History Of The Greatest Pilot Watch & Breitling Navitimer 1 38mm Review – Pure Class or Disaster?

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the newest addition to the incredibly important and historic Navitimer line of watches by Breitling.

The Navitimer is without a doubt my favourite chronograph, so when I heard there was a new, smaller, 38mm version (Ref. A17325211C1A1) released at 2018 Baselworld I was super excited. However, this new version is not a chronograph and it has also done away with some other much loved features following a major shift in the brand’s priorities under new leadership.

To further understand these recent developments, I explore the history of the Navitimer and trace its roots from adventures in space to James Bond movies, bankruptcy, and some fascinating innovations along the way.

Will this be the biggest disaster for the Navitimer or a badly needed, refreshing start? Join me to find out!

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tenorbanjoguy says:

The history lesson regarding the Navitimer was phenomenal! Thanks so much! I like the new one presented as well, but then I am an equal opportunity watch lover!! Thanks!!

Robert Meyer says:

How old is TGV? I think its one of the hardest thing to guess…

Larry Duncan says:

Man, that 38mm “Navi” is a bit of a let down …

Artem Yavorskyi says:

Hey could you tell please what is your wrist size?

Lloyd Garth says:

Disaster. Breitling sure has cut corners with that little ugly 38m piece. Too bad.

Fabian Boon says:

What do you think about philipo lortetti?

InStyle4Freestyle says:

What do you think about Skagen watches? Are they good for under $200?

MyUTF4 says:

What do you think about Forge & Foster?

Ian Butler says:

Excellent review, as always. I love your channel. Thank you.

Max Purcell says:

Hey Urban Gentry! I really want a small gold-colored steel square or rectangular watch, but I’m ignorant to the classic square and rectangular watches. Do you, or any other commenters, have any suggestions?

phill ollard says:

Well first off a great history lesson on the breitling species, as we’ve come to expect from your good self, now this navitimer , quality wise is no doubt fine but in cutting corners from the more traditionally liked and recognised model , they’ve not adjusted the in my view Excessive price . The loss of the chronograph facility , water resistance, and engraving details , again in my view have migrated its appeal, maybe new dare I say younger prospective buyers will be enchanted enough with its overall looks , but I think the new management should of in the first instance kept the more known traditional looks and features , then introduced this , at a later date as a cheaper alternative . There’s plenty of timepieces in that price range , that I think are far better buys .

freshdotholla says:

i must be the only man in america that Adores the 48mm Navitimer it’s the Epitome of a tool watch its size directly affect’s it’s legibility, i’m not a pilot but I love the damn thing

MJA says:

Nice vid, just can’t forget the Sinn 904 at half the price!! Even a 904h with moon phase Yum!

Rusty Shackleford says:

I have no issue with a company trying to go in a new direction…however it is obvious that they are still trying to cash in on that old reputation. I think it will be worthwhile keeping a very close eye on Breitling because this watch is a step in the wrong direction. It is a 4k watch with a pitiful water resistance and a very odd design choice of having only lume on the hands. To boot, their “in house” movement is just a lightly modified ETA movement.
It is a very good looking watch…just not something I’d pay $4000 for.

Polar Roller says:

Tristan……never sell your Navi. I too will never sell my Navi…..I’ll keep it until my end. LOL

Vrbas Jimmy Page says:

“metric to standard conversion”…you mean metric to ridiculous conversion

James M says:

Not a big fan of these new Breitlings, but your colour descriptions made up for it. ‘Egyption blue’, anyone?

Bob FromBrisbane says:

Hello TGV, your presentation on the history of Brietling was great. It was good to see this particular watch..

Ian Butler says:

TGV, Could I make a suggestion for a video? How do you access the accuracy of a watch? Do you use the internet and the NIST atomic clock? I think it would be of interest to many viewers. It would to me, at least.

Kevin C says:

A Navitimer without a Chronograph is like a Submariner without its Rotating Dive Bezel just doesn’t look right.

Brad says:

Not a huge fan, but this video was very well made, especially the intro with those clips with the golden era of jetsetters.

Jacksan says:

Exactly why I got a navitimer 92, as its 38mm!

Drew Gambill says:

Timer? Is there no lume on the second hand? How do we time in less than ideal lighting?

rutayan patro says:

can you also do a review of kronaby smart watch?? It looks very nice! Thanks for all the videos!

Blackbrook says:

I really like the ‘simpler’ aproach Breitling takes. Even in size! And I like the Navitimer 8. But… why not match the colour of the date wheel with the dial? That not only goes for Breitling. Is it difficult for manufacturers? I’d really like to know.

HighCoup333 says:

Mixed feelings indeed. For now I’ll keep crushing on that Lorier, and I’m still on my honeymoon with the dear new Flightie.

ams914 says:

Hate the bead-like design of the bezel edge of the Navitimer 1s, but love the dials though. I assume they are marketing it to women, reminds me of a pearl necklace.

axel990413 says:

Did you see the video alpha.m. did about mvmt being better than rolex? -_-

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