NEW WATCHES FOR THE CHANNEL – Tudor Back Bay and Breitling SuperOcean

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William V6 says:

Foo rivet braclet..FOO!

Sam Anthony says:

Tudor was a shitter according to fatso but now that he bought one it’s a great watch.

Chris Boulas says:

To 99% of the population a Tudor or Breitling don’t qualify as ‘discount’

Head Tumors says:

Did I mention that it’s garbage the first time? Yeah? Well it is still garbage. Not so much the watch, but the color and the wearer.

Michael Dietsche says:

Looking forward to comparison videos with seiko divers. I like shitters too!

Dis Count says:

OI !!…..THEYRE MINE !!!!!

AC3PO says:

Just get a kitchen timer and strap it to your wrist, the only time you need to be aware of are breakfast, lunch & dinner with a chrono function for in-between snacks.

Steve C says:


sebb hull says:

“They were shitting turds”

Tree Corleone says:

Time phor a new channel Big Boi: Archie Shittttrrrrrzzz

QuiCkSiLv3R says:

archie do you have a sugar ladyboy? cuz you buying too many pieces for your broke ass.

David Jackson says:

Lmfao Archie fake impressed lol
There great watches though

Nelson Oliveira says:

Nice pieces.

Mad Man says:

2 divers with same movement? fuck me dead!

Dis Count says:

@10:03…………mmmmm………phresh mutton is better than nuttin

Frank V says:

I like Breitling I hate Tudor, sell that Tutor and get a Grand Seiko

McManus Watches says:

Check out the McManus Amphibia dive watch on Kickstarter.

DrA says:

I got the breitling on rubber. It has micro adjustments on clasp. IMO shark mesh too shiny. I used to have the Tudor but sold it to fund other watch’s. I prefer ceramic bezel. Would consider Tudor once they upgrade bezel.

Leo Schultz says:

Was almost tempted by that black, steel and gold BB in Vintagewatchco’s window the other day.

DanyBizzyD says:

Both look great! Mint 🙂

Marcel harding5 says:

nice, fat boy

Sergey Kotelkin says:

It seems these watches is not yours , sorry!

Dis Count says:

@ 8:48 ………………..move along archie …….nothing phor you here

JohnstonPettigrew says:

I would use the term……your viewer, the retired Aussie doctor made a much better video on the Tudor.

LLD says:

HELLO BIG SPENDER!! Good vid Arch! I like the Tudor on the Rivet bracelet!! Enjoy them Arch!

roll x says:

These are for 15 – 21 year olds

long jim says:

Hey fatboy you could of bought a brand new steel rolex for the price of these two. You did well to scam $7000 from some of your braindead views hahaha some wankers are so gullible!

Hungry Jacks says:

Is that the LIONSHARK

MrSerious says:

Love the Superocean II. Looks very smart and tasteful. The Tudor meh.

Tj Kennedy says:

Don’t like the Breitling. Tudor is solid.


Sorry. They are not “discount diver”. If you think these are discount watches than you really are out of touch. Normal people don’t call $3000 watches “discount divers”. Only true discount divers would be ones from Seiko.

John Smith says:

Lion shark can’t be beat!

Darth Vader says:

The Tudor is nice; but I can’t see how either of these watches fit into his collection. Oh yeah Archie when are you going to announce how much you paid for them?

tons834848 says:

I actually this over the ceramic shiny/bling Sub. Nice one Arch.

Jake Roth says:

*Reboot shitter channel* now with more shitters. Ladyboy mesh bracelet on a bankrupt Fartling and then also the watch for guys who couldn’t afford a Sub.

John David says:

Faux links faux patina I’m out

Ian Foxwell says:

Archie,, please if you want to stay full time on YouTube doing watch reviews, then please review the watches, don’t keep repeating the same thing over and over, and shouting man on the moon, man on the moon, for fucks sake tell some details of the watches, size and accuracy for example. Try watching your mate Tristano’s for some tips on how to review a watch.

Woolite Mammoth says:

That tudor looks like a piece of shit. Breitling isn’t too bad, but the shark mesh kills it.

siciliangamer says:

beautiful watches Archie. that super ocean heritage 2 is freaking gorgeous

William V6 says:

What happened to Tudors are for people who can’t afford Rolex!
Oh yea sorry Arch you can’t currently afford a Rolex

Oil Straight says:

The Tudor looks awesome, the breitling doesnt the bracelet looks cheap

bluemystic7501 says:

I just picked up a Tudor Black Bay black and i’m incredibly impressed.

frieswithmayo says:

Buy a Sub or a Seamaster!

Christopher Wood -MDH- says:

Tudor all day every day.

The_Saint_1968 says:

Yet again repeating over and over the same words. Sorry arch but there is no content.

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