Talking Bond Watches Live – The Connery Years – Rolex Submariner 6538, Breitling Top Time & Gruen

In this live show we talk about James Bond and his watches – Today we discuss the Connery Years, including the Rolex Submariner 6538, Breitling Top-Time & Gruen 510. During this live broadcast I am joined by special guest Duncan Casey. Duncan is a professional actor and co-host of one of my favourite Youtube channels (link below). He is also a big James Bond fan. To check out more from Ducan, check out the outstanding Oliver Harper channel here:

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aswtx75 says:

What an awesome surprise to see Duncan from one of my other favorite channels, Oliver Harper. If you like movie commentaries and reviews that’s definitely a channel worth checking out. Duncan is hilarious and is surprisingly good at impersonations.

pcmacintyre says:

Great show. I’ve also been a fan of the Oliver Harper Channel for quite a while.

I must take issue with the Gruen identification. All we know is Bond wore a gold watch in a few films. There is no definitive proof that watch was a Gruen, let alone the specific model.

Darren Thomson says:

OK, TGV.. Once again, you are directly responsible for the disposing of my disposable income… Just bought a Omega (Brosnan) 2531.80.. Amazing deal, to be fair.. I’m pretty sure it will get lots of wrist time. Thanks !

Frankie Eisenberg says:

I don’t know if you have anything attributed to Friday on the FB group, but if you don’t, I have an idea. You should name Friday “Vintage Viernes”, “Viernes” meaning “Friday” in Spanish. I thing it would give the Gentry a great opportunity to share their pieces from different periods of time. There is just a charm to vintage watches that you just cannot 100℅ mimic in modern watches.

Ken H. Mardahl says:

Just went through the complete box set of JB movies – they are awesome. It is said that the Gruen Connery wears is his own? Can you confirm that?

Best regards and thanks for a great show.

DAVE Francis says:

Somewhere I heard the Rolex was a last minute decision and it was somebody else’s on the set they borrowed from him for the shots. Also the nato was used as the the strap or bracelet was broken so the sent somebody to the corner store to pick up a strap which came back the wrong width. The color of the nato was just happenstance of a random pick of what was available of many from the corner store.

Paul and Sue Roberts says:

I’ve just watched your vlog and that’s answered my question below.Regarding the my Breitling Top Time,it was bought for my 21st Birthday in 1970 by my then girlfriend,who is now my wife.Incidentally I still wear the watch which is very special to me.

Rob Munro says:

I heard that Broccoli wasn’t sure about Connery but as he left the building after the casting session, they watched him walk across the street in his sauntering style, hand in pocket and that sealed the deal.

D Andreas says:

Morning for me governor 😉 now Lets talk 007 😉

stephen rhodes says:

Too much Bond & not enough Ernie for my liking ;D

Michael Andrew says:

If not a Rolex I think maybe an Enicar or a Vulcain

Chase Chase says:

I wear a Tiger Concepts 5508 38mm Big crown every day. On the same zulu strap as Connery just 18mm instead of 16mm. can you take a look at these homages and let me know what you think?

Stu says:

Growing up in Britain!!

djwindhoek says:

Good morning TGV… although I suspect it’s now night time in New York; if only I had a GMT to know for sure. Perhaps it’s time to buy another TGV recommended-watch 🙂

seanzinh0 says:

Can u do a review on the citizen caliber 8700 bl8140-55e

Jason Webster says:

Funny TGV should be discussing the Connery Bond with the iconic Rolex Submariner 6538. In Australia the Channel 9 subsidiary station GEM will begin telecasting on every Sunday every Bond film starting this coming Sunday with Dr No (1962). I am a huge fan of the James Bond films starring Sean Connery. I have copies of the films in my Blu-Ray collection. I wear a dive watch on the Christopher Ward NATO strap version of the Connery Bond strap every day. It’s the same watch worn by members of the London Metropolitan Police Anti-terrorist Unit.

tomislav vrsalovic says:

Tristano I love this, I think you should do a lot more video with less well known YouTube channels that aren’t necessarily related with watches. This could make our community bigger; I believe you can influence a lot of people into this and collaborations might be the way to it. Keep the great work up you are certainly the man.

Daniel Katz says:

Breitling calibre is in Tudor, some agreement withe the two

Marketh Coleman says:

top notch!

Greg Sherlock says:

Love the show TGV and Duncan,

A couple of notes and comments that may be interesting to you guys:

I love re-reading the Bond books every couple of years and there are a few pointers on watches. I think that the Rolex watch described by Fleming is the Explorer or Explorer Precision. Fleming is full of ‘product placements’ describing villain watches, Le Chiffre wears a ‘gold Patek Phillipe dress watch’ from memory!

The CWC and the ‘military’ Seamaster 300s 165.024 from the 1960s are based on a MOD dial/hands specification for dive watches.

Keep up the amazing work!

Al Urbanski says:

For we here in the states. Bond was a British Invasion thing as much as it was a British thing for you. Saw Goldfinger when it came out in’64. He was in the same boat as the Beatles and the Kinks for me, and I’m sure many others.

The Gentleman's Den says:

I’m a huge Bond fan, and own all the movies. I also own all the books, and have read them all, too!

This episode was an absolute enjoyment to watch, gentlemen.
Please do more!

Fideo CR says:

What do you think about Hublot watches?

Darren Thomson says:

The ill-fitting (undersized) nato strap on the beautiful 6538 in Goldfinger drives me insane. Has anybody ever noticed it ?

Daniel Katz says:

Loved Mararthon Man

gmshadowtraders says:

I have the air pistol Sean Connery is holding, the Walther LP53. Beautiful piece!

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