Fake VS Real Breitling SuperOcean II 44

This is a side by side comparison of a fake and a real Breitling SuperOcean II 44. I am not promoting the purchase of replicas, just trying to share knowledge to hopefully prevent people from getting scammed.

This is an unboxing of the replica Breitling SuperOcean II 44

This is an unboxing of the genuine Breitling SuperOcean II 44


Laith Faouri says:

Thank you for the the video but this video should be in close up POV it will be more helpful

Muhammad Fakhrul Islam Madzelan says:

But how’s the water resistance? Am I correct to assume that it’s almost absent?

Nate Richardson says:

Evilcartmancobra I’m debating on buying a authentic superocean 44 vs superocean 44 special & wanted to know how it adds up after having it for a while? Great videos

Steve says:

As a genuine Breitling owner I am ashamed to say I picked the fake!

Gracjan Stangeland says:

where I can buy a good breitling replica. I am asking for a source

NIkola Radunovic says:

Is this GF or Noob rep?

glincho says:

The wings of the Breitling logo are different. The top of it is much larger on the fake. Good video! Now this is the 44mm, is there one for the 42mm version?

jogu123 says:

I immediately spotted the original! And btw, it is not called Replica, it’s a Fake. A Replica would look like it but not call itself Breitling. The Fake does….

WatchJRGo says:

I’ve noticed the black in the bezel on my 42mm is pretty matte so I assumed the light blue was genuine from the start.

Rodney Thomas says:

I own a Breitling Colt GMT and I choice the fake one as the real one…Sheesh!!

batkorub says:

I saw fake instantly bcs of bezel 60 mark pip

Auttie B says:

Crown longer on the replica

Bonny Stark says:

at the beginning I thought the right one was the real….

tacfoley says:

The only thing that spoils your otherwise excellent video is that you seem to be talking with your head in a bucket, maybe a different room?

MyTony40 says:

Wow they are even getting the reflective sapphire good .. that’s scary

lewisevander says:

I first thought the one on the right was the original one as it looked better however once i started moving them i noticed the one on the right does not shine at all.

Mike Runner says:

Bezels on some Superocean 44 blues appear to be darker, so i wouldnt say they necessarily have to match. My 2017 a17392 has a darker blue bezel.

youpindra says:

even the fake looks good

T F2107 says:

Thank you for making this video.

It’s very helpful to those of us in the market for a genuine, so we know what to look out for.

sal sanshez says:

Where can I get the copy

Devin Choi says:

I thought the right one was the real becr it looked so much better. Well as I always say u pay for what u don’t get.

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