How To: Spot A Fake Breitling Watch

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How Can I tell if a Breitling is real or fake replica. Is my watch real or fake? Get the answer here.

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I answer the following questions in this video.
How can I tell if my Breitling watch real or fake?
Is my Breitling watch fake or real?
How to tell if my watch is a replica or a real Breitling watch?


0LAF2046 says:

chronograph replicas ALWAYS use a quartz battery OR they use a Japanese Miyota automatic movement and the chronograph second hand sweeps AND does the timekeeping for the minute/hour hands and as a result the chronograph’s sub-dials do not work at all. The chronograph replicas are always easy to spot!

Damein Jomtup Jaywalter says:

Where did you buy??

Edwa Chen says:

I would not buy a replica watch and definitely would not put it on my wrist. Not only because they are not worth buying (no quality assurance; easily broken), but also because they may be toxic. We don’t know what was used to make it. It’s not about the movement, but a fake watch uses toxic materials to make the case, bracelets, straps, etc. In order to reduce the production cost of the watch, fake watch makers do not afford to use genuine materials for the case, bracelets, straps, etc. They would try every effort to make the watch look more elegant, which increases the risk of using toxic materials. Recently, a famous actress in China was died of cancer because her new home was painted with serious toxic paints. So, be careful.

Dr. Mark Kosinsky says:

Never EVER “pop” the back off of a Breitling. Factory only. It’s pressurized and sealed. The entire video is not necessary.
The crystal is the giveaway. You should see a bluish reflection from your light source in the crystal. No blue – no Breitling.

chris h says:

date to deep in moverment

bryan carrasquillo says:

really makes me think twice about buying a watch second hand you really have to be careful with this type of stuff I definitely thought it was authentic LOL

James says:

*Brightling* not -Britling-

hetrodoxly says:

The strap means nothing, it could be a fake with a genuine strap.

Wesley Meuleman-Dobric says:

i have the same navimeter replica, and its a very good replica, hard to see the difference between a real one….i buy it for 70€uro’s here in Belgium

Brutus Demealius says:

an easy way to tell a fake is to look closely at the anchor, a real Breitling anchor has a small point/nipple at the tip, the copies are just rounded.

Official Lil Tre says:


Peter Jeyakumar says:

First of all you don’t have the Swiss made inside so it’s a fake

Anthony Marc says:

My only question would be why you have been wearing such a terrible replica? I don’t have anything against people who collect replica watches, but this one is so inaccurate it is like they made it off a blurry photograph. Nobody should ever buy a luxury replica with a battery in it. It is just so tacky…

Gurjot Singh says:

really? who the fuck gonna open someones watch without getting punched in nuts just to check if its real or fake -_-

Diego Franco says:

hi . I want to buy a Super Avenger black dial / white subdials. model A13370. can you tell me where buy this watch??? many thanks!!. Diego from Argentina

Slugarn says:

the ticks tells it a quartz its rly obvious its fake

Grenville Hines says:

half way point for me ….Its a fake !

Jonathan Watson says:

I coulda told you that was a fake before you even opened it up for multiple reasons.  #1 looking at the face, the movement is wrong for that watch.  It has quartz movement, a real Breitling Bentley will have mechanical movement.  #2, all of the stampings are extremely shallow.  A real Breitling has very deep quality engravings on the backing of the watch.

David Guedea says:

Ha!! Fake

Conqwiztadore22 says:

the watch looks nice though but the strap is ugly as hell

Seaside sweeps says:

Excellent Replica for sale Chronograph Self winding no need for batteries, contact for pics

alec cooks says:

haha, i really love that my replica has the fake stamps and all aswell xD people in my class think i won the lotery. and since people at school noticed it. people i dont know started to talk to me ;D

Stephen Renyard says:

yes it would be an automatic if real

David Firenze says:

“I felton my boss’s Rolex” – c’mon man your grammar is worse than your fake watch.

You’re an idiot if you can’t spot a fake Breitling, that was a dog shit fake. The Glue on the band gave it away…. Correction all fakes are shit. if you cant afford it go out and grab yourself an Oris 43, best valued watch for the money.

michael banks says:

I don’t understand the hate for replicas. I would dearly love to own the real thing but it ain’t gonna happen in my lifetime. I have several that are years old and still going strong and still look good. Some have self winding swiss movements. They weigh the same, look the same and cost about the same as a Sekonda.

joel cohen says:

It’s clearly a quartz movement. That’s a dead giveaway, without looking at anything else.

Ksenija Lihareva says:

I have original breitling wings mother of perls Lady and they are Quarz!And bequose of Quarz they are not cheap ore fake!Many breitlings watches are Quarz!

Adrian Skowron says:

discusting crap would never take it to my hand

adonisnetworks says:

first second I could tell its a fake the date window dial is recessed on the fakes because of clearance problems . all the other crap about the watch is window dressing mate ))

Conqwiztadore22 says:

lol quartz straight give away, atleast buy a vk quartz replica which is a quartz that ticks like a mecha

stockegsix says:

Took me 2 seconds to realize its counterfeit.

Robbie Fricker says:

Looks legit

chris h says:

chrono s to close

damien cannon says:

also the second hand is a chronograph and shouldn’t be constantly ticking. only when you start it. it will move in quarter second movements too not one movement per second like this one.

Robert Harwood says:


Tommy ! says:

I think it is fake

adonisnetworks says:

2nd second its a quartz cheap ass replica ))

Jack Stanislow says:

Its also a quartz movement. Breitling does not make a quartz movement for ANY of its watches EXCEPT the Colt (which will likely be cut from the catalog). The average Breitling Chronomat, Transocean or Navitimer will cost at minimum $7-8000 and for the super duper bling ones, $100,000+. The B0 series movements are one of the most complex movements out there. No replica will be able to match it. Remember, we are talking about a COSC movement superior to basically any other similar tiered movement (Ex. Rolex Submariner 3135). Be wary, always worth a second look!

slyboybill says:

So your explaining how to differentiate by using a cheap fake?

Miguel Vergara says:

Where did you get this watch from??

jason fuller says:

as soon as you see it ticking like a Timex you know it’s not real. you do not need to go any further with taking apart the back or the band or anything. the tick it is a dead giveaway

Sibole Staline says:

Hell man I have had a fake Breitling with genuine swiss movement . fully auto. Swiss make replicas too.

mrdimosssssss says:



Nice replica,where can you get one like this ?thx

David Guedea says:

Not only that Bentley are automatic not quartz

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