We Tried Out Breitling’s New Smartwatch, and It’s Pretty Awesome

The new Exospace B55 is Breitling’s first foray into the smartwatch market. Bloomberg’s Stephen Pulvirent walks us through its functions and features.


Dossell Sinclair says:

It feels like a professional troll

The Lalilulelo says:

Ïf this fucker had sweeping second hand! would be fucking sick-!

Chase Chop says:

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Justin says:

Lower that price down first. And add a selection of straps, including leather (personally, I like leather). And then, you Breitling guys won’t get that much hate over this watch. It’s a nice watch, but that price is freaking crazy.

19rode75able says:

breitling will hold it’s value quite a bit, a quality well established watch is far less of a waste of money than spending £1000s per year or life time on cigarettes, or an expensive computer (worthless in a cpl of years) each to their own, we all have the right to spend our money on what we want don’t we? I’ll pass whatever I buy down to my children 🙂

jasio kowalski says:

It’s got all the functions of a 200$ Casio.

Tsai Jason says:

A handmade mechanic watch for 8900 it’s OK, but for a electronic watch NO WAY!

Cold Work Ken says:

You can a eastern european trophy wife for that kinda cash.. She could be my smartwatch.

jim bob says:

my mobile has the time ….

john wheel says:

For 8900 I can hire a midget to follow me 24/7. She could read my texts, reply, schedule events, tug my meat, all included.

053334 says:

i want 8.9k worth of pure gold on that watch before considering.

bloodandwinearered says:

Seems fairly useless to me.  I am sure I will survive without one.

morsit says:

Swiss handmade watches were the best in the world until the Quartz watch was introduced. Then Swiss watches became a fashion accessory than a tool. And now with smart watches on the market Breitling watches are only worth for its looks and nothing more. Think of them as a necklace it doesn’t serve any purpose other than look pretty. For me it’s funny how people think better of themselves or feel better than others by owning an object lol

UTubeChannel says:

This is POO
throw it garbage

Fernand Bataille says:

elle est belle !!

Tony says:

also ask them how much a service costs. mines 3 years old superocean 2. £860 and needs additional work. Bloody thieves. service £560 add work £300. up yours Breitling.

japanwatchconnection says:

Lots of ignorant comments in here

King Beef says:

8900 for a fucking watch lmao

Scott Free says:

wtf is Breitling thinking, How do I get an interview for the Job of whatever idiot let this be developed. Seriously how does someone that dumb get in charge of a company like this… Im baffled right not.

Obi Wan says:

Takes less than 1 minute to go through it’s functions and features. If this is a “smart” watch, then I’m fucking Einstein.

Cialis power says:

id rather buy g shock mtg. solar charge + auto time keeping + affordable

Disinfecting wipes says:

i was going to buy it but… i paused when he said $8900. Had to cry a lil bit

tonkerdog1 says:

How long will they support it for? And eventually those batteries will die. Will they support that in 20 years?

Robert Dimitrov says:

Not a fan, but this is a smart watch done well. Not a smartphone on a strap

z00h says:

They couldn’t even get the seconds hand to align with markers on the dial. And they want 8900 for it? Or is it 89.00. What a joke.

Angeroni Pepperoni says:

For that money you can buy yourself a Jaeger Lecoultre, for fuck’s sake!!

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