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In a time of calculators, computers, smart phones and the internet, the answer to any question is never more than a few taps of a screen or clicks of a button away. Remember when you had to just know who was in a movie, or what that song was? Before then, before all of that, there was a time when complex calculations were only achievable by hand or with a slide rule. It’s a skill that’s been lost over generations, but today we’re going to find out how, exactly, this mess of lines and numbers actually works.

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Scott Wood says:

Could you review (and explain the workings of) one of the twenty-four-hour movement Navitimers, like the Cosmonaute or the World, please?

Max Waterman says:

Sounds just like a circular slide rule that we used at school

Tricky Bovis says:

this was awesome.

John W says:

Willy Breitling was the son of Gaston Breitling, who was the son of founder Léon Breitling.

Max Waterman says:

So, is that a digital watch or an a analog? I noticed the second hand jerks from one second to the next, which makes me think it is a digital movement, even if the scale is analog. What is the established wisdom on this?

halo raider1 says:

how much is this? 🙂

ThePlanBPill says:

Lost me after multiplication lmao

NG Andreas says:

Amazing explanation!

John Brennan says:

If you know logarithms and slide rules, its easy.

soulless says:

That Breitling is probably the most beautiful watch I have ever seen.

gordan tyron says:

i am so fucking love that watch

Hayden Fleetwood says:

Dude I need this for my gcse maths

SpaceRock says:

I get the idea. I had to pause the video just to count it again.

yassine jalal says:

that’s actually very cool and handy

ivan segovia says:

E6b aviation computer

Carter says:

I know less about how to use this watch now that I’ve watched this video.

martin villaflor says:

This method is still being taught in aviation school

BNRL _ says:

I wish I had this in 6th grad I could have cheated in the class tests

Shivam Upamanyu says:

Please check out HMT hand winding watches from India

Vinyl Scratch says:

Aaand now I need a slide rule on my watch.

yds250 says:

I’ll get my Coat !!.

Francisco Vivas says:

A crp5 on your wrist

Abdul Rahman Noor says:

It’s incredible how much knowledge is lost in one generation. My dad was an engineer and I had once opened up his old trunk containing engineering books and yes, a slide rule. Never understood how to use it and it pains me to think I’ll never be able to explain it to my kids without resorting to a YouTube video.
Great explanation on the Navitimer; I’ve newfound respect for traditional timekeeping.

Average Alien says:

Yeah, I’m sure I can afford this watch….only £10,000, not so bad….

Tony Liu says:

$5000 e6b lol

Dimitar Stoyanov says:

Im amazed

K A says:

Thank you for this. Now to find me a Navitimer Rattrapante…

Nitin Bhoir says:

I had made such a paper dial during my school day s.

Tempo4200 says:

I’m more confused now than before I watched the entire video.

Benjamin Choi says:

All pilots still learn to use a circular slide rule in their training. Can’t say I’ve used one at work so far though!

An idiot in a racing car says:

What’s the third marker between NAUT. and STAT.?

ahndajong says:

Beautiful watch and excellent explanation!

jesse andres says:

WTF! You can do multiplication and division on a watch??? Whaaaat!?

Ilgmars Rubins says:

WOW!!! This is so indepth. Nice job!!! I subscribed because I like watches and I LOVED you review!! 😀

Richard Dunn says:

Just tell how it works…enough with the history lesson

Ahmed alyasiri says:

Very poor quality video no effects indications to tell us exactly wtf he is talking about!

Robert Thomas says:

So it’s an E6B that fits on your wrist. Neat. Irrelevant, but neat.

Annujay Gupta says:

My life feels less complicated now!

One of my desired watch. ⌚

K Roon says:

much more attractive and interesting than computer could ever be

Jobje Rabbeljee says:

getting your hands then on such a piece, without the full purpose to have use for all these functions, it has a history of actual use, more, or less. not regarding wear and tair, per se.

Learner For future says:

THis watch is amazing **** WHEN IT BREAKS….WE DONT KNOW …….LOllllllllllll

Saud Bhalli says:

i have no words i swear i got nothing 🙂

Alex says:

I just remembered im dumb. Thanks?

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