This Week in Watches: Tim and Josh Discuss Breitling, Rolex, and More

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Tonight, Tim Mosso and Josh Thanos discuss a Rolex vs. Breitling watch “This-or-That,” and we look back to the decade of the 2000 for important and interesting luxury watch options that will be tomorrow’s collectibles but aren’t quite ready to become investment-grade watches. The 2000s can be considered the decade when luxury watches as a class came of age, For watch brands, the 1970s were about survival; the 1980s were about transition, and the 1990s saw the beginning of a watch industry recovery-in-earnest. In contrast, the 2000s were the era when luxury watch culture and selection exploded. Independent watch brands, mass production of grand complications (especially tourbillons), rubber-strap mania, and oversized watches ruled the retail circuit as prices soared and production volumes exploded. The result was a mixed bag of watches that spanned a spectrum from sublime to silly. Tim and Brian discuss important watches from the era, investment-grade options from Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, F.P. Journe, and others. Moreover, we discuss the difference between a collectible luxury watch and an investment-grade luxury timepiece. Finally we pick our favorite independent watch brands including F.P. Journe, Lange & Heyne, Ressence, and Moser & Cie.

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Utterly Enthused says:

Tim & Josh / Tim & Mike have always been the best on screen WuW combos. BTW, did Nicco make the move to Philly?

Eric Johnson says:

What is Josh’s wrist size? the AP looks pretty small.

Amintas Neto says:

Great show my friends!
Really enjoy the talks about possible collectables 😉
No one has a crystal for accurately foresee the future but speculating about it is definitively exciting!
What do you guys think about the potential collectability of the Omega Speed Master Dark side of the Moon?
Realize it drops a lot in value on the secondary market but from a collectors perspective it’s a speed master milestone in my opinion given it is the first real fresh speedy model in ages showcasing an innovative full ceramic case- and a co-axial 9300 movement.
Have a feeling this watch will gain appreciation in the long run once its production ends. Thoughts?


Jose Velez says:

I am big fan of you guys! Tim I Need some help, since I know you are a big fan of JLC… JLC master calendar in SS. Good Buy?

Purplehaze5995 says:

No need to go $50 grand Patek like the 5990 IMO….It’s not stocks so you’re not getting more shares. Spend less with the 5980 black or blue dial that is still hot and could fairly be considered a cash equivalent with little bit more room to grow..(possibly)..5726 is also picking up in trend from my observations. In the range of 5711 you can also get an Aquanaut travel time which is a solid buy as well. Could be that Ed Sheeran had a lot of influence on some. Enjoy these pieces and sell them @ + or -couple hundred dollars maybe a thousand. Pretty cheap to own and enjoy, considering the price of these watches. You can’t really beat that.
Great vid guys.

bobbieber says:

I think Josh is talking about the Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver, they have a dial that could be called golfballish, but as far as I know that was not intentionally, at least it was not communicated as a golf ball dial

Jeremy Lan says:

I forgot to ask this question during the stream, but it came up a few times by other people before. Tim, what do you think about the Singer Track 1?


Thanks guys.

highnrising says:

What’s the deal with the Omega Speedmaster Mark II?
Is it something to consider as a first Speedmaster, or should you stick to models with the traditional Speedmaster shape?

Simon Ellery says:

Tim and Josh…agreed, best combo, but give Brian a chance. He will only get better. Great to have you back guys. Love the sound of the road trip!!

ptube1514 says:

another homerun guys, first rate stuff.

javier teran says:


bobbieber says:

I hope to see tungsten in more watches in the future. Honestly I thought Rado might carry some kind of patent protection, but if they don´t I wonder why it is so rarely used.

John GT3 says:

Another class act by the dynamic duo, love Breitling will CVC get them back on the top, and with George Kern on board its a no brainer.

Paul Houghton says:

Love to see a new series showing the private watch collections of each member of the watchyouwant family

Brad G says:

Need help on completing my collection. I have the following watches:
Patek 3998 G
Patek 5726: grey dial
Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT blue dial
Pam 359
The only restrictions on recommendation is that it has to be an automatic and have a date and it cannot be Rolex.

ahpadt says:

Tim and Josh are great together. Brian seems somewhat uncomfortable and static in the videos.

citygreek1 says:

5980 nautilus or 1st generation Datograph ?

citygreek1 says:

end of days !!!!

Dennis McFeely says:

Did Jason move up to Philly? I really liked his perspectives and I think you and he presented well together Tim. Great show here with you and Josh, I look forward to these streams keep it up thanks.

cfunk10 says:

Y’all ought to record or publish these (or whatever the right term is) as podcasts. I’ve got a lengthy commute to work each day, and I’d listen the hell out of these. Much harder to watch videos with the wife and kids harassing me. 🙂

Joseph Keightley says:

Again, wonderful show gents.

Tim, what are your thoughts on the JLC Master Compressor Extreme Lab 1 in carbon and titanium? A member shared a post of it on PuristSPro this week and my jaw nearly dislocated when I saw it! That and the master extreme lab 2 are absolutely dream watches! JLC needs to do sporty crazy like that again!

JD Michael says:

Josh or Brian, you have great team of people that are a pleasure to watch.

scott satren says:

I feel like I’m in horology school watching you Tim, I always learn more then a few things. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

kovlabs says:

Hey guys love the channel. Can you please do a review of the new Tudor black bay S&G?

Marc Tkocz says:

First time ive ever seen Tim do a Schwarzkopf !! 🙂

Luke C says:

Tag heuer golf watch. Square quartz white.

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