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Tim Gagnon says:

Proof that you can wrap a turd in the finest man makes and still end up with a turd.

RolexKings RolexKings says:

$10 ….and you still compain!

Mike Howard says:

The cunt wants to wear a watch for 10 years and not lose money. Tight ass ladyboy.

Mike W says:

With the ghastly 80’s looking gold Rolex, the dreadfull yellow stripped shirt combined with a box-for blazer, I am so fucking glad that you and I have polar opposite views (with the MOTM exception) on what should be recommended.

Sam Jep says:

Now this is a good vid

Dave S. says:

The Cunt only pays $10 and he owns Rolexes etc ? ..Fucken cough up another Ten for Archie you tight-arse Low-life Cunt. He doesn’t do shit for free, he told you.

LeicaBob says:

Breitling Navitimers are interesting but a bit busy for my taste. Yesterday, the sales lady at the Rolex dealer was drooling over my Batman GMT. She thought it was an instant classic and one I should never consider selling. It’s a nice compliment to my more vintage Explorer 14270…. Ramon seems a bit fearless so I’d vote for a Rolex Z-blue Milgausss or a Batman/Pepsi GMT with a Reverso thrown into the mix

Robert Collinge says:

Hello Paul – I see you don’t like NZ, in particular NZ Women. Fair enough, but I look at the way you present yourself and I would advise you to shag sheep. Not only is it a pastime here in NZ but the sheep may well suit your presentation, rather than women. Have you ever been to Sydney? I think it is far cry from your home town near Alice Springs and I would suggest, most strongly, that you visit the botox places in beautiful, downtown Sydney for some treatment. I mean, I don’t think a camel would look at you twice until you do – then you can step up to real people. Good luck with that


hubzol says:


HDaviator says:

“Please don’t use my name.” Ok Roman.

JustSome Dude says:

Best point enjoy your shit, you shuoldnt have bought it if you intend to resale it.

F. del Olmo-Pandiella says:

you are a filthy dirty mouth, and a idiot.

batman Arkham says:

So you own a ROLEX GOLD SUB, while, I own a tissot t lord and you want us to HELP you by contributing in your channel lol

obrbob194 says:

What an annoying Ozzie bastard he’s moronic wouldn’t give this tosser shit!!!

Raul Sanchez says:

Its absurd people would spend their time listening to this guy.

assoverteakettle says:

Accusing Breitling of devaluing itself for deep discounts doesn’t hold water for a number of reasons.

First brick and mortar stores are a tough business in the digital age and it doesn’t take much to find a good deal on the net so retailers have to cut prices to stay in business.

The 21st century adage is anyone who buys retail is a sucker and everyone knows luxury goods have huge markups to begin with whether it’s Breitling, Rolex, a Brioni suit, or a Mercedes.

Now that statement is also hypicrical considering the number of guys with Rolex Subs who bought them second hand! Maybe that’s why Rolex is getting so stingy with its warranty because they’re losing revenue of brand new watches because fanboys purchase second hand ones.

Finally Breitling can’t control what grey marketeers, and unauthorized dealers do. It’s a problem for many watch manufacturers. Not just Breitling.

I can see why Breitling gets hate. For a Swiss luxury brand, which is supposed to represent tradition, Breitling marches to a different beat. It shamelessly uses slick ads portraying a lifestyle of adventure that is beyond the average 9 to 5er. It has the audacity to use modern technology like analog quartz in their Colt, and digital/analog combo formats. Gasp!

Its also quite brazen with its design with highly polished cases and bold dials. Things typically frowned upon by the staid, cog, sprocket and wind crowd of luxury watch enthusiasts. Its nickname is “B’ling” for a reason.

But perhaps that’s why Breitling has so many fanboys too because the image isn’t as stodgy, and pretentious as the image portrayed by many other Swiss watch companies. That only the elite and the Dos Equis man are worthy of their watches.

If you dont like it don’t buy it but why are you pissing on a Swiss watch company? Keep doing that and it’s​ going to kill the industry faster than Trump can destroy international diplomacy!

QNE SHQT says:

fat ugly fuck

Jerold Moore says:

I have exhausted my ability to find a fitting descriptor for this utterly disgusting creature. Made a miss-stroke and ended up here. Will be more cautious in the future! Jerold Moore

Kyle Smedley says:

Every video Archie will recommend a man on the moon and sub without fail. Talk about needing to diversify…

Cone Head says:

Ummm, Archie. You are not in Japan anymore so whats with the unfitting intro?

JDave Foster says:


Latinogoyaman Latinogoyaman says:

Archie suck my big fat large cockkkkkkkkk

Porsche Cayenne says:

cheap fuckers ha ha ha you twat


roman should be saving his money for better watches

Chpstaker says:

You are one annoying cunt

Philadelphias FavoriteSon says:

I have never wished upon another person a slow and painful death by repeated stabbing until today.

Daniel Ortega says:

Who the fuck would pay this bastard to review a watch?

Is this the person you want an opinion from? really?

bob andson says:

He is Rude, Obnoxious and full of its own shxt

Damascus Steele says:

OK, I’m confused? Breaking character?

Paul Gavin Chaplin says:

I will not take advice from anybody when buying a watch. Everyone’s taste is different. Where I respect Rolex, as a watch enthusiast, I don’t like any of the models in their collection. It is just my opinion. And the reason I would never buy one. Personally. And I wouldn’t even consider buying for the sake of investment alone. Why would you? “Yeah I hate the watch, but it’s an investment!”

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