A Week On The Wrist: The Cartier Santos

The word “iconic” might be the most overused adjective in watches. And following closely behind it in the hackneyed department is the story that begins something like, “Iconic is an overused word, but so-and-so’s vaunted such-and-such is a true icon that stands up to naysayers and deserves the title.” I’ve definitely written that before (sorry), but I’m going to spare you the tedium today. The Cartier Santos is one hell of a watch and its design integrity, build quality, and thoughtfulness speak for themselves. No “iconic” required.

When we first saw that Cartier would be relaunching the Santos collection at SIHH 2018, we’ll admit we weren’t out-of-our-minds excited. The Santos always seemed like a fine watch to us, but not a watch worth a raised pulse. However, every day is a school day, and sitting down to look at the new collection that first morning of the show, we realized that this go-around the Santos was something different. It is now something truly lust-worthy and we needed to spend some time with one of these watches ASAP. Luckily the kind people at Cartier North America decided to oblige our appeal and Managing Editor Stephen Pulvirent was able to wear a Santos around New York City for a week ahead of its launch in San Francisco earlier this month. Here are his thoughts.


mhofi says:

looks like a womens watch to me

JM Sullivan says:

I’d love one of these.

Marcus Yakira says:

more time on the wrist please


Another fabricated, paid review by Hodinkee.

Gavin Kilduff says:

How can you review and not mention price ?

Dom Von Hutch says:

Overpriced for the overall quality and nothing special, but the “King of Fashion Watches” Cartier, is desirable none the less.

Chris Davis says:

The difference in the comments between here and Hodinkee is night and day. I, for one, love this watch. Looks like Cartier did everything right with this release.

Mark W says:

how da fock is it an everyday watch when the bezel as noted is a total scratch magnet? dum ass review.

Tangchi Prathomo says:

Does it have Lume feature?

T C says:

It’s already scratched to shit…

Hiluxtaco says:

How about doing a ‘Week on the Wrist’ with the black or white dial 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual?

HachiZenki says:

The *least* they could’ve done was line up the slots on the decorative screw heads on the bracelet. That kind of shit drives me bonkers.

Watch Addiction Watch Reviews says:

Cartier is too fashion oriented for me , they tried with their dive watch but didnt do it for me, always so classy and dressy , just aint my steez

MrBusytimmy says:

These vids, and frankly most of Hodinkee’s content is marketing. There isn’t a lot of credibility here, and it seems most people are aware of this. Read the comments section on most articles these days – it’s always the same concerns/complaints. Personally, I feel Kevin Rose’s impact on Hodinkee has been a negative one. It’s basically just a money making machine pushing product after product; whereas before the content was a little purer – watch articles for and by watch lovers.

Not that it matters, but I used to click on Hodinkee daily. These days I rarely come here because of the aforementioned reasons.

TwentyOne Five says:

As a person who’s watched hundreds of YouTube watch videos I can say there is a heavy bias in the comments to sporty or tool watches and also to the handful of big brands. You hear a lot of comments like “that’s too flashy” or “you’d be nuts to pay that much”. Guys, if you feel this way these watches aren’t made for you. You don’t wear a suit, you are under 35, and/or you are not in your peak earning years etc. Go knock yourself out with your Rolex sports models that your friends won’t find odd and don’t come too unravelled in the comments.

Great vid. Makes me want to get one!

Kayserili38ification says:

i find the asymetric screws absolutely disgusting.. hublot does the same shit..

L J says:

I had no idea about its quick-change system (and easy-to-adjust bracelet). This watch just got cooler. I’ll add it to my to-try-on list.

Daniel Zimmermann says:

Love the Santos! Was looking after the right reference for a while but I think I found my spot with this exact 2018 Santos w/o date. Thanks for showing this beauty!

usrvprogram says:

I see a whole lot of screws coming lose…

Graham Lawton says:

Like it, don’t love it but respect it.
One expectation I have is that HODINKEE please pronounce Cartier correctly. It’s not American!

Kenny Setia Budi says:

Is that bracelet or Xylophone?

Benito S. says:

I think “Cartier” is pronuonced a little bit more the frech way. I dont want to be to critical, but what ever you said didnt sound right 🙂

T. B. says:

Disgusting watch

Harvard Ford says:

The price doesn’t match the movement
I don’t consider this a direct competitor to the JLC reverso
But with a base ETA movement and industrial design, there’s a lot of amazing choices from other watch manufacturers like Oris, And Ball
Wish it was a lot cheaper, specially the stainless steel one. I like the look, just not justifiable

vsboy 25 says:

Why can’t I afford this.

OctopusMimesis says:

Maybe not very nice looking.

pennfootball says:

I wish they would have tested the large one for man sized wrists

Matt Ashe says:

The first pilots watch.

Stanley Johnson says:

Call the screw alignment wabi sabi or whatever you’d like, to me it’s just laziness. Otherwise, cool watch.

Jim Bastian says:

Not a fan at all, either. Calatravas and Submariners are where it’s at for me.

Max Levine says:

If you want this watch, be patient, they’ll be on eBay in 6 months for sub $2500

Joshua ! says:

a submariner seems like a better choice

amcluesent says:

Only for aging European homosexuals

Shane O' Rourke says:

Doesn’t this watch use an ETA movement that can be found in watches under €1K making it quite over priced, paying simply for the Cartier name, I do like Cartier and appreciate their heritage but still think they could do better with their movements.

Daniel Braga says:

Santos Dumont, brazilian inventor and aviation pioneer.

Echo Affliction says:

Love it.

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