Unboxing a grail watch……for me!! Breitling Super Ocean II 42mm

Is what it is. I bought one of my grail watches.

Full review to come soon!!

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12 O'clock Orion says:

Congratulations, Aron!!

Peter Waitzman says:

Ah. Maze. Ing.

Marc Hills says:


Jared Campbell says:

Great pick up! I am hoping to get a blue one next year. Thanks for the video.

Njama Jones says:

Very cool and nice! Congratulations on something that’s just exquisite.

Sparro says:

Ahhh the dreaded ” I saw it and like it…looks cool…just one more look…its awesome…another look…sell the car…the kids..the house…it’s here! ” Glad I bought it and like it but I don’t have a blue watch in my collection but I saw one the other day that……. You’ve got it bad sir. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Timepieces on a Budget says:

Brilliant Breitling! Aron is pumped! And rightly so. Can’t wait for the review of (one of ) your grail watch. Cheers and (plenty of) beers, mate.

Niko Time says:

Congratulations on the nice watch. Enjoy it!! BTW, are you related to A. Hitchcock? The suspense and anticipation until you opened it… lol.

Mohamed Kholy says:

Is this the box u get with the Superocean heritage II ?

Watches Galore says:

Oh man that is one Awesome watch brother!! Congrats!! Absolutely Beautiful and will last a life time. Love it!!

Charlie Brewer says:

Congratulations, and enjoy your new watch

Watch Collecting Strategy says:

Congratulations OFD!! The watch fits you very well.

Fernando Sbert says:

Nice!!! Congrats

BigPizzaPie says:

Beautiful piece Aron, congratulations!

Lee K says:

That is fantastic! I hope it turns out to be everything you had hoped it would.

I too just went grail-crazy and got myself a Planet Ocean — a watch I’ve admired from afar ever since I got into the hobby. It is indeed as wonderful as I dared dream but it has triggered a crisis: I used to considered myself a Seiko/Casio/micro-brand guy and scoffed at all the admonishments to step upwards on the luxury scale. Were those watch snobs right after all? Oh no! The horror, the horror…

Looking forward to the review. I still have my eye on this exact same watch, only in blue. Gotta have a nice blue diver in the collection, you know. 🙂

ewanoffshore says:

Congrats Aron, that’s a lovely piece. Enjoy!

Gary K says:

Beautiful piece. Congrats.

Njama Jones says:

Thanks for sharing.

Robert Sanchez says:

Very Nice Watch ! Congrats!

asmeet singh says:

75 percent time you wasted talking worthless stuff.

Chris Walls says:

Off we go into the wild blue yonder climbing high into the Sun ☀️

Mark P says:

Super! I had a Crosswind Special but I sold it, wish I hadn’t!!

Watch Addiction Watch Reviews says:

Nice Aron! Enjoy. I plan on getting one also i have had my eye on the heritage 2 since it released but there not so easy to get

maagmaax divers200 says:

Nice! Congrats Aaron!

Frank Andre Holmestrand says:

Congrats! That’s a very nice watch, classy and with a great movement. You will really enjoy this for many years to come. It’s a peach!!

Big Nasty says:

Congrats on the new watch. Enjoy!

DAVE Francis says:

Love it! I have the Galactic 41 and one of my favs indeed. Wear in good health!

Kevin C says:

Breitling is one of those brands I’ll always have a love-hate feel to them. Congrats on your grail.

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