Why Breitling SELLING OUT Is A Great Move | Rant&h

#QOTD: What is your biggest criticism of Breitling as a company right now?

Bloomberg announced recently that Breitling is going up for sale in the near future. Today we’re going over the pro’s and con’s of a possible absorbing of the company into a larger group. Enjoy!

Why You Should Choose the Sinn 903 over a Breitling Navitimer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAg8nCASuhQ

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mac daddy says:

This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Breitling didn’t sell out and they never lost their focus.

mario siaven says:

yes totally adhere to your comment irrespective of the brand being sold the changes within it would ultimately depend on the type of management and if indeed gets sold then sucess will also be based on the conglomerate to allow some level of independence to breitling

Jeremy Corrao says:

So, why did Breitling sell the “Navitimer” rights to Sinn?

Benendes C says:

If a watch brand is bought it’s still the same watch brand with more financial backing nothing really changes it still has the same watch maker and designers look at omega what a brand .what I’m trying to say is omega is still omega

1000lightyrs says:

Like, dislike – where’s the neutral button?

mark percival says:

Good video Christian. I want to say that your slightly mellowed tone and the soft Christmas tree background in this video really helped me to focus in and listen to what you were communicating, all of which I think makes good sense. I say this because, for me at least, sometimes you’re more ‘frenetic’ videos become the point, rather than helping me hear and digest the message. I continue to appreciate what you’re trying to do for us watch lovers. Have a wonderful Christmas Season.

ryvr madduck says:

Last year for graduation I bought my son a triple calendar Omega SpeedMaster. It’s from about the year 2000, sapphire, automatic sweet watch for around two thousand dollars. If you like triple dates check this out.

Eric Nielsen says:

Good summary. i wouldn’t look for Swatch to make a play on Breitling – with over a dozen brands the overlaps of features, prices, and target demographic is just too much. Especially Omega but also Glashutte Original, Longines, and Blancpain. FOSSIL, on the other hand – has tons of cash and Zodiac – there’s your Breitling buyer.


I love how you listen to what everyone else says than decide it’s way to crowded on this side of the fence I’m going over there. I agree with you 110% and that is not even possible. All hail the Devil’s Advocate.

JD says:

Nice rant again! Completely agree. Really wish they would make a Superocean Heritage in 36/37mm.
Kind regards from Amsterdam again.

Mikael Johnston says:

I agree that breitling is a bit of a sell out but I mean JLC has Clive Owens and the Navy Seals Diving, Audemar Piguet has LeBron James and Serena Williams. Many great companies have kinda sold out to mass marketing to position their brand in front of as many people as possible just like Breitling. I don’t think Breitling’s biggest problem is them playing up their connection to jet planes or the use of celebrities. Their biggest problem is the same one that many other brands have including Panerai and JLC (two brands that I own), they simply make too many watches and the market is flooded. When a brand has too many different models and makes too many watches within a particular model it kills the brands exclusivity which can kill the resale value of the watch. Panerai and Breitling both have seen their resale values drop in the used market because of this and even JLC to a lesser degree. These companies need to focus on making their watches more exclusive and part of that is more about simply making less watches than who they use as their brand ambassadors or how cheesy some purists may think their advertising is IMHO.

Petro Kersta says:

Some brands maintain great deal of watchmaking independence even under a conglomerate. Breguet and Glashütte Original under Swatch would instantly come to mind.

David Cote says:

I heard that Rolex is looking to buy Breitling! Haha I am kidding but like you said who cares! It is a great watch company and they make great watches. It will still be a Breitling who ever owned it.

Claus-L. Müller says:

Hi Christian,
I’m afraid Richmond has got enough trouble to streamline their current brands. They don’t need another one. I hope Breitling gets a new owner who respects the brand and help to sharpen its image.
Best regards,

Daniel says:

Great looking backdrop!

dremann says:

“Taking the Navitimer and making it a dinner plate.. making it no longer a tools watch” I disagree, I think dinner plates are watches for tools 😉

Tim S. says:

Doesn´t it say “Breitling 1884” on every Breitling? So thats the founding date.

Ostravia says:

I agree

neonblack666 says:

Great Video, enjoying your content more and more.


Well done rant, sir!

enzlom says:

Breitling Acquired By CVC Capital Partners 28th april 2017

Watchwithme says:

Always enjoy your content, in my opinion you’re way off however. There has been speculation that breitling would be sold for years now. If anyone would buy the brand of the three major groups it would be LVMH, Swatch and Richemont are cutting jobs and losing money in every facet of the industry. Also let’s not have the elitist mentality that only small watches with a thin movement is the only way to collect. Watch collecting is about the person and there are no rules.

Titaniacs says:

I will buy a Navitimer as soon as they dump that douche, John Travolta.

Tim S. says:

Ah by the way: there is pretty much not a chance Swatch or Richemont could afford a buy as big as Breitling at the moment if you look at the state of the industry and the problems these two are having.

Ragamuffyn says:

I hope the new owner can finally change the fonts they use on their numerals.

DenshoGiallo says:

The problem with Breitling is the sizing. No watches under 42mm ? Entry level at 45 ? Seriously ?

CVC says:

couldn’t agree more with this rant. I must say when citizen bought Fredrique Constant, I started seeing them pop up all over the place with no sacrifice in quality whatsoever.

Polar Roller says:

Wow……we just got the new BO1 chronograph movement on the market too. And what an amazing movement. I find Breitling selling out as sad news…unless Archie Luxury buys it.

DLH says:

Richemont or LVMH would make breitling great! But richemont not doing too well so perhaps lvmh! But if swatch buy them, game over…

muffemod says:

In a market over-saturated with brands and offerings it’s the fate of most watch companies. No one is immune.

Dusan Veselka says:

you dont even know when Breitling was founded and are trying to say that their aviation heritage is dishonest.

john dandola says:

You’re a dillhole. Terrible discussion.  Lost in the sauce.

Peter Gahan says:

What if they were bought by Fossil? Loads of cash, no competitors in Breitling sector. Able to make Breitling the company they should be.

Pedro Dias says:

Christian, and what if they were bought by Invicta? what do you think? #whatisupwatchfam?

austin Lail says:

100% agree

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