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Daniel Reeses Pieces says:

this video is just GHASTLY

Wherecar 54 says:

Breitling is crap. Its garish, oversized, hideous and has crap movements. Thats why independent dealers sell that shit for 50% off brand new. Even at 50% off I’ll never buy one. I’ve not met anyone who had one that I liked.

Janice McIntyre says:

Hi Archie….so well done this calm video without the cursing and repeating. Looks like you do know a bit about watches after all!

The Horological Review says:

Great video archie, you make some excellent points as usual

Apollo Prospector says:

Nice one big boy

Benjamin Dover says:

Why don’t you get a job, you parasite.

tim black says:

get to the doctor archie your voice is going funny you may have lunge cancer

Malik Knows says:

This is a great video, wow! Didn’t think you had it in ya!

Guy Frowney says:

wow …..that was a good vid

LBonvillion says:

Archie is very sober and somber in this vid.

Antonio Littera says:

Love vintage Navitimers with the beaded bezel. Also love the Breitling Emergancy just because of the feature with a personal locator beacon. You are also rigth to compare the contemporary Breitling line with TAG. It’s way to blingy and aimed more towards posers.

LBonvillion says:

Fresh meat!

Mike Llewellyn says:

nice one ac3

Excellent Car Videos says:

MimiT love my Breitling long time.

RomanDutch says:

Fuck me dead the filler is real lol. Is there any other channel in the world that can compete with the amount of videos produced.

Steve Rushaw says:

A good effort at making a Vlog about a much loved brand….so much better than your foul mouthed rants just made to attract the gutter you tubers ..

Watch Addict Watch Reviews says:

breitling is cool and not cool , for rich and for poor, its the bipolar watch

John III Sobieski says:

I like these videos where he talks normally and actually puts effort into making quality, informative content a lot more than the drunken screaming vidoes.

Sergey Kotelkin says:

Good job , Archie!

grimmer2005 says:

Like what should the brand do then? Forbide some certain people from buying the watch?
This is a weird guy.

Jim Buddabing says:

I have the navitimer ,navitimer world steelfish and a daytona. I’m 6’5 and need a bigger watch. my daytona just disappears on my wrist 🙁

Benas says:

What pisses you off about Blancpain, Archie?

Mike Dennington says:

What a load of dog crap as usual, do some Ladyboyz dildo reviews.

karl glass says:

hi Archie i love this brand i find it non pretentious.i wear a breitling no one in my my circles has a fucking clue what it is.Love my freinds

TheSilverEnthusiast says:

I tend to agree with your opinion on Breitling. Great vid Archie!

S 5 says:

Archie!! Youre the man

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