Invicta Watch Movements used in Breitling and Omega??? THE TRUTH GUYS

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datsunmadman says:

buy whatever makes you happy and don’t what other think.

Kathy White says:

I love Invicta watches for their design and in general a great build. Good movements.

kallen saczkowski says:

3 commercials in a 12 minute lord.

I think in the same way that you argue that the invicta snob has a shortsighted arguement, I feel the same way about your attempt to argue the point.

Do you pay for a name? Absolutely.

But you get far more than a “steel watch with the same movement” .

Invicta is no Ferrari..its more like a Hyundai veloster in its styling. Way out there, relatively inexpensive , and not really for the same customer as someone looking for a base luxury vehicle.

Can’t go wrong with a seiko.

JP Davis says:

Really enjoyed your take on Invicta’s and watch snobs,   in addition to your straight forward style.  If you get a chance,  glance down to my comment to 41 Aragon.

Photo Expert says:

tooo many adverts. Not impressed.

Mark Mangus says:

My Invicta Reserve 6883 has the Sellita SW200 mov’t with 28,800 bph!

Mr100duke says:

The world is full of dickheads paying ridiculous money a lot of them cant afford for designer brands…..I like Omega and have a vintage model and I like Rolex but I know they spend fortunes on snob marketing, paying sports people and celebs like Nicole Kidman and George Clooney to wear their brands and of course 007 product placement……..and guess who pays that bill…… the buyer.

Swiss Made2017 says:

I love my Invicta Pro Diver (Model 9937OB) with the Sellita SW200-1 movement!

Joey Ben says:

Yes you’re paying for the name I love and own Rolex sub non date and omega speedmaster moonwatch but also own seiko monster blumo and Pepsi dial love those too and own some invicta and if I find an invicta that looks good I’ll buy it and feel like I saved thousands

Alan Barnes says:

Get them Phat Kat

Dillon Koch says:

I’m sorry iv owned tag heuer and a lot of other swiss brands and an invicta 4512 and 4470 one of them retailing for $2500 with 1.23 kt diamond bezel with mother of pearl dial but my tag heuer is still worth $1200 at the least the invicta just doesn’t hold its value nearly as much

Braden Click says:

good points here, i own 3 invictas, and i believe that build quality matters a lot. and a lot of grand divers are made fairly well, and the bracelets fit well when adjusted. Invicta makes a good watch in the Grand Diver series. I also own an Invicta Sub Aqua Noma 3 and it uses a Ronda 515, and it honestly feels really nice and runs very well, owned it for 3 years and never had to change the time more than 5x a year, it keeps great time and feels nice. I’d say all invictas in the $100+ price range are made fairly well, but anything they make under $100 I don’t usually consider buying.
obviously not all invicta watches will be made very well and have nice movements, but the ones that do use for example seiko movements, tend to be pretty tough and reliable and look fairly nice
I definitly enjoyed the video.

Chad Wilkins says:

i enjoy the invicta watches and own several myself. but here’s a serious issue I’ve had with 2 of em so far.. hydromax- swam in a 3 ft pool. crown screwed down etc. water intrusion. a seal failed. permanently etched the dial. so much for the ridiculous water resistance claim. now just tonight my new san v fogged after a dip in the ultra sonic cleaner. these are “diving” watches. my cheap seikos don’t even do that, let alone an omega. also, invicta should use sapphire crystals in at least the upper level stuff. also, how bout some real lume!! again, I’m an invicta fan, and a fan of your vids… but there is a reason they sell at their price point. thank you for positively representing a brand you’re obviously happy with though!

Brandon-Richard Austin says:

Yes, they may use the same movements but there’s a big difference between an ETA in an Invicta and an ETA in an Omega. Regulating, decorating & other modifications (different rotor, hairspring, etc).

Nothing wrong with Invicta if that’s what you like. But they are in no way comparable to the craftsmanship and longevity that you get with thousand dollar pieces (and that reflects in the resale value).

ra59456 says:

I think your title is misleading. Invicta does not make their own in house movements to my knowledge. What they do, do is use movements, including cheap chinese movements , as well as movements from seiko, eta etc. that is a common practice in most high end swiss brands like Tag Heuer

Nate Maynard says:

Omega also has the prestige of sending a watch to the moon. It’s about heritage. Rolex, omega, etc have been around for a long, long time. I own a Bulova automatic and a seiko skx automatic, but I understand why people pay the price they do for the luxury watches. It’s like paying 300k for a Ferrari instead of 90k for a zo6 corvette z06. The vette might be just as fast, but it will never have the prestige of any Ferrari. EVERYONE knows what a Ferrari is, EVERYONE knows what a Rolex is.

Larry Labonte says:

some of us dont want to show off and wear a 7,000 watch invicta is just fine in case its stolen or I loose it at the gym i will be upset for a day instead of a lifetime and I dont have to impress anyone, I wear watches for ME – so I do Invicta and seiko

V C says:

If you really think Breitling or Omega take an Invite movement off the shelf from them you are deluded. Period.

john allen says:

i have a invicta reserve excursion my dad left me and i love it the army gave it to him at his retirement and i am the first to wear it he kept it the box great watch

Elyad G. says:

Invicta is such an amazing Watch Company!!
They even make watches with Swiss Movement (SW500) for just 400 Bucks!! $365 on a sale!! You won’t find that pricetag anywhere else with the SW500 Movement, and honestly Invicta watches look soo much better than other companies in my opinion!!

Great video as always brother!

HextyVision says:

You do make some valid points – if slightly aloof in delivery. I say that because you miss one vital cog in the wheel out of your presentation. Put simply – resale value. SURE an IWC or Omega or Breitling may be an overpriced bit or marketing which rocks a modified regulated eta in it, but the fact remains you will recoup most or even all (assuming you are smart enough to buy it second hand and didn’t pay RRP) of your coin on those brands when it comes time to flip it for something else. Invicta are fine – I quite like them. Just pointing out a differential which needs included for completeness. One other thing is the knowedge of what modifications are made to an ETA movement. The likes of Tudor (pre in house days) used the ETA base but then stripped it out and replaced about 30% of the parts with in house engineered replacements, so the argument remains and is a moot point, about whether these really ARE ETA movements in them n the truest sense of the word. ETA based for sure – but that’s about it.

chuxtuff says:

One real nice expensive watch like a Rolex? Or many less expensive and fine looking watches like Invicta’s and even some others?? I presently own 3 Invicta’s that I really like and judging by the comments I get when wearing them others like them also, 2 Citizen mid priced Eco-Drive calendar’s that older eyes can see that I really like and a couple of very cheap Chinese manual wind watches that can do the job and look good too. I had a great time picking out these watches, in no hurry and enjoying the scenery on Ebay (and this Youtube channel as well for EXCELLENT reviews) and got what I thought to be excellent deals. And I’ve never regretted buying any watch I now own either. I own or wear no rings or any other men’s jewelry except for my watch…habit. And I couldn’t be happier about my choices.

41aragon says:

FYI: Tag Heuer uses a lot of Tissot movement. Sometimes people will pay $3000 just because for some reason, that extra 0=quality. I buy watches to impress myself, no one else.

Timemachine Eddie says:

You are so correct. A really great video and thanks for sharing. Siinn U1 and Marathon use the same Silleta SW 200 movements as Invicta. Back in the Day in the 70’s and 80’s Seiko made some really expensive and real crappy watches. I know because I owned way tooo many of them.”Another Story” Today watch quality is excellent, There is no comparison. I own 7 Invicta’s and they are all amazing quality. I own many Seiko’s today Tuna’s and Monsters and none are any better quality than my Invicta’s with their Swiss, Myota and Seiko Movements. Aragon/Androids/Zavtra’s and Deep Blue are also amazing Quality. I am really pleased with my Invicta’s my Rolex’s just seem like old man watches to me. Check out the Bigger Aragon/Androids with the Myota 9100 Movements.”Amazing”.

BigThumpr1 says:

ETA movements are used in many different types of watches, from the very basic watches to very high end. Here’s the difference, the Valjoux 7750 movement in a $400 Invicta is not the exact same as a Valjoux 7750 in say a Corum Admirals Cup 48mm Competition. They modify the movement heavily on the higher end watches, as to where Invicta just drops the movement in and moves along to the next watch. There’s a lot more craftsmanship in the higher end watches. You’re not just paying for a name, you’re paying for craftsman to hand tune, adjust, polish, refine and modify a watch. I am by no means speaking bad about one watch versus another, but when you say that you’re getting the same movement in a $300-$500 watch as your are a $5000 watch, you’re not. Understood you love Invicta, but don’t lead people to believe it’s the exact same movements in an Invicta as what you would find in Omega, Breitling and so on.

Ed G says:

Hey Phatkat! You are so right/spot on with your evaluation of Invicta! Case in point…I bought the Invicta SubAqua Noma 5 stainless steel with the blue dial, which by the way, is BEAUTIFUL! and it has the Sellita SW500 automatic movement with upgraded, decorative parts….the whole package/watch is an absolutely stunning piece of workmanship…the fit and finish are second to none, the stainless steel is impeccably designed and finished.. the crown and chrono buttons are ingeniously designed and are effortless to use…the feel of the mechanical parts appear to be of the highest engineering standards….it keeps time to the seconds, if not, just one or two over a several day period… the bracelet is solid, clasps perfectly, and sits perfectly on/over my wrist… the watch face is absolutely mesmerizing and ingenuous in it’s design and it is truly functional and clear to read…. the bioluminescence is brilliant and fun to charge and sit in my darkened room and watch it’s glow…and most of all?!??!!!….the watch only cost me some odd $550.00!!!!! Now when you compare what it would have cost me to purchase a similar watch with simple features like a Rolex, Tag, Omega, etc…I would have had to spend thousands of dollars more than I did!!!!! And why?!?! because I wanted to show off a stupid name like Rolex? No way!! I don’t need a name to make me feel good about my collection of watches and nor do I need to live up to what the “watch snobs” like that Urban” watch guy channel thinks!… I don’t think he is even able to say the word “Invicta” let alone ever wear one on his effeminate little British snobby wrist! NO let me be smart and wear what I know has the same engine, better stainless steel with more heft, a greater fit and finish and SPEND THOUSANDS LESS!!! I own twenty automatic Invicta watches , all having the plain stainless steel with a blue dial… it is a gorgeous collection as I only like the stainless steel models and only when they have a blue dial…I have all of the SubAqua Noma series and many others in that exact style and it is a GREAT COLLECTION that I spent less on than I would have if I just bought one ripoff Rolex… so please don’t tell me that Invicta doesn’t make a great watch! It is just the watch snob police that can’t admit their value and quality as the watch industry has been scamming us all for years with inflated prices and relying upon a name to use to convince people that they should only have a certain brand….Lord I get compliments all the time on my watches and they didn’t even cost me a quarter of what a Rolex would have set me back. Again, I think my collection of stainless, blue dial Invicta watches are/is the coolest thing I have ever collected! Thanks for your videos and showing/telling the truth about watches!!!!

martin aucott says:

Good vid

Blum Kin says:


Brett DiMichele Studios says:

Not a fan of Breitling other than maybe the Emergency only because of the transponder feature (because it’s unique) the rest of what Breitling makes is fairly boring. Can you purchase an Omega, Breitling and an Invicta that all have an ETA movement? Sure! But what you are leaving out is what the manufacturer does after the fact. ETA’s that go into Omega for example are built from ETA parts (ETA is actually part of Swatch Group which also owns Omega) but the finishing of the Omega movement, the tolerance of all the components used and the final product shows the difference in the quality and tolerance of parts.

I’ve had my share of Omegas and they all kept time daily to within 1 second and my Planet Ocean is 0.5 seconds per day. That accuracy comes from meshing parts with the best tolerances and then taking the many many weeks required to regulate to COSC or in the newer pieces METAS certification.

I bought my Omega Planet Ocean because it was drop dead gorgeous and looks like nothing else. Same with my X-33 Speedmaster. I know the quality but I buy what I aesthetically like!

Invicta’s reputation is where it is because of the way they run their business. They could be SO MUCH MORE than what they are today. I do like their willingness to come up with over the top designs that no one else does. But they need to be a lot more transparent and honest in where things are made, whom assembled them and stop with the over inflated MSRP’s pick a realistic MSRP and keep it there and build the brand image.

And FWIW when the snobs get too snobby, I strap on my Grand Diver 😀

George Grasser says:

I just bought an Invicta 23630. Absolutely way too big for me.

hksigman says:

First, You apparently don’t realize that the big name companies only use the ETA base and rebuild it to there specs with their parts. Second, Just because an Invicta is using an ETA movement doesn’t mean that it is COSC Certified. None of the Invictas have that certification. Invicta makes a decent entry level watch but the quality control sucks and they are basically put together by barely trained monkeys. Learn what you’re talking about before making a fool out of yourself Invicta Fanboy.

Will Colon says:

Hey man just want to say kudos to you I’m a big watch enthusiast myself and my collection started off with invictas which I currently have cause they all look like rolexs lol. I’m not to crazy on the current big watches invicta has but I love the ones I have like my 8926ob which I customized the bezel to look like the Rolex Pepsi and my 8928, ile8928oab, 8927, 15588, and 18240. Please check them out. Also if u can please check out my invicta 18509 it’s 100% Swiss made with sw200 automatic movement it’s my favorite of all my invictas and if u want make a video of it. Thanks for ur time and keep up invicta pride.

Slowpo Slowpo says:

My grandfather left me an old Blancpain fifty fathoms I sold it in the Rolex forum for 16k they say it was a special model or whatever. Now I own 85 Invictas and I’m happy. 85 is better than 1 watch.

casualsuede says:

the high end watches community is like the high end stereo industry. they used descriptive words to try to tell you why a $10k amp from a brand like mark Levinson is “better” than a 500 stereo receiver. they try to sell you an illusion where a $500 pair of interconnects will change your life. brands like omega and rolex are superior but not 5x, 6x or 20x than a mid tier watch. as an owner of a few high end and 10 or so low to mid tier, the value proposition drops quite rapidly past $300. the difference between a $2k and $5k watch? near zero, just preference in design. while I am not an Invicta fan, I also shake my head when people, especially those who can’t really afford it, plop down $10k on a Rolex because it makes them feel better.

Keith Williamson says:

Great video! Makes perfect sense!

Michael Mackenzie says:

You don’t get it do you? Compare a pro diver to a submariner,then you will realize the price difference. The built quality is terrible in comparison. I get it..i get are a very cheap guy who likes to go through life wearing a shitter!!

Jay Rodriguez says:

Just imparting a little  knowledge for you: ETA is pronounced like this… for the “E” think of how the first letter of the name Eddie sounds, then for the “TA” think of the first part of Tata’s… now put them together. And fyi, ETA is owned by the 800lb gorilla of the Swiss watch making world “The Swatch Group”. On to “Ronda” quartz movements. If you should ever have the opportunity to see one exposed you’ll find them in two colors, silver and gold. The gold colored movements are indeed made and assembled in Switzerland, while the silver colored ones are assembled in Thailand and have fewer jewels.
I started buying Invictas back in 2006 when Invicta was the largest consumer of ETA automatic and quartz movements and for the lower priced watches, Miyota (Citizen) movements were the mainstay.

Mick Slick says:

Have You ever done a review on the Invicta Bolt Koi Fish Watch? My favorite watch is the Gold Koi fish watch that watch looks fantastic as well as the Orange edition of that watch, and my second favorite is the Thunderbolt edition. These i my opinion are the best watches Invicta has put out. Hope You decide to do a review on the Koi Fish Watches

assoverteakettle says:

No offense, but in your effort to defend Invicta you are also resorting to name calling that “hater”. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Secondly, it’s no big secret that many high end luxury brands use ETA. ETA are proven, damn good movements which unfortunately are now owned by the Swatch Group. Of course many companies, like Breitling and Omega, embellish the heck out of them so it’s not a bone stock ETA movement. It’s like saying an Alpina is a BMW with different badges.

Thirdly, what separates Invicta from the Breitlings, and Omegas is that – fair or not – Breitling, and Omega have built a reputation and image that is perceived as more desirable and valuable than Invicta. You pay for the image and exclusivity. It’s part of the package.

The higher end Invictas are built well, use ETA movements, and its employees probably take as much pride as someone assembling a Rolex. However it’s not as valued as Breitling, Omega, Rolex, Panerai, et al. Nothing you can do about it. Love your Invicta and don’t worry what haters say, or save up and buy a Rolex so no one can say anything nasty.

Luxury watches are one of the most irrational hobbies but that’s because a lot of it is tied to emotion, and status.

As long as someone took care in choosing their watch, and value it then I don’t care if it’s a Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Invicta, TAG Heuer, Seiko, Citizen, or Casio. A nice watch is a nice watch in my books.

P.S. the correct standard American English pronunciation of Breitling is “bright-ling”. Not brayt-ling, nor bret-ling.

John Doe says:

You have said it many times: There is a level of quality. And one can tell by the touch (especially the bracelet).You even mention different grades of stainless steel. You pay for sapphire crystals and double sided anti-reflective. These differences, to use the car analogy, is why people buy the Lexus over the Toyota. Refinement and quality. And only posers would buy an Omega quartz watch. Those people are wannabes.

hennybogan59 says:

I know value is a totally subjective experience, but I have to say my aragon dm enforcer platinum mop dial with tritium tubes is the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen. And talk about functionality, it’s been 5 months now and this beast has kept time better than any quartz watch (except my g-shock atomics). +1.5 to -1.5 seconds per day since I’ve owned it. Truth.

Watch lover in Hawaii says:

I just made a brand new invicta pro diver unboxing on YouTube. Soon I am going to do a review. It has a Seiko movement. I don’t hate invicta brand. Although some of your saying it’s the same movement, is true to a point. Breitling have quality control not even close to invicta. I did my research. The base movement maybe the same but even movements have different tiers. So is it the same?
I use my invicta pro diver just for work. So I don’t need to worry about it, I just paid 75.00 dollars. Although would I wear my breitling superocean steelfish or my Porsche design watch to work? That is absolutely not. Just for the price point. By the way breitling superocean steelfish is a 2000 meters dive watch. Will I ever dive that far down? No. But it’s extremely impressive that a company can produce such a watch that can handle that much pressure. I have a invicta subaqua noma that can handle 500 meters. I thought that was impressive at the time. But still not even close. Thank you

hennybogan59 says:

I would like to add that the plus 1.5 seconds is when the watch is sitting all night and then loses the 1.5 seconds while I’m wearing it. Basically almost atomic time every day all day.

Corvetteman2013 says:

It is true that some of the Swiss watch manufacturers use the same movements as Invicta. However, many of the Swiss manufacturers modify those movements for their watches.

chanklee wallace says:

I got one invicta watch it was a birthday gift and was like 120.00 at Sams club…i truly love it and would collect more and more…for some one like me that doesn’t have thousands to spend but for the money it’s a great watch…love your channel

sammysinatra says:

With all due respect, I became a watch collector starting about a year ago, my first foray into collecting was Invicta. I purchased 15 of them Jason Taylor’s and reserves. I loved the way they looked. Once I started reading books and watching videos and learning about herpetology and how watches are built. It became clear Invicta’s are cool looking watches, but they are absolute garbage and ZERO resale Value, Im lucky I got $50.00 to $75.00 for each and I paid $300 to $800 each. It all depends on what you want out of a watch and of course your budget. If you have a decent Budget, do not waste it on Invicta, cause they have ZREO resale value and your pissing your money away. I am now collecting of all things Breiting, I have 4 so far Chronomat 44, and a few others comparing an invicta to a Breiting is like a Yugo to a Porsche…Im not a snob Im a working guy who loves watches…Again, if you have no means $$$ indeed invicta looks very cool – but quality im sorry its just not considered a decent watch. Citizen and seiko much better choices….

Geo Wolf says:

Names the Game in the watch industry. In my humble opinion.

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