Rolex vs Omega vs Breitling – Watch Questions Vlog 8

Episode 8: In my new blog series I’ll answer your questions from my comments section.

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Buick says:

I always thought of the Swatch company watches as that average-looking girl that can always be your backup plan if things don’t go too well at a party. As I’ve just been baffled to find out, Omega, Blancpain and Breguet are also in the Swatch group. You can say what you want about Omega, but Breguet is one of the most prestigious and innovative brands in the whole industry. This changes everything, what do I even believe now? That my Tissot isn’t ETA-based dogshit and I should start wearing it!?

Roy Batty says:

Idk, the used Breitlings I have seen and handled were loose and visibly worn. I was not impressed.

the L giver guy says:

i dont like the tickin,what is that smooth movement called with no tickin?

Ashley Hunt says:

very good video

Kevin Graham says:

All great watches, I’m particularly fond of Omega

As far as resale value/”investment”, I consider a high-end watch similar to a high-end sports car. Some will definitely hold value (or appreciate), but for the most part aren’t good “investments” – buy because you want it, not because you think you can recoup your purchase price in a few years, just my humble opinion.

maninthecab says:

Very important points in your summing up , I didn’t choose my Chronomat as an investment , but because it pleases me when I wear it whereas I haven’t seen a Rolex that I like the appearance of ; very subjective , of course .

Autos389 says:

With regard to your loving comments for Breitling; don’t you think most Breitlings look exactly like the garish and cluttered feature-filled dials of every $50 quartz for sale at your local Walmart? Case in point:



bighands69 says:

Rolex is the best out the three brands. They are tough as hell and are a great tool watch with fantastic quality finish. There is nothing wrong with Breitling or Omega it is just that they are not in the same league as Rolex. It is like comparing a BMW M4 to that of a Porsche 911.

Luis Linan says:

I am just getting into luxury watches, I want to avoid Fashion watches since they are not as good as watches that are made by watch making companies, I only own Bulova (They are not expensive and are good). What brand do you recommend?

Sharpe Trade says:

It is sort of a personal decision with pro’s and con’s. I lean towards a Breitling time-piece

elkoyottt says:

That’s a good and unbiased video, however i’d put the resale value out of the equasion. Buying a watch is in a way more important than buying a car, as few cars would serve you for your lifetime but many watches would. Wayches are also known for giving the owner a strong emotional connection, something that grows on you.. So, If buying a watch you are not thinking of it as something that would be with you for the rest of your life – don’t buy it.I’d replace the resale value with the “fun factor”. In my case that would give Breitling an edge over the other two

Perfect Tacos says:

Rolex all the way Jo0se!

ahmed assaad says:

breitling by far better looking, eye catching, great movement, robust and very cool. it’s very difficult to fake a breitling so if you see a fake one is very easy to spot it, not really the case with rolex, fakes look pretty much like real ones. not very impressive. I have 4 breitling and 2 rolexes. I kept the breitling and sold both rolexes, I love the neat cut and finish of rolex though.

Halfmoon67 says:

Excellent and unbiaised vid! Thanks for sharing

Christopher Taylor says:

They are all nice watches, but I agree with you, Rolex is a cut above

Autos389 says:

Rolex case quality is crap – they have near zero decoration or mixed brushed/polished areas. Talk about boring.

Samuel Chernin says:

Breitling watches are insanely beautiful yet utilitarian due to their aviation nature, Rolex is the status symbol and each are uniquely crafted, and omega is very high quality with precision just like the other two. All are amazing.

Polar Roller says:

I believe Rolex has recognized the tin metal stamp quality of their braclets and clasps and have really beefed up the quality the last couple years. Great vid. I own several Breitlings and Rolexs, I’ve never owned an Omega, but for no other reason than I’ve never purchased one.

Rocking in a free world says:

Omega ploplof 1200m beautiful watch and for me the best.

CT Channel says:

Sorry.. Rolex is way up there look at their new pieces not 20 year old ones.

Renovar Wwis says:

Very good dissection of these 3 big brands.
I have to agree Breitling has excellent built quality of the case. And I just love the Pro-2 bracelet, it’s just a no-nonsense comfortable bracelet.
In regards to resale value, I think a point to consider the Omega and Breitling can be obtained for significant discount to MSRP even at authorized dealers whereas Rolex has been cracking down on discounts. So if you compare say a Rolex at full retail vs an Omega or Breitling at 20% off MSRP, difference may be more narrow.
In regards to movement – though Breitling has been using ETA most of their movements are chronometer certified, and their service cost is very reasonable. A Breitling work-horse dive watch can be factory serviced for US $~400 and even chronographs are ~$600. So whilst the prestige of Rolex in-house movement and better resale (as percent of MSRP) has to be said, Breitling ownership over time is perhaps less expensive if you keep the watch long-haul and factor in authorized services every 5 years.

MP87 says:

I love how you finished with a JDM Seiko :). That’s currently what I wear as my daily watch. I don’t currently own any of these three brands but I would love to one day own a black/white Rolex Daytona!

John Barbieri says:

Can’t go wrong with all three in terms of quality. Breitling is my pick for style!

William Shoup says:

Love all the watches, but what I want to know is what kind of bracelet is on that Jdm in the video!! Very nice sir

Justin Kuchar says:

Great Vid Twon!

CK ROY says:

The way your dragging that Rolex against the hard surface sums it up for me, a well made video albeit subjective.

dukeofpearl says:

Omega….Everytime!! And I own both Omega and Rolex….not keen on Breitling, too blingy!

invisiblekid99 says:

Good vid, have subscribed.

I’m about to get a Omega PO 600 with their 8500 movement (not the new 2016 one with the liquid metal bezel). I just dont like the Rolex design. Only the new Explorer and Air King appeal to me but a bit too expensive for my 1st luxury watch. I wont be selling so the resale isn’t something I’m interested in, though whole except Rolex are king in this regard. Also think Omega and Breitling have far too many versions, again the reason for Rolex getting the following they have. However the Rolex case backs are boring as hell and do nothing to help you try and tell someone it’s not a fake.

Eduardo Duarte says:

I’ll take a G-shock over a Rolex ! How old am I 70 ?
I have two Breitling Emergencies love them going for the Navitimer.

VARUN U says:

if you’d look back into omega’s history, they’ve done all kinds of watches including complications. Yes they did lose their signature with the use of different designs instead of following their own set of designs where the Rolex scores. Also Omega is owned by another company, yes the swatch which reduced their resale value compared to the rolex. But the omega never stopped innovations with new movements in technicality. You’d understand this if you had known about the new globemaster.

nacosnacos says:

Excellent, informative review!

Roger E says:

Good video! I’ve noticed the same thing about Breitlings in terms of their high quality bracelets and cases.

Polar Roller says:

HI J. I’m watching your vid again. I often do this to digest your content. I’ve also done more research on Breitling’s B01 movement. I have a new Navitimer 46 mm on croc strap. Anyways…the B01 may be a home run grand slam for Breitling. With their vertical clutch etc…on their chronograph movement, they have achieved a design that you don’s see until you get to the high end luxury watches like Patek. But, here is the kicker…….We all know the super high end luxury watches are delicate little guys, yes the finish of the movements is amazing and works of art in their own right….the B01 might not have the finish but they are designed the same , but much more robust, heavy duty…and can stand the shock and bangs of daily wear. Many feel the B01 is the best chronograph movement out there now. Thanks for your vids, I enjoy them.

Watch Addict Watch Reviews says:

Breitling is blingy, Rolex is more dressy, omega is more nerdy ..the current models at least

. says:

I really like your Omega. My grandfather recently passed away and with that came his watch. This too was an Omega constellation. She’s been in the family since 56′. I am currently saving up for my next Omega, however this video has convinced me to give Breitling a second thought. Very well spoken. Thank you for providing quality input into a much needed topic.

Abdul Rahman Malik says:


Bryan White says:

i Love Breitling! such beauty. i sell two at $5,945 and i also have an omega seamaster 300 for $5,345 and i believe the Breitling wins in every aspect, i perfer a $2,500 TAG perfessional crono formula 1 over that seamaster 300. in about a week i will have a yatch master and i believe a date-just so i can put an opinion on rolex

smaug says:

Can you tell us your thoughts on tudor please? Ive owned an a datejust and speedy reduced but I’m interest in getting new black bay 36mm

ahmed assaad says:

you’re comparing three watches however you’re not showing breitling in your vid. how weird!

korencek says:

rolex looks like fake. gold plated lol. you can see strainless steel color popping out where there wear is showing.

Ross USMC 94-02 says:

great informational video… I own a Super Avenger and Super Ocean Heritage Chrono 46mm. Breitling will always be on my wrist…

Jerry Wielo says:

Hi J. I bought Breitling Galactic 44 A45320B9-C902SS (blue dial) on Amazon – and to be sure I bought exact model from Costco as well to compare those two – the only thing I see different is engraved serial numbers. In Costco version is clear and visible but on the Amazon version looks like only the edges of the S/N are engraved… is it normal for Breitling? I posted few pictures on

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