How To Decide Which Watch To Buy – Best Used Sinn & Breitling Ebay Deals Of The Week $1000 to $4000

In today’s episode I tackle the most frequently asked question I get on the channel. How to choose the perfect timepiece when buying a watch and how to choose between various models you like. I then take a look at a selection of Breitling and Sinn deals on eBay that caught my eye over the previous week from the $1000 to $4000 price range. I share a selection of luxury watches including stunning vintage venus based chronographs, a classic Navitimer, a Montbrillant and a Colt GMT from Breitling. From Sinn, I take a look at a 7750 Valjoux based 903, also Lemania based 903, also a 656 and it’s more affordable version the 556, and lastly the new “red seconds” 556 version too.

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Glen Gaskin says:

great videos tristano. your my daily soap opera here in Ireland. you and Federico are smashing it

CatLike Felix says:

Another great video TGV! (protip: you know you can record your Mac screen really easily with the built-in Quicktime Player app ; ) )

keithwenttothemoon says:

what do you think of the poljot blue angels as a homage for the navitimer?

Ante Samarzija says:

Thanks for this one….Like how you approach eBay …=)

Bruno Ysla says:

As one of the “newbies” in here, if this is your first video of The Urban Gentry I can definitely tell you it’s worth subscribing. I’ve learned a lot in only a couple of weeks.

Stewart Murray says:

A good friend of mine has the Navitimer Jupiter but the Iranian Airforce version, as that was where he was born. Very unusual watch but a nice rarity all the same.
Great video.

James Petchey says:

It’s interesting because personally i don’t really care about what sort of mechanical movement I have in my watch I base it purely on looks and feel. If anything I am often pleased when a watch has an eta over and inhouse because it means the price will be a little less and to me ETA is more than good enough

Traziun says:

TGV, what do you think of the Rolex Explorer II? It can possibly fall into the price range.


Once Again, Great Video TGV! Interesting why an Ebayer would advertise a watch for a small fraction less than the original Price brand new!!? Of course you would be from new! However if you found the right deal, on a bargain piece, then EBay would be the way to go…. Great Content! BMJ ENGLAND.

Kakashi Hatake says:

Do you plan on doing any Swiss vs Japanese watch duels?

Arne Wylezol says:

I would like to know how to tell a good Chinese movement from a bad one. Have there been proven ones, which brands use them, what are the reference numbers and what does a buyer have to look out for etc. Guess that could make an interesting video 😉 I have heard that some of them use very good architecture from now unprotected Swiss patents and thus can easily compete with the Swiss watch industry and its quality for the average watch enthusiast.

julius x says:

you should take a look at Junkers (german brand with 200-2000€ range) i think its a awsome choise in their price range

Den Getatru says:

I like that kind of video , thank you TGV!

john thomas says:

um….The 1940s Brietling you say ……’doesn’t even say if its working”……reading off the computer on your screen it says at the top…”in good running order”….and at the bottom it says…”restored and running beautifully” Not a fair reflection of the seller

Arturo Pedroza says:

Hi! What do you think about the tag heuer S/EL range?
Is it worth it today?
Mechanical or Quartz?
Great video.

Jiří Jägermann says:

Tristano, would you do a video about history of Speedmaster, and which popular models and variations are out here?

Rhys Edmonds says:

Lovely photo of Osborne House at 11.02 😉 Classic video, Tristano

All the best

Recon DMV says:

Question for you. If your watch is +5 or -5 seconds every 24hrs. How often do you correct the time? 2nd Question, is good for a watch to be on a watch winder for long periods. What is best for watch longevity?

Recon DMV says:

Thank you for the work and time you put into your videos. I have become obsessed with watches this year. I have learned alot from you. I see so much more when looking at a time piece. Thanks.

Antoine Thisdale says:

Best Intro ever.

Polar Roller says:

great ebay series TGV.

Aaliyah Jean-Baptiste says:

I really enjoy watching your videos, Im not sure if you have any female viewers but it would be interesting to hear what you would recommend to a woman!

Zouk Sensation says:

TGV – You’re a bloody legend! I’m now into watch collecting. Thanks to your passionate and amazing honest videos, I’ve now caught the bug.


TGV – where can I find that sweater/jacket?

Matt Hanks says:

Maybe just me but I couldn’t watch without bad audio sync problems. Anyone else? Great video otherwise!!!

RyanFrizey says:

TGV, you should invest some time into investigating how to record your computer screen from within the pc itself, instead of having to film it with your camera. Just record your audio and dub it over the screen recording for a more professional feel.

Terrence Stone says:

I really like your tudor prince oysterdate and have fallen in love with the style! Hopefully i can save up and get one too someday however for the time being i got 2 Bulova super seville’s (a white dial 80’s or 90’s version and a silver dial version from 1979) to scratch that itch. So far i’m really loving it. What are your thoughts on the super seville TGV?

Isblocket says:

Would you buy the Sinn 556i or the Seiko Sarx035??

hellotabasco says:

excellent video TGV! i really like those ebay series, very interesting and educational… keep the good work, cheers!!!

Christopher Sheridan says:

What do you think about the Bulova Marine Star 98B178?

robert bishop says:

Great video TGV, very informative, many thanks.

312harsh says:

Hey TGV can you please do a video about buying from the Japanese market for buying Omegas like the eBay videos!

Jose Martinez says:

Have you had any experience or will you ever review a Hamilton Ventura, either the quartz or the automatic? I’m a big fan of that piece.

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