I BOUGHT ANOTHER WATCH – Breitling Reveal show how soft the brand has become

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Kevin Smith says:

That fourth chin has rubbed your shirt collar away

syl pascale says:

Nice piece, but too big at 44m-46mm unless you are big.

Tony T says:

Looks like cabin crew got a cat to spew it’s jelly meat into your rice bowl.

Michael Smith says:

Now you will have to fly last class Big Boy

The Artist formally known as Dick Dastardly says:

Hmm I wonder iph he’ll be skintus by Phriday’s live stream. Liphe is hard phuckers

Brighton Billy says:

A dive watch with no numbers on the bezel ? lol.. FASHION SHITTER !!!

mfmf100 says:

Is Breitling better than Oris for this kind of watch?

MrJKL Foams says:

In house-ETA then sell again and get in house then back to ETA! PakMeDeyd!

Tony Soprano says:


frieswithmayo says:

Serial flipper going for that fashion watch again

MrZman0004 says:

2700 AUD after all the additional crap! Still a shitter!

Dino Hadzic says:

flipped before christmas if the price is right

Kamil Cichocki says:

Tudor is coming back. Lol. Shit show with this guy.

Ged Canonizado says:

Wait aphter a couple of weeks then this piece will be phor sale

Buwsur says:

You gotta know when to hold ’em, you gotta know when to phist ’em!

Chimney1966 says:

Breitling with ETA-shi*ter movement… 😀 LOL
Archie! You bought a SHI*TER! You bought a dog turd watch! An ETA-SH*TTER 😀 LOL
And Breitling is indeed a fairly sh*tty brand nowdays…
Almost as bad dog turd brand as the ultimate shi*ter brand TAG Heuer… 😀
You could have invested your little money into something better and
for example bought some cheap “affordable LUXURY”
INVICTA Pro Diver 8930OB “Golden Submariner”
(with an excellent SEIKO NH35A movement) instead… LOL

James Lynch says:

What is absolute turd

George Grasser says:

I like it, but I would have gone for a Brand New Oris Aquis. $1,295 USD at the most when not on sale.

Darren Rogers says:

That’s a Heritage 2 with the date at 6 o’clock not a Heritage 1 Archie. Lol. Come on jack ass.

George Jace says:

So you paid roughly $1450 us so you can say you traded your aqua cock I mean aqua not Tudor for it being that you sold it for about the same

Andrew says:

Good looking watch that bluesey, the Breitling is boring though. Better off getting a beat up, no box, no papers preceramic Submariner no date for an extra 4-5k IMHO

John Andrew says:

That Breitling looks a nice watch big boi, far more appropriate for your station in life, ditch those ghastly two tone shitters now.

Watch Destroyer says:

Why on earth do you need a “discount diver” when you already have a Submariner?

buddyb 5555 says:

46mm? Fuck me dead.

Kim Jong Skillz says:


suckgames says:

what a fucking piece of shit.

falsepride says:

You have great taste. I love this watch. You really know watches.

Simon Hui says:

You cant Breitling sell even at $1,000 in today market . Archie paid probably $700 and will soon put for sale at discount.

Nate Oh says:

Shitterrrrrrrr! No different to a steinhart

Scott SJ says:

Of course, you can’t wear a normal strap, you have to get one the size of a timing belt for a large automobile. You are a hypocrite AC3, you bash the hell out of Breitling company, say they are shitters and soft brand, yet you go buy another one. WHAT THE PHUCK. FFS you wanted the Gold sub so badly and you go and sell it. You flip watches and you flipflop your morals. No wonder no one is paying for watch reviews from you.

MR Stacker says:

Great method acting.

AMJR says:

Great looking watch. I recently picked up. Breitling Headwind on a leather strap. It’s a great weekend watch. Enjoy it Paul….

LLD says:

It does less than nothing for me. Cash sure burns a hole in your pocket dude. I get what your saying, you bought it cheap enough and if you think you can flip it for profit…do it now!!

Ronny Paul says:

Geez Archie, what a piece of shit that Sheitling is. Why did you buy it? FMD! If you had $2000 to burn, you should have used the funds to buy a few more links for your Bluesy. It looks a little tight to me which probably explains why you don’t wear it much.

aeroAdvocate says:

Few days ago you said Breitling is shite. Make up your mind!

Private Number says:

Breitling shitter

Duane Wade says:

At this time of year I like to spare thought for those that have shelled out $50 for a watch review. You have been conned by a fat turd seasons greetings phuckers.


What happened to the non servicing Ladyboy?

Blueshirt Buddah says:

Beeezel and Rubbbrrr. Well phisted Pontiff

Mike M says:

i thought he was gonna say he paid 800usd for it

ajt222 says:

There , there now . Take your tablets and have a little nap. Poor guy.

Arthur Talbot says:

Great vid Arch, nice one! More Hugo the “no shitters” mascot please!

The Gorn says:

Sheitling SOH is nice phor sure, but knowing the pontiph it will be phlipped in a phire sale by year’s end

Andrew Holt says:

How did they let you in after your corrosive comments about Breitling and their CEO and management. It looks quite good on you though.

VB3 says:

That’s one expensive beater. And I’m not sure how that’s any better than a Tag Aqua Racer or Longines Hydroconquest. The Black Bay would have been the better choice, however, the Breitling is economical.

Greg Mieg says:

14:42 tuck shop arms, archies salivating

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