15 Things You Didn’t Know About CARTIER

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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Who founded Cartier?
Who owns Cartier?
What is Cartier’s net worth?
Which is the most expensive item sold by Cartier?
Which is the most expensive ruby from Cartier?
Which is the most expensive Cartier Love Bracelet?
Who bought the first Cartier Mistery Clock?
Which is the most famous Cartier watch?

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Hermes Chen says:

do hugo boss

Question: Who is The US Government - Answer: They Train, Arm and Finance Terrorist Groups? says:

Blood diamonds and gold, Europeans love stolen antiquities and art, they will buy your bloody heart……….

theother brownguy says:

Make a video on nizam of hyderabad he was the largest dealer of pearls n gems of 18th century.

Pro Habits says:

Ayoo Pierre Cartier you wanna come out here

vikram singh says:

Make a video name 15 things u didn’t know about EMINEM

Robert Lopez says:

Do Richard Mille

Ladi Sidhu says:

We don’t care I love eatdatpussy445

Atem S. says:

Can’t say too many.. they all have something that attracts me! But I will give it to them, The destiny ring is by far the winner for me but the diamond needs to be changed.

Philippe VV says:

Lange still missing 😉

Nihal Fernando says:

Whatever wristwatch you wear, time passes, and there again, time passes quality remains.

Pro Habits says:

Cartier make the best glasses in the world

Slavica Vukanic says:

Classic Solitaire Diamond Ring with Accents in 18Kt Yellow Gold – FREE SHIPPING INDIA

Jass Singh says:

Maharaja patalia
Bhupinder Singh

Notorious_K9 says:

15 things you didn’t know about COLUCCI.


http://www.shop4me2.bigcartel.com Cartier inspired bracelet

Cafe Pandesal says:

All those gold and diamonds came from Africa, but how come Africa still a slave.

rickyt11 says:

In the late 1970’s Cartier had a signature Lincoln Continental Mark.IV

gems151 says:

I love Alux! 15 things you didnt know about cartiyay! Lol

Daniel Paulson Becker says:

Edward III? He was actually Edward VIII!

Sell LuxuryBrandJewelry says:

yes’say very good

buick park avenue says:

oh I remember this is the company that makes the top trim level for the Lincoln Town Car

Sidhant Khatri says:

Please do Harry Winston next!

Nihal Fernando says:

On the other hand, you can’t tell anybody that you are wearing millions worth of a wristwatch, then your life is in danger if you are an ordinary person. It maybe the reason they only sell them to the dignitaries who are always surrounded by well armed bodyguards.

DirtHouse INC. says:

Do Moncler please

GoodWatches4You says:

15 Things You Didn’t Know About PANERAI

Pro Habits says:

Cartier make the best Jewelry, watches, glasses etc

Dusty Rusty says:

You can’t go wrong with Tiffany.

the beyonder says:

alux i follow you on Instagram

937dboy says:

i prefer Cartier! i am thier number one fan.. ill pay anything for the love bracelet that was worn by Elizabeth Taylor.. nobody will spend more money in cartier then me. ill buy 10 love bracelets, 8 love rings, 7 pairs or Le Panthere glasses.. nobody goes harder then me far as Cartier is concerned. she did not mention that Van Cleef and Arpels is owned by Cartier.

Peter Sampson says:

I think Carter has beautiful jewelry. God bless my wonderful friends and the amazing blessings.

Driven The Rockstar Kid says:

The Cartier Love bracelets are mandatory!

seth Bronson says:

do a video on de Beers

Gabriela Rodriguez says:

Audrey Hepburn !

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