Service and repair of a rusty valjoux 7750 based Breitling watch

Watch Repair Course Level 1:
This Breitling is quite badly rusted and needs to be serviced, de-rusted and parts need to be replaced. See my method of doing this job.


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J Moore says:

sound is too low…great vid!

João Manoel Santos says:

Fantástico ! Um show de competência e destreza ! Parabéns !!!!


How long did you spend ? How much did you charge ???

Martin Hesketh says:

Excellent video, some real skill there.

Steven D Wilson says:

I have to say… I find your videos both fascinating and therapeutic at the same time.. You Sir are an artist. The transformation of this rusty movement is incredible. You’ve enabled me to learn so much about the movements of some of my watches. Thank you!!!!!!

Aeneas Izichi says:

Takes me back to my apprenticeship days in the late ’70’s. watching our Watchmaker, old Tom Cheshire, with awe and wonder!
Thanks for the trip back in time! A like and a Sub for that.

Drew Smith says:

Amazing video chap well dune

PCL Outdoors & Bushcraft says:

Amazing, it’s like surgery. Thumbs up! For some a super hero is a Marvel character, but for some of us it’s an experienced person of Horology. lol

Jon Ohara says:

Enjoyed every minute of that relaxing to watch

Justin Naill says:

that was awesome holy shit.

steve shoemaker says:

Watching this guy do this is truly fine work in every 0ne to see,good job.I am a goldsmith by trade so it’s nice to see this………..!

Chidrole says:

How do you remember to reassemble that watch. Too many parts WoW

Carlos B. M. says:

Why is it so rusty?
I thougt expensive swiss watches are made from stainless steel and other resistant stuff.
Pritty poor quality for a Breitling.
I thing Rolex is better.

Robert Millen says:

Wow!, I most definitely enjoyed watching a master at work.

Peter Butler says:

astonishing/witch craft. :-§)

Charlie Konakli says:


Rostislav Rožnovský says:

tak dohromady už bych je nesložil….

Wilson Yap says:

Thank you for the video. Really very shocking to see the amount of rust, dirt and debris as a result of submersion in a swimming pool. Looks like it’s been at the bottom of the ocean for decades..

wannabecarguy says:

Got to be a micro machine shop run by fairies. Making these little parts.

Diamond Carwash says:

Omg I would of just thrown it in the garbage and sold him a new watch

1959Berre says:

Two kind of people will open a watch: watchmakers and fools.

Elena Ferrari says:

Aste oròlogi

joshua anderson says:

absolutely fantastic

Nicholas Lyristis says:

Wow. Amazing!

SwissPL says:

Thanks, great video!

Gear Box says:

ETA 2824 caliber. This mechanism is widely used by several watch makers

Zack Labo says:

I believe you sir

Gökhan AYDIN says:

Süper 😀

Lewis Wereb says:

Good God! There isn’t a surgeon, heart or otherwise, in this world who is any better than you are. I love the little piece of wood…..what a great little helper it is! And to work on it while it is “ticking” away….heart surgeons had to stop MINE to work on it. But, they started it again, too, just as you did! Wonderfully talented hands!

Brian Fuller says:

Your videos are amazing and your knowledge inspires. I can do some basic repairs but you know your craft. Thanks.

chrimay says:


zaperfan says:

WOW, you are a master of your art.Truly mesmerising watching a master at work

david lacey says:

I could never afford such a beautiful watch and to see one rusted breaks my heart… So I found this video to be more than satisfying.

Please enter name says:

Couldn’t put this back together if my life depended on it!!


Your camera is very good

lhl2500 says:

Very interesting video.
If I may offer a small amount of constructive feedback: normalise your audio.
At one point your voice became very faint, so I turned up the volume, only to have my ears blasted out minutes later.

Michael Swain says:

Could an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner be used to partly clean the parts?

GeneSun says:

I build automatic transmissions but I got lost at “I’m gonna remove the hands”

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