NYC Field Test – Breitling’s Most Underrated Watch & The Best Men’s Backpack – C3-1 Review

A few months ago I took you on a vlogging trip to some of my favourite places in NYC and shared some watch talk along the way. Following the demand to see more hidden gems in this great city, I decided to film part 2, but this time taking the opportunity to test out some essential gear for the modern gentleman.

Join me as I review my C3-1 backpack from my favourite luxury leather goods maker Carl Friedrik and discuss why I think the Chronospace (Ref. A56012) is one of the most underrated watches Breitling ever made.

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Burak Yiğit says:

what a beautiful place!

Blaine Cole says:

Kudos to your videographer. I am considering the purchase of a Swiss watch(my first). Breitling is at the top of the list. Cheers for yet another interesting, informative, and enjoyable presentation.

Zuker Gill says:

Definitely a cool watch. I looked at those but didn’t want the compass part. That led me to the 42mm Aerospace E79362 and it has definitely stolen most of the wrist time from the rest of my watches. What I liked most is that I can hide all of the features I don’t want and just display the one I want at the moment (usually the day and date) Plus there isn’t the annoying tick of a quartz second hand or the bulkiness of chronograph pushers. A pretty good “almost” all arounder. The steel blue dial on yours is a gorgeous color, but with my black dial the display windows are easily hidden.

Don Johnson says:

I bought the Flightmaster a few months ago. My favorite quartz to date!

Scott Hanson says:

Love your vids with a little history lesson! I’m currently lusting after a Breitling SuperOcean Heritage II. As for quartz, I love my Bulova Precisionist. That beautifully sweeping second hand lets me forget it’s a quartz.

Crazy Parrot says:

My favourite high accuracy quartz, eh? Okay then ….

I purchased a Bulova ‘Lunar Pilot’ at the beginning of August and it has become the favourite watch in my collection. It has a 262Khz UHF quartz movement which is accurate to within 10 seconds per year (allegedly). I’ve had it for over a month now and it’s still spot on according to Greenwich Mean Time dot com, which is pretty impressive.

It has some history going for it too, as it is a modernised issue of the prototype Bulova watch worn on the moon in 1971 by Commander David Scott of Apollo 15 (you may be aware that the original recently sold at auction for $1.6 million).

I absolutely love the monochrome 70’s chronograph aesthetic, the protected tachometer scale, the big crown, the hinged ‘delta wing’ pushers and the chunky high quality bracelet with the butterfly clasp, all pure class. It’s really comfortable too and I just can’t stop wearing it. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone, because it’s a 45mm diameter monster, but it does look really good on my 7 and 3/4 inch wrist.

All the best from Bedfordshire in ‘Blighty’ 😉

EU supporter says:

Thank you for the trip in your town. It felt like a little vacation.
My favorite Quartz is the Seiko 7T32-7E10.
A pilot style alarm chronograph with black dial and two pushers and two crowns. I bought it in Aachen (German Town) in October 1998 for 249 DM (Deutsche Mark. It was the time before €). This was a lot of money for me those days. The watch was a faithful companion in a lot of situations. I have many better, more expensive watches today, may be nicer looking ones etc. But this one will always be special for me.

jared packer says:

Cool backpack, just can’t beat my trusty old Jansport. Also have a Ohio backpack I use for weekend trips. Fits all my clothes, a extra pair of shoes or 2, and my watch rolls.

Jeremy Corrao says:

New York, New York! Such a unique city. Hopefully I’ll be visiting soon. Great video and cool watch! Cheers!

1PUTTZ says:

I’d recognize that Lorier travel case anywhere.

Rangerdog says:

My favorite quartz watch is my Seiko Solar Chronograph Diver. I think you reviewed pence a while ago. My Grandfather has a vintage gold quartz Omega on a stretchy bracelet. Great Video! I love the Tates cookies that you picked out! 🙂

Justin M. says:

So glad you started doing this format of video. I love seeing the sights and you introduce and inform so well, also. Fantastic watch, as always. My favorite quartz I have is my Casio Duro. A perfect work watch and the best bang per buck you can get at its price. Love the content, as always and keep the walkabouts and related gear reviews coming! Cheers!

Louis E says:

So glad you’re enjoying your Breitling, it’s such a functional piece !

Teachering says:

I am fascinated with Breitling watches. There’s no other watch company that makes such interesting timepieces. This Chronospace is but one example.

Marten Lemstra says:

Great video! Just got back from my first trip to NYC (I’m Dutch 🙂 What a great city!!

Rudy Carrasquillo says:

Great video! My favorite quartz watch is my Seiko SNA411P Flight Master. Striking looks, along with accuracy, durability and reliability makes for this reason. The only trouble is which NATO strap to put on it…

Neill Levine says:

Very interesting work TGV! I think I’ll pick up one of those bags – robustly stylish!

TheRob says:

This video is amazing and I love it!

Don Rossi says:

Cool visit to Roosevelt Island..!!! As far as Quartz goes I Enjoy Citizen & Seiko Solar Quartz watches.
Stylish, durable, accurate…well made and never need a battery…..!!!

LookingForBucho says:

I work on Roosevelt Island. Shame I missed you! Haha. Cheers.

Kenneth Sharpin says:

Great video as always! Really nice and calm place you showed us today, for sure a place to visit next time I go to US. PS : thoughts on latest Omega speedmaster day date inspired?

James Levi Oane says:

Great vid again, TGV! Maybe you can do a vid about the Japanese used market!

Stefan Sago says:

wow! TGV, great video my man!

Francisco Domene says:

Amazing, amazing video, please make more of this kind, there are thousands of places and things to see in NYC

Gavin Nisbet says:

I love this intro, favorite I’ve seen yet. Thanks TGV

64wing says:

This channel is my escape. Excellent as always, sir!

Robert K. Leaverton says:

I really have enjoyed your video when you go on the road, whether it is Roosevelt Island or Philadelphia, they are creative, fun to watch and enlightening all at once. Keep your creative juices flowing, all the best.

Dean Waller says:

I’ve recently discovered your channel and have now watched about 20 of your videos with fascination and admiration for what you do and the way you convey your passion and interest in watches. I bought my titanium Aerospace (minute repeater) exactly 20 years ago in 1998 and it has remained my most favourite and cherished watch ever since. For me, it’s design is timeless and it is an absolute pleasure to admire and to wear on the wrist. One aspect I love about it is the glass has next to no reflection – I presume that this is a special coating used on both sides of the glass? I wish this anti-reflective coating was used more widely on watches these days.
Keep up the good work TGV – I look forward to seeing your next video. Bravo!

Christian Grenouillet says:

Hello, nice video ! thank you for the visit of Roosevelt Island. So quartz.
My first Swiss watch was an Aerospace: brought new in 1989 still got it , still wear it and love it.
I also got a Seiko Astron witch is fantastic to watch coming to life when you pick it up to put it on rotation.
So quartz can also be magical when it’s well made and special. Bye

The Budding Watch Enthusiast says:

My favorite quartz watch is my Straton Syncro. I am fascinated with the Seiko Meca-quartz movements. I think they’re a brilliant solution for making mechanical-style chronographs much more affordable and accessable, and because the VK64 in the Syncro doesn’t have a running seconds register, I often forget that it’s even a quartz watch.

Brian Mason says:

Swiss army on the wrist kind of watch

HCSO84 says:

TGV this video is probably my favorite thus far. I’ve only been fortunate enough to visit New York City twice in my life. Once on an 8th grade school trip where I got lost in the World Trade Center lol and then in 2015 to visit the 9/11 Memorial and the One World Trade Center to pay my respect to all those people who lost their lives that terrible day. I know it was a lot of work, time and effort on your part, but this video meant a lot and I would love more videos like this in the future. Pure Class!! If you’re ever in Florida, drinks are on me.


Great video, thank you! My personal choice is the 5.11 MOAB 10

Iball nonya says:

The Breitling Caliber B60 movement has an actual UART port you can build a little custom jig for to connect to your computer to “hack” it, using one of these USB-to-serial adapters:

Second picture down on this page:
You can easily see the GND and VDD pins.

I’d be curious to see what it outputs on “bootup” as you put the battery in.
It’s probably a tiny EEPROM that actually computes and compensates for the temperature changes and is probably checked during service which is *why* the servicing of these things is so expensive.
You’re not going to easily find a 3rd-party out there that has the equipment or know-how on how to service that part to verify it’s still within tolerances or needs to be reprogrammed.
Knowing Breitling, they’ve probably also locked it down so only their custom software can even talk to the thing but that’s just a matter of taking the time to poke around to find the right way to talk to it.

Johnny Guitare says:

Interesting strap on the Breitling. Is it an Erika Original, or another reproduction that jumped on the bandwagon and basically copied Erika’s loop attachment system?

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