The Greatest Aviation Watch Of All Time? The Breitling Navitimer A23322 Luxury Watch Full Review

Today, after a few weeks of wear, I finally get to review my latest luxury watch acquisition, the legendary Breitling Navitimer A23322 in blue.

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urbanproductions says:

I tried watchfinder like you recommended, They sell expensive watches without the box and papers, and second of all they didnt even get back to my emails… Sad, avoid them.

Martin Isaksson says:

oo and a Breitling chronomat from Early 1940 37’5mm must be One of the original. but i have a hård time finding anything about it on Breitling webbpage where you can enter the serialnumber its just to Old. where do One serch?

Marc Tkocz says:

Nice watch a true classic.I just pulled the Trigger on the navitimer heritage A35350 All blue dial with silver sub dials flyback Chronograph and quick date set with the classic 7 link navitimer bracelet integrated so gives a watch and more proportionate look around the wrist it’s 43mm which is a sweet spot for my 7 and a half inch wrist,was such a hard peace to find as they don’t come on the market that often I missed out on the opportunity two years ago and kicked myself, but luckily one come up the other day box and papers mint condition and it originally come from tourneau Las Vegas, the series ran from 2001 till 2007 and mine was a 2006 so very lucky it really is a unique look for a navitimer a real Grail for me i’m absolutely buzzing, have you seen this watch TVG ? I never saw in person only the review on watchuwant I took the risk and it paid off it’s a keeper that I will never sell.

Juan Carlos Ortiz Solis says:

How much you paid for your beautiful time piece?

RED says:

The Greatest Aviation Watch Of All Time?…..Yes 😀 That was easy, you can now move on to the next TGV video….

CK ROY says:

I watched that intro 5 times and it never stops to amaze me the TGV production. Wonder why Archie is sounding like a drown man and so threatened by TGV on his channel. However your review is on point, no swearing, spitting or spluttering just on point and very eloquently reviewed.

dukeofpearl says:

Nice “cool” review! Three questions?….Are you a lottery winner? Were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Or have you worked damn hard to live both here and Stateside and accumulate some fabulastic time pieces?!!!….. Just curious..oh, merry Christmas! 😉

GreekNeek says:

Love the jacket, brand? Love the videos more though. Take care!

xrandolphx says:

I’m quite taken with that black leather jacket. Would you care to disclose where one could buy it? Much appreciated. Happy holidays!

Samson says:

such a spectacular watch but such an expensive price

Martin Isaksson says:

Really nice watch. I have i Breitling chronomat with Blue dial and White subdials to 41mm. love your accent.

Alk says:

Nice watch and very nice review. I hope one day I will see a review from you about the navitimer GMT .

Arjun K. Visakh says:

What’s the strap size for this watch ? I am trying to get one .

Dusan Veselka says:

Wow, my favourite weather too! Cant stand heat and Im not a big fan of sun either. Btw, the Breitling is just amazing and so is the colour combination. Personally own a Seawolf (a bit garish, tho), but I do love the brand.

Malik Knows says:

I love the watch but am put off by the over-the-top Breitling marketing budget. Funding those jets costs lots. I’ll pass.

Pat Cruz says:

How much did you pay for this time piece? Cannot find for less than 3200€. Especially the blue version seems to be quite rare.

James Gregory says:

….quite a busy dial… Great review.

Elliot Check says:

Congrats on the new acquisition. The Navi is a lovely piece and deserves a place in every collection.
You will find the straps last longer with the Deployent clasp.
If you have not done so already, you might want to check out the WUS sight for dedicated forums on different watch brands including Breitling:

Primusinterparesone says:

Hey TGV,acquired the navitimer world a few weeks back but realised that when I tried to adjust the date by turning the crown clockwise as directed it goes to a future date rather than the date prior which is puzzling . Any reason why ?

Joe Hayes says:

One should never wear this piece with a Nato strap. Save those for cheap field watches.

Iftekhar Mahmud says:

How much does it cost?

Dodgerfan8627 says:

It’s a nice watch, and I totally get the aviation influence. But as a pilot I don’t see myself using it in flight. It will be long time before I can afford this watch. I just saw this watch today at a store. Extremely nice but expensive. Great video by the way

hallobaaaby says:

Haha pilots wouldn’t like much this weather on regular basis. Cheers!

Nicolas Lopez says:

I honestly thought this was going to be an affordable watch but saw the price and that is as much as an Omega man on the moon or a Rolex

S Walters says:

Mint Condition.

John Alexandropoulos says:

Hey, great video and a gorgeous watch! Would you mind sharing what jacket you were wearing during the intro? Thanks!

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