Hands-on: The new BREITLING Premier Collection

The Swiss watch-manufacturer Breitling currently is undergoing a strong rejuvenation process lead by its new CEO Georges Kern. The brand before was stuck in its niche. Breitling´s core business were extreme aviation and outdoor watches. Hardly anyone noticed that Breitling also had a few more moderate and lovelier watches in the collections.
The former owners, Théodore Schneider, and before that his father Ernest, had managed and positioned the watch-manufacturer, acquired from the Breitling family in 1979, according to their personal taste. Terms like big, martial, black and non-conformist dominated. Georges Kern sees the things different: he now opens the brand in all directions and he discovers the brands deliberately neglected, great heritage.
In particular the rich heritage will lead to a variety of new models never seen before at Breitling. Wristwatches that will definitively meet the taste of a much bigger group of potential buyers and of course Asians. In Asia Breitling has its greatest growth potential, as little attention has been paid to this part of the world so far.
After countless references of the past have been abandoned, the new Breitling models made by Georges Kern and his team are successively coming on the markets.
The reintroduction of the “8” (“Huit Aviation”) collection, originally launched by Breitling in 1938 as precision timekeeping instruments for aircrafts, and the “Premier” collection, the revival of the sporty-elegant watch collection of the early 1940s, fit perfectly into the new concept. Lovelier forms and moderate sizes follow the countless large, martial and black watches of the past. And if one looks closer one has to admit that a cool and hip vintage touch cannot be denied either. In other words, these are ingredients that are a kind of ticking-fresh-cell-therapy for Breitling.

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wil hinds says:

Lovely watches!

Sb Sb says:

Very nice but over priced

AndreasLawson says:

Is that your skateboard?

Ashton Kee says:

Pity it’s not anti-magnetic. With the prevalence of magnets in our daily lives these days, only an Omega METAS certified watch will do. Otherwise have to always be so careful with where you put your watch and that’s really a pain.

Teddy Henriquez says:

OMG I’m loving this premier collection I just bought the super Avenger II and I’m planning to buy a ROLEX next, but this video is making me reconsider. Good video keep them coming!

celestialfix says:

Nice collection. I like the new direction of the designs.

Brendan Gunn says:

I’m very impressed with the changes Georges Kern is making with the new models. I adore my 46mm Navitimer, but many of Breitling’s other offerings have always looked far to aggressively styled for my taste. I was rather taken with the Navi 8 when it launched, but now I’m torn between a Premier and a Superocean Heritage II as my next watch goal. The forthcoming Super 8 also looks very interesting. It shows that Breitling will not forget their existing customers who like a large watch that makes a statement!

Michael Frilund says:

What will happen with Breitling’s divers? When many think about divers it is often Rolex and Omega, but Breitling?

Your favourite is one I would not mind owning.

The Day-Date model looks good, but that name always makes me think about another brand. This one is more sporty and affordable, and I believe many will love owning one.

Thrustin Von Helmut says:

Great, another brand on the bitch wrist bandwagon. Can’t wait to buy the 36mm Navitimer with a 16mm wide strap. I can wear it on my COCK!

Joey Fadel says:

I am still very disappointed with Mr. Kern.
He has given the New Collections a very classy, understated feel but in my opinion, destroys the aesthetics of the premier. The premier in my opinion is still quite large and will be perfect at 40 mm to carry on his (Mr. Kern’s) legacy. After seeing vintage premiers, this is a little bit too extreme.
Again 40 mm, would have been a modest increase in size while maintaining the integrity of the premier. As with all change, it take time to be accepted. A new inflow of consumers that prefer classic sport watches will be Breitling’s new segment and I feel they may out number the minority of over sized watch lovers that Breitling currently has.
Finally, the introduction of the simpler pieces is quite refreshing but still Breitling and again, will capture a new segment. These were all great strategies by Mr. Kern but Breitling as a whole must believe in their product and continuously preach their new concepts for Prospective consumers. These strategies by Mr. Kern were risky in the sense they mite now increase Breitling’s bottom line straight away but will be healthy for future of the Brand.
Well done to watch advisor for enlightening consumers.

Sanjay Gupta says:

Hey alexander, u askd me in Ur youtube poll abt my favorite jlc..

#Master ultra thin perpetual
#polaris chronograph
#Geophysic universal
#Duometer UTT
#master calendar
#master grand gyrotourbillion
#Grand memovox

These r some of jlc i liked !

gmshadowtraders says:

4:48 Whoa!!

evan h says:

Much nicer vintage style and size. Ridiculous giant/showboat watch fad is so over. Only so many Rock Stars and Giants in the world.

André says:

Nowadays, there are too much WATHES specialists! They remind me of the “purists” PORSCHE, they have never had a 911 air cooled , they do not have a 911 water cooled,they NEVER drive one Porsche 911, but, they are experts! Possibly, comment only on titles that read on videos … This collection based on the 1946, will have Britling as a target I should say: PATEK? The only excuse I found not to buy any, is that it lacks a dual time on the Premier Collection.

Steven Williams says:

Far too expensive for an ETA movement.

Swiss Made says:

“It’s not the strongest species that survives, not even the smartest, it’s the one that’s most likely to adapt to change.”

Amintas Neto says:

Cool video Alexander.
Nice Breitling try.
The Premier “panda dial” is fine.
However, I have mixed feelings about other piece main around the new Navitimers.
I wouldn’t mess with company’s flagship piece but now it’s done.
Nevertheless, I believe Breitling is just getting started with its new era.
Looking forward to see what they will be bringing to the market by 2019!

Howard Meyers says:

The Premier Collection is a much needed move from the heavy and oversized tool watch orientation of Breitling. The design aesthetics are great. The new collection is undermined by the split between inhouse and third party movements. The pricing for models with the inhouse movements touch upon Jaeger Le Coultre Master Chronograph pricing and many of the visual cues are in a generalized way similar. At this price point, JLC would be my choice over Breitling. I have already seen the Premier Collection at a Breitling Boutique and the good news for Breitling is that the Premier Collection is the first Breitling model line that I have ever wanted to look at or consider as a serial watch purchaser. Like the pricing information as pricing is a helpful screen for determining whether further consideration is realistic.

Fluffy Kitten says:

Looks like a homeage of a Hamilton Intramatic Chronograph. When are they going to fix the Navitimer they just ruined?

Morteza Alavizadeh says:

I have to admit I never was a big fan of Breitling. That being said the Premier B01 Chronograph is such a stunning timepiece. It’s absolutely gorgeous and my favorite watch from all their novelties under Georges Kern.

Artagain says:

I was in an AD the other day buying an IWC “Le Petit Prince”. I looked at this watch, the Premier as well. Really liked the reverse panda look and the lines on the side of the case. I have a 17.78cm wrist so the new sizes fit me very well. The blue is subtle, handsome in person.

Graham Wiles says:

More homogenous designs. Breitling appeals to people who want a more out there design. Way too conservative and way overpriced to boot.

th tan says:

Watch looks cheap. Totally unattractive. Good thing I didn’t buy Breitling.

Scott Gerry says:

This is heads and shoulders above the new Navitimer collection!

Iwan Köhler says:

I take it the presenter doesn’t own a classic Breitling. Opinion? I have one for sure: Those “Black, big macho watches” (what? Navitimer? Crosswind? Avenger?) were virtual archetypes, they defined their sector, there is nothing macho about it, all that is needed to wear them is a wrist ( and possibly a certain interest or attitude). Kern gave the Navitimer 8 and the Premier to the world, but design-wise Hamilton and Baume & Mercier were there first (and there is nothing wrong about Hamilton because these are no pretenders). Kern has only so many years as CEO but he will use it to afflict serious damage to the core values of this honorable brand because he doesn’t give a damn. Adapting to change? Only pre-owned Breitlings for me from now on.

Angus McIntosh says:

I quite like the B01 in-house chrono, but at 7900 Swiss it’s way overpriced. They will sink like a stone so wait a year or two and pick up a decent used example for a fraction.

navidski says:

Finally a beautiful breitling

Saadat Hussain says:

Would you please find out the names of the designers of this Breitling watches?

ryvr madduck says:

I never considered Breitling because they were too big and too blingy. No thank you, but seems this new CEO is taking the watches to a very good place, very good indeed.

Dat Ash says:

Waiting for the Superocean Heritage Collection video.

Rebel Fan 2424 says:

Great job! I really like the panda Chrono.

Major Woody says:

Breitling = ETA 2824 dressed up 🙂

footballcoreano says:

Breitling watches are so beautiful!!!

nualdifa says:

Another great video, Alexander. Is the Breitling story book you show in the video available to the public?

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