5 Affordable Alternatives To The Cartier Tank!

Check out the watches in this video:

Hamilton Boulton: http://amzn.to/2pw6eeN

Tissot TXL Chrono: http://amzn.to/2Gdg0M4

Seiko SUP880: http://amzn.to/2Gg9rsq

Seiko SUP896: http://amzn.to/2pvFfjn

Frederique Constant Carree: http://amzn.to/2GhB7wO


John Partridge says:

Jory I might not always like all the watches, but I love your videos. I do really like that Frederique Constant, I could see myself buying that one.

charley says:

Unbelievable! Honestly I searched youtube this morning for “Cartier tank alternatives” and didn’t find much. This vid is crazy perfect timing! Thanks Jory.

M Riley says:

Seiko SKK715

Dean Speerbrecher says:

Orient Executive Fetac004b0

SaoDavi says:

Baume and Mercier Hampton is better than any of those listed … except maybe the FC. Under a grand on Jomashop if you catch a sale. Otherwise, a tick over $1000.

M Riley says:

Tissot, Movado, Citizen, Pulsar, Gruen, Chopard, SEIKO, Juvenia, Omega, VC, Rolex, Patek a few fashion brands all have made Cartier Tank homage down to the case hands and Roman numeral dial configuration. Just google Tank homage or Tank style images. You will find many Tank style watches. Different prices ranges from $50 to a few grand.

TheSpritz0 says:

Hamiltons last FOREVER I’ve brought it up before but my Uncle has had one for 30 years plus and it is 100% after all these years!

J.D. Kimple says:

Citizen makes quite a few in their Eco-Drive line, including the AT0910 series and the AT0132-03A.

Brogh47 says:

any watches similar to Panerai around the same price as the ones in this video that you recommend?

haziman says:

do Original Grain

JP Davis says:

Hi Jory – Do you know the Korean gentlemen (Jeff) on Hill Street who seems to always have pre-owned Cartier Tanks. He’s been there over 30 years, I purchased my first Cartier (Must, all black dial) from him back in ’82 (new, $400). Corum and Tiffany did decent homages, but of course higher price level. Good tip as to going vintage, I have a Lord Elgin rectangular, which is a beauty. Many of the vintage pieces have GF cases or even solid gold. As you are aware, it’s important to upgrade the leather to add to the elegance of a piece or in the case of Cartier to go genuine. Best Regards, JP

Richard Doornhaag says:

Longines Dolcevita

Brad Snyder says:

T3… Love your stuff…been a subscriber since the beginning.. but if YT sticks with their new policy that will virtually cancle all the gun channels….. I’m done with YouTube…..

Jeffrey Wood says:

I love your energy and way you share knowledge. Thank you Jory 🙂

Antonio Muñoz says:

Oris Rectangular

Mark Playford says:

The Seiko 880 for me looks great I just wish it was not gold and the fact it says SOLAR in a font far too big. The real winner is the Frederique Constant which looks even nicer than the Cartier for me. Sorry mate.

I like the Jean Richard Grand TV Screen,, a real beauty.

Louis B. Lave says:

I have the Seiko SUP 086. I wear it in a suuy all the time. Beautiful piece. I paid $84 for it through Jomas.com….

Down going to look at the Frederic Constant Carrer! Thanks big homie! You are the man Jory! Please checknout my magic CHANNEL! LOUIS LAVE MAGICIAN EXTRAORDINAIRE!

Stephen Lange says:

I bought an Oris Rectangular, reference 561-7657-4034LS, which retails for $1800, but I found it on Amazon for $471. It fulfilled my wish for a rectangular dress watch.

David Haynes says:

you should do a rant about watch snobbery.

Derek Goode says:

I think the best deals for this type of watch would come from the vintage market, which you mentioned. I like the Bulovas and Waltham’s in the square style. Waltham’s can be picked up for next to nothing.

J.B. Robertson says:

This is the nicest Cartier like watch I have seen: https://www.kleisersjewellers.co.uk/p54019/Rotary-Gents-Gold-plated-Case-Watch/b0-2855-2855 It seems hard to get these days.

Steve Tackett says:

Vostok Amhpibia

TheBithen00 says:

I would say the Baume and Mercier Hampton used or the Oris Rectangular new, both under a USD$ 1,000.

M Riley says:

Seiko 2620-5049 is by far the closest Tank homage. I own 2. There are variations in references from Seiko. Mostly 70’s -80’s Seiko Tank watches. Good luck finding one though.

Tamal Kundu says:

Titan Nebula has three to four watches that are square/ rectangle and priced around 1000 USD. While, yes, they are quartz but make it up with the 18kt gold case.

Rav soor says:

No dreyfuss and Co 1978

Danbo_de_Piano_Part_Deux says:

Shout out to the Erard Newton Tank, hard to find but nice seen them go forum for 600 here and there
Really a stunner, http://img-prod.chronollection.com/watch-louis-erard-005621-large-1.jpg

Chris Edwards says:

Bought the wife a SUP880 last time you showcased it. She loves it. Solar was a winner. We swapped out the strap and that watch pops now.

Galahad says:

Anybody know a smaller version of the tank

Matthew Spaltro says:

those Seiko watches look more expensive then they are!

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