The Best Entry Level Automatic Luxury Watch? – The Breitling Colt 41 Review (Ref. A1738811)

One of the most frequently asked requests I get on this channel is a recommendation for a luxury automatic watch around $2000.
My first choices are always the Omega Seamaster, Speedmaster, and offerings from Tudor such as the Heritage Black Bay. However, this watch has made me change my perception of the usual suspects. This military inspired 2014 update of the Colt from Breitling offers a great deal for its price. With the style of an aviation watch, robustness of a diver, and legibility of a field watch, this highly versatile COSC certified automatic could just be the only watch you would ever need!

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Diablo 95 says:

Hard to decided between mariner blue and volcano black..

Ritch Flynn says:

Fantastic review as always. Might be a new grail for me now! 🙂

John Clement says:

So Tgv I have had the colt chrono for 10 years. Ironically I love it to bits but you have made me want a squale 1521. Would I be disappointed after the quality of the colt ?

John Helwig says:

Great review TGV, almost bought the colt. Look on your Facebook page for my son sporting my SuperOcean 44 with his 3″ wrist!

Karkarov says:

This watch is “Once Upon a Time in the West” good? That’s pretty damn good. says:

Any recommendation for an entry level Automatic luxury men watch 38mm or even smaller?

Trond Skontorp says:

Would be nice if you could do a rewiew on the seawolf II. Been under my radar, tried it on yesterday. What a amazing diver. Feels like it underestimated compared to other divers.

PA Patriot says:

Very thorough review. Thank you!

Bri Knotts says:

Hey fantastic video and really swaying me towards this watch now..for ever I’ve wanted the Rolex explorer 2 with nato strap but have realised I’ll never have the founds spare so as I’ve been looking at the new tag f1 with blue/orange nato strap for around £1k but have founds of around £2k would you recommend spending the extra for the colt and getting a nato for it. Sorry if it’s a daft question but I am pretty new to high end watches.

Craig r says:

Hey TGV.Loving the vids.The western intro was great.Im considering a seiko prospex Padi any thoughts??similar bezel to skx

Vern Saetern says:

Is the reference number on video title different than reference number quoted in video?

Raga Etsenna says:

what a bold macho looking watch, i like it , period.

Christian Sapolu says:

Great video TGV!!

Can we get an update on the war room?


George Keiper says:

I prefer the Super Ocean II especially the A17364. I have an ESQ from the mid 90’s with a very similar bezel to the Colt and I am turned off by a watch that cost that much looking like my ESQ

Sam Jep says:

Love this watch

Al Urbanski says:

Once Upon a Time in the West–the best western ever, and made by an Italian. I’m sure you agree.

Swalbh says:

I would love to have a breitling… I just can’t afford one… :/

Steve C says:

While there isn’t any lume on the second hand, the open, see through arrowhead pointer with red paint is a very nice design feature.
Another great review TGV!

Brian Mcginlay says:

Own a preowned steel fish ., Very similar to this .Totally undecided about the piece . At present think the dial is too cluttered and also not sure the stratus silver works . Shadows of the markings can make the dial look murky in low light.. At present don’t think it’s a keeper , but who knows may change my mind and grow to love it..

redazi1 says:

Taulking about entry level ,to what ?a Job , a contest or?……

Bacchus Leto says:

I’d like to see a comparison between this, a Seamaster, and an Oris Aquis. Maybe your Sinn too, now that you mention it. I feel like the Sinn and Oris could hold their own against this one and the Seamaster.

Nathan Barnes says:

Once Upon a Time in the West!! TGV, you are my HERO!!

As for the video, fantastic presentation, I couldn’t agree more! Excellent entry-level timepiece.

Patrick Lucas says:

hey, the SAA hasn’t been around during the civil war, it was patented in 1873 so 8 years after the civil war ended. during the civil war they also used Colts but percussion revolvers like the Colt Navy for example. 😉

Congress of Louts says:

great intro!

San Der says:

Best review ever of the most beautiful watch (I can afford :-))

Erfan A says:

I have owned both brands and I still do but I can tell you the quality of Breitling is definitely not better than Omega. On par maybe! Better NO!

Trapper2159 says:

my god that intro…

Taylor Pettus says:

My absolute favorite western!
Also, awesome review

Christian Cantelli says:

Video quality of the review is stunning, congrats mate

Weird Science says:

Thanks for the insight. I considered a Breitling Superquartz. I liked one of the older models with the Arabic dial. What stopped me was its lack of versatility. It was too sporty and too flashy, more of a younger mans or casual watch. I also noticed ‘some’ of the printed dials fade quite badly. The blue dials are amazing as you say. My entry level luxury watch would now be a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm, ref:116000. I know its significantly more expensive, but its more versatile and its awesome. Nothing wrong with a Breitling, however.

evvignes says:

You must be a member or the Turtle Club.

Bence Kovacs says:

negatives about this watch? there are none lol

Zachary King says:

Hi my name is Zach. I am turning 18 in a few months and I love watches. I joined the marine corps and leave in August. I really love both the Tudor black bay and the Breitling colt automatic. I know they one is a field watch and the other a diver but I can’t decide. Breitling is definitely my favorite brand but I still love the Tudor. What do you think. Btw I really enjoy your videos.

matthew thompson says:

Just got one today and love it

K onliner says:

No ceramic bezel. Get the Oris instead.

csh says:

How much would the servicing for this watch cost? You mentioned the movement makes it slightly cheaper? Or would I just be servicing this model less often?

Trap Marikh N says:

My wish is that Win hour britleng

Jonathan Bagnall says:

By far the absolute coolest intro ever!

Lavy Khurana says:

what is the cost of the new one in USD?

Devtron says:

What do you think about the Tudor black bay 36?

Ian Ingham says:

What l can’t fathom out (pardon the pun) if this as used as a divers watch,and it gets quite dark down there,how can you possibly read those minute markers on the bezel? lts hard enough in bright sunlight! Don’t you think making them black might help regarding trifling matters like running out of oxygen?

San Der says:

This is the one I want. What a magnificent piece. Ive been saving up for the moment. Hopefully this summer.

Darren Thomson says:

Hey TGV.. I just took delivery of a new strap (was looking for something in rubber for my Speedy). Have you tried the CIVO straps (on Amazon) ? Made out of High Tensile Silicone with a quick release spring bars.. I am blown away by how comfortable they are.. and $20 ! Sorry.. off topic from this vid but wanted to let you know.. I know you like a good strap !

Wilson says:

the bezel seemed hard to turn. The dial texture is my fav

HextyVision says:

I would adore this watch = but not on the bracelet – just a little too much shiny mirror finish for me. Distressed leather with that watch head would look sensational.

Layton Aschauer says:

Great video as always. if you don’t mind sharing, who makes that turtleneck? I’ve been wanting to try a turtleneck out.

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