Omega Seamaster vs Breitling SuperOcean 2: Diver 300M vs SuperOcean 2 A17365C9

Omega vs. Breitling! Today on Versus, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M challenges the Breitling SuperOcean II A17365C9/BD67/161A to a dive watch deep-dive in order to determine who makes the ultimate sub-$5,000 Swiss sports watch for aquatic activity. No Rolex Submariners allowed, this is Omega Seamaster vs. Breitling SuperOcean

The Omega Seamaster Professional Diver 300M is a 2012 upgrade of the original SMP 300M made famous as the “James Bond” Omega of the Pierce Brosnan 007 years. More than a big-screen standout, the Seamaster Diver 300M was a landmark watch that helped the entire Omega watch brand recover from the compromises and humiliation of the Quartz Crisis years.

Today’s Seamaster Diver 300M features a 41mm stainless steel case, a unidirectional diving bezel with a ceramic insert bonded to Omega Liquidmetal calibrations, and a co-axial chronometer caliber 2500D. For the 2012 SMP 300M redesign, Omega added the ceramic bezel but discontinued the well-loved “Omega wave” Seamaster dial motif that had been a signature of this dive watch family sine 1993.

Additional changes came below the surface in the form of a COSC-certified chronometer caliber with a 48-hour power reserve, automatic winding, a tough free-sprung balance, the co-axial specific 25,200 beat rate, and the tri-level co-axial escapement developed for Omega’s rugged caliber 8500 movement family. 300-meter water resistance and a helium release valve remained standard; the diving clasp continued to feature a fold-out extension.

Breitling launched the SuperOcean 2 A17365C9/BD67/161A at Baselworld 2015 after the 2011 model spurred a backlash from brand devotees. The 2015 dial reverted to printed Arabic numerals arrayed in a “military dial” fashion with all hours indicated in 12-hour format outboard of a 24-hour scale. The stainless steel case measures 42mm in diameter, and at 13.4mm, this is one of the thinnest Breitling dive watches of the modern era. Breitling fits its Professional 3 dive bracelet with deployant clasp, but this system lacks the fold-out dive suit extension of the Omega.

Inside the satin-finished stainless steel case, the Breitling SuperOcean 2 42mm employs “Breitling Caliber 17,” an ETA 2824-2 in COSC-certified chronometer specification. Features include stop seconds, a quickset date, and a 38-hour power reserve energized by automatic winding. Although the Breitling SuperOcean lacks the Omega’s helium escape valve, the Breitling boasts a superior static depth rating of 500-meters. For additional toughness Breitling employs a “captive bezel” that is fixed to the case by screws rather than the less robust Omega’s snap-on bezel system. Moreover, Breitling employs a shatter-proof black rubber bezel insert in contrast to Omega’s ceramic insert.

Join Tim Mosso for an Omega Seamaster vs. Breitling SuperOcean dive watch comparison on thiswet and wild episode of Versus!

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QQ says:

Thanks for the review. On an unrelated note, at the risk of being a pendantic twit, I think the pronunciation tends to be “EHS-CHEW” as opposed to “EH-SHOE.” Wouldn’t have said anything, but I’ve been noticing that this is an oft-used term for you. Of course, all words are man-made, and there are no intrinsic universal rules to proper pronunciation (or spelling, among other things, for that matter — why the fuck is it, e.g., “pronunciation” and not “pronounciation,” when the latter would seem more logical?) in the grand scheme of things, so, I guess, in the long run, to each his/her own. Still, difficult not finding it gnawing when people confuse, repeatedly, e.g., “its” and “it’s,” or when they say “should of been” rather than “should have been,” or “he was lead by x” rather than “he was led by x,” or “I was laying on the bed” rather than “I was lying on the bed,” or people over- or misuse “albeit,” etc., etc. … Eh, never mind…

corporatemanthras says:

What a review. Thank you.

Angelo Picasso says:

Both shit they are not recognized by whores globally

Thomas Huang says:

May I know how is it that this watch, a 42mm, is being satin-brushed? Because on other channels it is clearly shown as a high polished case, even breilting website have said so. The only case with satin finish all round and polished bottom is the 44mm. Is there a satin 42mm that is being sold on the market?

Dan Olson says:

Why does the Omega second-hand stutter every 7th move? I had to slow the video down to. 25x speed to see it.

Drawing watches says:

Which one will survive a mountain bike crash?

mena seven says:

I Like the Omega Seamaster because it was the James Bond watch. I like the Seamaster case shape, three hands, dial, bracelet and emboss case back.

Bent Remy says:

My gosh I can’t bring myself to miss an episode of versus. Is there something wrong with me or is this series that damn good? You be the judge.

F Poynton says:

A true sports watch showdown so many of us have faced when considering an upscale diver – Brietling vs Omega. Both are so well made and so close on overall quality and specs , each unique and with its own very “cool character”. For me it came down to the aesthetics – the appeal of the simplicity, the overall readability of the dial at a glance, and the “the lake of deep blue ink” that put the smp on top. That said, Brietling is a very tough and desirable player . Very cool, well conceived showdown Tim. Thanks again.

Zubin Vevaina says:

Awesome video. Your lume shots need some work.

Aaron Edgerton says:

Thank you Tim and crew! SMP for the win. Currently in Paris and have seen the new 2018 SMP… Very tempting, love the new ceramic wave dial and date at the 6 o’clock and updated co-axial movement with heavy duty balance bridge, absolutely awesome! Tim can you please make a video on the new SMP asap, keen to hear you opinion of it. Thanks again

Racing Enthusiast says:


Kevin C says:

There’s something dare I say it? Downright Sexy about a diver with a fully Arabic numeral dial.

Sam sam says:


Alvin Aw says:

Oh gosh…. Tim u make it super hard to choose man.
Both is my favourite watch brands & I happened to own both timepiece. Archhhhhhhhh……….
I have to go with Omega, but if this is about navigation theme,,, u bet it will be Breitling!

Sulmilyeon says:

I prefer SMP 300

WatchBox Reviews says:

Admittedly, I’m biased towards the watch with which I started my journey as a collector. But there’s not doubt that the Omega also suits my daily needs better than this particular Breitling. But if your dive watch needs demand an indestructible basher or a more attractive price point, the SuperOcean 2 42mm might be the perfect fit you!

jared packer says:

Brietling for me

Ostravia says:

I prefer the dial on the previous Superocean – much more readable and it is hermetically sealed.

Abdul Rahman Abdel Razek says:

The new Seamaster line is a good move from Omega. The Breitling issue at the moment is value retention, and most people would want to get a Breitling will get a pre-owned one as it has a good value with a relatively cheap price. I think the SuperOcean has a great design and looks, but because of the busy dial (too much writing in my opinion) and the resale value; i choose the Seamaster.

Leroy Hanson says:

Great video Lt. Thank you….

Tru Lai says:

The new seamaster released at Basel is also worth a look for people considering these 2 watches. Just saw one in person yesterday at the boutique. Pretty nice watch. Very solid feeling watch with a nice fit and finish.

miguel angel de la fuente says:

Breitling esta feo.

Anthony Brown says:

Can we get a battle of the bronze watches please?

Houls61 says:

I have the Breitling 42mm but mine is 100% polished as opposed to the satin version in your review. I wasn’t aware that you could get it either way in the 42mm. Great video.

alabanzarobert says:

Man you’re just reading off shit.

Mark S says:

I prefer the Seamaster in a landslide…the Seamaster is like William (Clint Eastwood) in the saloon at the end of Unforgiven and the Superocean is like Little Bill (Gene Hackman). That Superocean dial is an instant headache.

To the blue collar opening: as a union employee (healthcare field), I can say I’ve never seen a watch as nice as either of these on any of my co-workers or on any construction guys that take the 530AM subway train to work with me Monday – Friday. Nobody wears an SKX either (part of that is lack of information, part of that has to do with price, practicality, etc.).

Ron Power says:

Isnt the 42 mm Breitling all polished and the 44 mm is brushed?

SpaghettiKillah says:

Anyone with even a minimum sense of design/esthetics would choose the Omega. That Breitling’s dial is waaay waay to busy and cramped with numbers and letters!

최종민 says:

I love my SMP. Keeping it forever

MrVooLe says:

Not enough things on that SuperOcean dial.

Bubba B says:

Nice pieces, just too clean for me. Nicely done Tim.

highnrising says:

I’m an Omega man. To me, the Seamaster dial is soothing, while the Breitling dial is all cluttered and noisy. Not something I want to deal with all the time. But that’s just personal preference. Other people may like the Arabic numerals on the Breitling. I’ll keep my Omega, but objectively, the choice is a wash.

ivan kerr says:

I thought the 42 mm was all high polish. The 44 is all brushed

Fredrik K says:

The omega is the winner.

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