My Watch Collection 2018 Part 2: Aviation Watches – Seiko, Rolex, Omega, Fortis, Sinn & Breitling

A year later and as promised, my annual state of the collection series returns! This time I’ve divided it into a 4-part series with the goal of focusing on the 4 key areas of my watch collection.

In this Part 2 episode I look at my aviation and pilot watches, why I love them, what I dislike about them, share which is my favourite, which I have sold or traded in, and discuss my changing tastes.

Featured in this video are my Fortis Cosmonaut Chronograph ISS Limited Edition, Seiko Flighmaster SNA411, Sinn 104 St Sa, Rolex GMT Master II 16710, Omega CK2292 “Spitfire watch”, Seiko SNK809, and Breitling Navitimer A23322.

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Bicloptic says:

Where did you buy that case?

Esteban Ortega Tippins says:

Apart from the fact I love tool watches and my years in airbus factory ,aviation watches have large numbers on dial, a plus for my ageing eyesight.

LaRueOBR 5.56 says:

Quick question: On a hackable/ hand winding watch such as the Seiko SRP. Is it bad to turn the time back? Or should you always go forward like on a non hackable automatic Seiko?

Yifan Li says:

Could you do an episode of West End Watches please 😀

Polar Roller says:

TGV….you should do a series on watches with enamel dials….they are amazing and so much work to make..a very complicated process.

barry colmer says:

As always, a wonderful video great stuff. Personally loved the history of the Omega, Seiko, Navitimer and the Fortis. Funny how in the space of the year I have slightly ‘gone off’ the Rolex GMT, but I think that has more to do with the prices and the new model which Im finding more and more blingy and that Im starting to look more and more vintage beauties. Getting a crush on the Breitling Toptime panda dial….lovely!

Hype Fitz says:

Great collection, i’m surprised how well you GMT is maintained the bezel is in great condition, not even a scratch good on you!

ricradoineds says:

The Breitling Transocean MB0510U6/BC80 love the stealthiness!

hervé Chretien says:

Like the real life aspect of your collection : you own the Navitimer, a Submariner, a GMT Master II, but wrist time goes to SKXs, Sinn, Tudor and microbrand diver. I guess we all do that. Makes me consider selling the whole lot, buying just one Damasko and not worry about anything.

ChameleonsFan says:

You asked for our favourite aviation timepieces. Although I really like Flieger watches, I prefer more contemporary designs. My favourite aviation watch is the Sinn 857 UTC. I bought it some 8 years ago and it’s still taking the majority of my wrist time. To me it’s the ultimate tool watch. It has exactly the complications I find most useful in a watch, it is tough as nails, highly legible, the design is – at least to me – absolutely flawless (I strongly prefer the monochromatic original over the TESTAF version) ) and it is actually very accurate although the 2893-2 is rather delicate with respect to that and needs rather high and constant spring tension to keep time properly.

Manuel Rodriguez says:


Hello Guy says:

Cool video but the 20 minute rant about how Kanye is less talented than Rafaello from the ninja turtles really wasn’t necessary.

Scott Hayes says:

Have you seen the Colareb watch cases, simply gorgeous.

Jeaglelol says:

Sinn 857 S UTC is my only and favorite aviation watch! I love using my watches and not having to worry, and Sinn just make such good tool watches, from aviation to divers. Hell, even most of the dress watches they make are certified 10 bar water resistant.

Tim Woodfield says:

What are your thoughts on the new Timex Marlin?

Darren Thomson says:

Lovely collection of pilots watches, TGV. Perfectly balanced.. Have you ever tried the 38mm A33030 Navitimer ? Lovely dial and might fit you a little better than your one. Here’s mine..

Ali Hasan says:

Enjoying the categorised SOTC videos a lot. Whatever happened with the Catalina, if you don’t mind me asking?
Kind regards.


heriberto Merced says:

I thought the Navitimer were all huge…went to the boutique yesterday and tried on the 41 mm…nice watch actually…the 38 mm looked tiny…

Anoni.mouse same says:

Hanhart looks great but too large , it is around 44. I would get Lanco, Tutima, IWC or Longines instead , they are all more manageable sizes.

Jaideep Pannu says:

Nice please let me know if you review a jlc p478 C or seamaster polaris

Stephen Lambrecht says:

Well, you have two of my favorites in your collection and both are Seiko. Thank you for introducing me to them. I have a Flightmaster which I use the slide rule and the 309 which is my “beater” watch. Love them both. I have several Seikos but these two are my heart.

Luis YL says:

You have so many chronograph, when will ya get a Daytona?

Maicon Ventura says:

I’m back.

conkgord says:

Great collection.
One question: I was told a few years ago that automatic watches should be stored face down.
What are your thoughts on this?

tsdon1 Smithee says:

Tudor is such a disgusting copy, and I do mean total copy, of Rolex. Terrible to support that brand. Your paying for the Rolex name….without the Rolex name.

gmshadowtraders says:

Such a good video! The Fortis, Sinn and Omega are my favorites.

Róbert János Schroff says:

Cool. 🙂

Corey Cavalieri says:

Where did ya purchase the rolex pepsi? Looks to be in great condition

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