is indeed too loud. Really dont know why people do want to have music anyways, the video has no benefit from annoying noise!

mosuhu says:

You guys are seriously funny, you make an awesome pair. Nice review too, the blue on the cartier is amazing!

Thomas Moll says:

Not too bad a job at pronouncing JLC 😉
And the Reverso for the win!

Amintas Neto says:

JLC is still my favorite guys

Panerai Atheart says:

I want to Love This JLC, in fact I have tried various versions at my local AD in Yorkdale Mall Toronto. Unfortunately, I experienced no “emotional connection” and that’s something you must have to invest in a timepiece of this level. The Cartier Tank MC tries too hard IMHO but it is still aesthetically more pleasing while the Reverso engages ones intellect more. Actually the new Cartier extra flat seems to do the job for me with its retrained elegance. No date. No seconds dial. Ridiculously thin. Just simply Beautiful.

Alexander Pineiro says:

Of those particular examples, the Cartier takes it by a mile. If I were to put my money where my mouth is, however, I would buy the Reverso.

V P says:

A haute maison vs a jewelry watch? Trust me I’ve tried on both and the Reverso blasts the Tank out of the water and into oblivion.

Claus-L. Müller says:

If I would be allowed to pick another JLC reference, I would go with the JLC. If not, this special Cartier would be my choice.

jack skull says:

Wow, didn’t know Hugh Jackman, reviewed watchs.

Dinesh Vishwakarma says:

off course :: Cartier !!!

Chris Mack-Riddell says:

If I had to choose between the two, I’d go with the JLC. For me, the Cartier is too dressy and doesn’t offer enough flexibility. I don’t really like Roman numerals on a dial either [but that’s purely personal preference]. The JLC is a classic sporty elegance that can be dressed up or down to fit a lot of different situations. This flexibility is what wins me over.
The Tank is lovely, but if I owned it, I’d never wear it.
Great video guys – you two always make me chuckle!

Atif Chaudhry says:

Background music is too loud, and… FIRST!

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