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Win a vintage Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 145.022:

Watches Tonight with Tim Mosso is the Monday night destination for watch buyers, watch collectors, and watch enthusiasts. YouTube’s top luxury watch livestream program tonight tackles the question of Tim’s personal preference in Rolex, Breitling, and Omega watches. Warning: Yacht-Master 2, Omega De Ville, and Breitling Premier content ahead. Watches & Wonders 2019 has concluded, and Tim is ready to discuss the brands, watches, and people who impressed the most in Miami’s Design District. Finally, Tim tackles collector questions about the prevalence of advertorial in watch journalism. All of this and watch collector wrist shots tonight on “Watches Tonight!”

Tim discusses mainstream Rolex models such as the Submariner, Daytona, and GMT-Master all the time, but one viewer asks what our host would choose for his personal watch collection. Tim’s ready with hypothetical acquisition of a Rolex Yacht Master II 116689 and a Milgauss GV Z-Blue 116400GV. For good measure, Tim adds the Omega he’s most love to own – the De Ville Hour Vision Annual Calendar – and the Breilting he’d choose: Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Bentley in green.

Watches & Wonders concluded Sunday its triumphant second year in Miami’s Design District, and Tim has a list of stars: Audemars Piguet’s Code 11:59 Perpetual Calendar, Vacheron Constantin as a brand, and you, our loyal YouTubers, had a great show in Miami!

Finally, we’re talking advertorial and how to spot it in watch blog journalism.




Kevin C says:

I’m a member of Watchprosite I’m nowhere near a high-end collector but everyone there respects the person more than the watch he or she wears.

meson1 says:

Ok. My turn.
Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Sapphire Sandwich
Breitling Navitimer 01 Stratos Grey Ltd Edition 46mm
Rolex Explorer 1 (2018) 39mm

dex1007 says:

Enough with the hate on Hodinkee. Let’s be real, they’ve established an outlet for us watch collectors to get information about the watches we love. Who fucking cares if they have a shop. Like Joe Thompson said “in order for us to provide free content, it’s a requirement to have a shop. The New York Times has a shop.” I don’t see anyone criticizing Worn and Wound and they have content and they too have a shop. Tim, i enjoy your watch reviews. And yes you are dealer. So maybe you shouldn’t talk about the recent news in the watch world. Just review watches and tell us about what’s in the shop.

Douglas says:

I have been going back and forth, either the newer explorer 1 or milgauss

Watch Aficionado says:

Omega : New seamaster 300m diver 2018 model (two-tone Sedna gold with black dial and rubber strap)
Brietling: Navitimer 43mm B01 (reverse panda dial with the gold logo).
Rolex: something pre-ceramic. I hate modern Rolex..has to be vintage…but would rather buy a Parmigiani, Moser or JLC.

Marc Yaptinchay says:

Great show. VC …….make a green olive dial pls. Wished VC kept the center big date on their sports watch

Wiseguy724 says:

Omega- Aqua Terra 150m- sedna gold case, blue dial on the new blue rubber woven strap
Breitling – blue dial Premier B01 Chronograph 42 on the steel bracelet
Rolex- Yachtmaster 40mm- rhodium dial and that sky blue second hand & text.

Domenick Doran says:

I enjoy your videos having only recently discovered them, but I’d like to offer a bit of constructive criticism. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I find the bit where you look at your screen and call out the names of the people in your chat room to be a bit tedious and pointless.

Vegas Milgauss says:

Great video

Zeitgeist says:

I feel VC rising. #overseaslove

Ryan M says:

Likelihood we’ll see a new milgauss at baselword this year? Likelihood of seeing one with a rotating bezel again??

Paul Lally says:

Totally agree on the Z blue Milgauss. Hoping to get one of those myself

OttawaInHD says:

@28:08 thank goodness you’re not bearded with black frame glasses

Pedro Saenz says:

Omega should be the Seamaster 300m Ceramic 2018 in blue. In Breitling NO. I do not like the Brand. Why? I am not sure jet. Rolex would be a 39 Explorer I.

Alaska Steve J says:

I’m totally with you on the Aerospace and the Milgauss. Both have been on my wish list for a while.

Bobby Smith says:

Breitling-Super Ocean 2……
Rolex-Air King…..

gonzo0626900 says:

Rolex Yacht Master 37
Breitling Premier Auto 40
Omega Speedmaster 38 (white dial, green and gold)
But for the same money and without restrictions I would go with
JLC Master Control Sector Dial
Reservoir Longbridge in green
Preowned GP Laureato 38mm ceramic

r x says:

Talk is cheap Tim. If you are saying you like the z blue soooo much then why didnt you ever buy one yet you can deff afford to?

Ed Tedeschi says:

Rolex non date sub, Omega speedy and Breitling navitimer. 3 classic men’s watches from the last 50years. .

Jan Novotny says:

Damn, I always miss it live. One day I’ll get it right. Tim, do you think that Tudor could release white dial sports watch this Baselworld? Something similar to polar Explorer ll?

Drawing watches says:

Dream of getting a superocean 2 in 36mm blue

The Gorn says:

Advertorial = TGV. Shitter cheer squad

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

Thanks Tim for the great video, I would choose a Rolex Day Date 36, Breitling Navitimer, and Omega Speedmaster with 321 movement. Thank you addressing the issue with the advertising / marketing / advice beeing mixed up together, especially with a lot of people that have a big audience reach, even on Blogs, journals, YouTube or even Instagram. Thanks for the wrist shot share 🙂
Hope to see you this year at Basel World, and best greetings from sunny Cairo, Abdul

UXXV says:

Nailed it! Well said Tim. The watch media segment was completely on point!

Jake Roth says:

*cough* HODINKEE *cough*

Alin Tudor says:

About new and old Rolex…I bought new Sub when my twins were born (2018) and vintage I bought 16550 polo (1984)
…Omega off course: new Ck2998 blue and a vintage Speedmaster…Breitling…yesss, 50th anniversary Navitimer and Aerospace 41mm white…

David Richter says:

Paul Pluta flipped out when someone bought an Omega DeVille. I was thinking what so bad about that watch. I think it’s fine, just not very popular.

Mert Saraçoglu says:

Hey Tim what do you call douchebags like anish….

Tennessee William says:

Jaw hit the floor with how good that first question was, I’ve literally wanted to ask Tim that personally for a long time. Breitling subbed out for Seiko but great none the less!!!

syl pascale says:

If you are going to select just one Rolex, with a reasonable price, then the Iconic Submariner 116610 would be the choice. For the next level up in price point it would be the classic (which all others are judged on) Daytona 116520. You cannot go wrong with either watch .

Luis Ortiz says:

Cool to hear the self-imposed pause is coming to an end this summer. That is, if it is enjoyable for you Tim.

moonstate2020 moonstate2020 says:

Just wonder if any rumors about rolex dayjust smaller size than 41 (which is big to me, but 36 is small). Thanks

Un-Named Trucker says:

Omega: Speedy Sapphire Sandwich. Breitling Heritage Superocean 2 40mm blue dial, mesh bracelet. Rolex OP 39 black dial. (Or blue, or silver-white, or Rhodium)

Morgan Sullivan says:

Rolex GMT Master
Omega Seamaster
Breitling Navitimer

Christophe BEN NACEUR says:

Thanks Tim for the show…great as usual. My selection:
– Rolex: 5513 or 14060 2 lignes
– Omega: speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz
– Breitling: Aerospace Evo black dial on Rubber

Gerold At Large says:

The Z Blue is the ultimate summer watch. Wear that to the next beach party!

labro361 says:

Good show as always.

Ian Gault says:

7am Doha…….breakfast with Mosso.

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