A Week On The Wrist: The Calibre De Cartier Chronograph

I’ll begin by saying this. Cartier deserves your respect. In fact, I would say that Cartier is one of three Richemont-owned watchmakers that are pushing things forward in a major way and because of historical positioning, do not receive the mass approval of horological enthusiasts (the other two being Piaget – just wait till what they show you on December 5th – and Montblanc, who is slowly but surely converting more than a few purists). Cartier is an impressive company, and one that I think will be a true force in the high-end watchmaking world for years to come, and it’s about time people wake up to just what it is Cartier is doing. Today, I will be reviewing a watch that is part of Cartier’s in-house, but commercially oriented family: the Calibre de Cartier Chronograph. For the full story, go to: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/calibre-de-cartier-chronograph-review


John Raphael Nadonza says:

Got a Calibre de cartier silver a present from my uncle. Just want to ask, does the second hand really not moving? How can I make it move? Thanks for ur help.

HD says:

Looks cheap.

peleti027 says:

Nice review Ben. That said, I’d buy an ElPrimero Pilot Chrono for the price… (10times better movt. than that new Cartier caliber, 10times best looking piece…) and I would still have some money to buy a cool vintage Omega, GPerregaux, LeCoultre….
Keep the good job Hodinkee’rs!!

Michael Adair says:


Coolest site ever. Keep up the great work, just can’t agree with you on this one. You are a purist of the utmost regard and these brands just don’t fit the bill with the other luxury watch brands. They do in other categories like jewelry, pens etc. and yes they do have some watch history, Piaget being the best probably. They have to earn their way in right? You weren’t put up to this? 🙂

turtlehater2 says:

Fuck me that 12 indicator and logo size is just heinous.

Gio Kakhniashvili says:

So cartier is trying and thats great. I think they will only do better. As for this watch, the design is poor for people who looks up to mechanics and mechanics do not mean anything to people who will like this watch. So, completely off the target I guess

Evan Liu says:

Many of the legendary vintage timepieces enthusiastically sought after among collectors today were regarded as eccentrics and rejected, if not despised, when they first appeared, and few bothered to pick up one, and they would regret for missing an investment opportunity . Watchmakers tried something new or took a leap of faith and they succeeded or failed, and therefore these timepieces either become rare monuments for their successes or the few memorials for their failures, but either way they would soon stop making these models to make room for newer/improved models or abandon them entirely,  and for the very same reason decades after, they are now sought after with prices rising along the way. Now Cartier is trying something new (in-house) on a leap of faith with this Calibre de Cartier line. Who knows, maybe 10 or 20 years from now this timepiece will become a milestone for something great or become a piece of history of embarrassment that collectors would be happy to show them like the genuine Lee Oswald’s rifle. Strictly from investment/collection point of view, this timepiece deserves at least some attention, if not respect. 

Bro how mad are you LOL says:


Um, is it supposed to do that????
That action seemed very twitchy and spastic.

Bach Pregil says:


Javier Miralles says:

Terrible design and ugly case…

Cb Vince says:

With that price tag, the movement could be better decorated. I mean besides the basic cote-de-geneve finishing, it really looks like a miyota 9015

rhymanoserous says:

Can anyone please tell me where i can find that grey nato with orange stitching in the opening?

Nils Eik says:

Please make videos for people that are not millionaires. Thanks. Love your channel

minibus1351 says:

looks crap

Preset1 says:

Vertical clutch, column wheel; sounds like lots of companies are taking the movement design from Seiko. First TAG, now others are coming to the table eg. Blancpain, VC, Patek, Rolex, and I’m sure there are more I don’t know about.

kuglepen64 says:

Ugly as sin. Looks like a market stall ‘fashion’ watch.

sutats says:

It is bold in so many aspects.

Matt Ashe says:

The watch: redundant.

ripperx444 says:

No way should this cost that much….

Five Year Waitlist says:

Never liked roman numerals on a sports watch.

rnunez70681 says:

Ben, can you please make a “reference points” video on patek philippe chronographs and split second chronographs just like you did on perpetual calendar chronographs? I love the 5170, but I want to know more about all vintage patek chronographs since the very first references from before the 130, 1436, 1463, 1563 (sorry if I got some references wrong) all the way up to the 5070 and 5170. Every time I do online searches it seems new references pop up, all the way from 33mm to 42mm. Pleaseeeeeee.

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