How to spot a fake Breitling watch.(Side by side comparison)

I show you how to tell the differences between a genuine Breitling Super Ocean Heritage and a fake one.


adonisnetworks says:

from someone who had bought and sold both originals and replicas for years ….. the last 30 seconds of the video make the most sense , sadly the watch you are comparing the original against is a grade 3 watch, I’m not trying to degrade your attempt just you need to know a lot about watches, the watch you reviewed has a generic 3 dollar Chinese automatic movement , that’s why the date font window is incorrect . these are usually sold in Chinese flee markets for 15 USD . the better replicas have real automatic swiss valjoux movements ( 7750/ 7753, etc ) and are true identical unless you are an expert in breitling . firstly if you want to check its real…. go to a master watchsmith , then check the serial number and dealer which sold it ( if its Dubai or hong kong dealers beware too , it might be a fake dealership !)

satan satan says:

I think both are fake.

Ali Khan says:

Very helpful video. Thanks

mario siaven says:

the first tell tale I noticed is no swiss made wording in the bottom dial of the fake.

BigD Travels says:

I have to admit if I saw these two one for 4950 and one for 50, I’d take the 50 any time of the day, I can’t say I’d feel any better about myself with the authentic one..

Peter Jeyakumar says:

Inside of the fake you don’t have “Swiss Made” that’s important too

James Waller says:

All that shit to see if it’s fake and he doesn’t mention the screen. You can see the difference instantly. The left is non reflective sapphire and the right is cheap and scratched

Polar Roller says:

the fluting edging the dial bezel is obvious between the two as well.

Nobby K says:

Well, who wear’s a fake, is a fake end of story…

Skyblock Veteran says:

looks like difference is price only

grummantbf1 says:

Great video but PLEASE get a camera that can focus close up!

Kenneth Offerdal says:

Its a bad fake. You forgot to mention..The dots on the dial is a clear spot. and it doesnt even say swiss made on the bottom.

Chase Quandt says:

No “Swiss Made at 6 o’clock a bit of a giveaway

Harold Boyd says:

Very good expose.  I did notice on the Breitling inscription on the inside of the band of the “fake” is slightly “slanted”.  I don’t think Breitling would have let that pass on a genuine bracelet.  Thanks again!

Tony smith says:

The differences are miniscule 99.9% of people wouldnt notice or care about them. What does that tell you about what a rip off the real watch is!

杨帆 says:

The fake one made in Swiss…so, I think Swiss fake watch technology was nowhere near as advanced as china.. hahahahhh

nigel needham says:

Yes I own a fake breitling TIMEPIECE and its so good only a master craftsman in watchmaking would be able to tell the difference,I also own a classic old JAGUAR a real one so both completement the other,I say live the dream because when the guy in the street sees you wearing something like this you will have the feel good factor.

Justin Register says:

If he was asking $3,500 and took $50 bucks, I guarantee he knew it was fake. Very informative video though. Great job!

Nicklas Lundberg says:

Shaky and not in focus…

neveen jo says:

would you please do a video on breitling areospace watch

Ramon Bubb says:

Is it okay to purchase one of these of Amazon that goes for $5000 USD?

Ramu Ramamurthy says:

replica has no swiss made

Roberto Reynaldo says:

it is very easy to detect which is fake…the rotary vessel color was dull, the dial was noticeably low quality.

HextyVision says:

what I would be interested in is the difference between the bracelets. The superocean heritage I own has the best mesh bracelet I have ever owned. How does the replica bracelet match up. It might be worth buying a replica to toss the watch in the bin and keep the bracelet for desk diving on your real watch to keep the real bracelet nice !

Nobby K says:

One more thing, most good fake watches DO have the “Swiss Made” stamp now…

mam362 says:

One says Swiss Made on the dial while the other does not

David Fullerton says:

there are many replicas out there now that are so good only way to tell is remove the back! every thing you have mentioned theyhave addressed! I own many watches some replica! some Real! I’ve had more trouble with the real ones! and the cost unreal, good replicas just go on and on with very little expense! I wear both,

mustafa omari says:

I want to buy the fake one please

Devin Brown says:

the swiss made stamp wasnt on the replica under the 6 that was a quick sign too

Rudy A says:

also, the real thing has a high quality anti reflective coating on the glass. It gives it a blue / green hue against the light.

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