Why The Breitling Emergency Is Not A Toy…

Record setting balloonist and pilot, Brian Jones shows us the Breitling Emergency watch that accompanied him on his epic round the world journey, and tells us why it is not a toy. By Adi Soon.


Gabor Rajnai says:

Maybe designers should build in an emergency beacon into each parachute, if this is a real world problem for professional pilots? IDK Im just an engineer. Cool gadget but way overpriced.

Joshua Charly says:

If we pull it once, then we can put it back ?

zombie_jesus says:

Still in love with my E. Maybe this year I can upgrade to the E2.

Buzztubah says:

He’d make a great “hitler” in a movie.

Vaughn M. Sams says:

My question is, what happens if your arm or hand is pinned or severed?

Philip A Winged says:

Oh my God that watch is gorgeous! I want it!

ams914 says:

Another awesome feature %99.99 of watch owners will never need.

виталий сад says:

У меня такие в бане спиздили.

CameraPerson - Main Page says:

but they couldnt hide the microphone wire?

waldo pepper says:

i may be wrong but i recall reading that these have become somewhat obsolete due to the international rescue frequency having changed in the last few years? i was about to buy one but decided against it when i read this. but please correct me if im wrong ?

Cassie Prendergast says:

Is this waterproof? My husband flies over the ocean all the time and if he ejects into the ocean would it still work?


Interesting video. I don’t think this watch or rather the frequency of the emergency beacon is effective in the U.S. and that was the reason the watch was discontinued. There were two version, one which broadcasted on the civilian emergency frequency and cost about $3600 and another in gunmetal which broadcasted on the U.S. military SAR frequency which cost around $6500. One you could purchase and the other was only available in group orders to government organizations. I just saw the new version of this was approved for sale in the U.S. to the tune of $15, 380 dollars. I got a chance to look at one at an upscale watch store in Virginia. An impressive watch, but much and I mean much larger than the older versions.

DreamMaker745 says:

Another reason why I love Breitling watches

vinish shetty says:

Please check breitling website, they have a video there explaining how the emergency module works, you basically pull the nob and there is a coiled wire that works as an antenna, then it starts transmitting in an emergency frequency which your local airport can pickup and send rescue, They even request not to use it for mischief(imagine you use it and you got this huge rescue force land at your location just to find you eating cookie and drinking milk) this is high tech and a true innovative feature in my opinion also considering it uses satellite communication, It may save someone’s life in an emergency situation, I would love to see more high-end watch makers use this feature on their watches  because when the time comes that 10-20k watch can surely come in handy. 

femtoman2357 says:

Who cares? The Omega went to the moon. I’m a pilot and I use an Omega Seamaster. I even use a Hamilton Khaki on occasion. I wonder how much he got paid by Breitling to do this? The Breitling is just another mass-produced watch. This is just marketing designed to appeal to people who don’t think.

MisterSir says:

this totally isn’t a sales advert

Adam Parsons says:

wow !! he is very cute I want Mr. Jones mmm
I bet he is got BIG knob and lovely lips too

E I N S says:

so if i pull that thing out, who’s going to come? where does the alarm go off? 

233kosta says:

What a great idea – put a PLB in a watch!

If I ever end up flying commercially, this will more than likely be high in my shopping list.

Jack cooper says:

One day I want one of these. It’s good to have that reassurance that if you were to end up in the middle of nowhere it can be used a s a VERY last resort if you think your are going to die.

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