Early Watches That Became Today’s AP, Breguet, Breitling, & Rolex

These watches are some of the greatest historical watches that have gone on to become today’s top brands and models.


David V says:

Thanks, nice and informative video

Watch Collecting Strategy says:

Great video Rich!!

Matt Stevens says:

Well I do own the Gshock, so there ya go.

Aunchient Pistol says:

Your water sound effects freaked me out

Land Scapes says:

I just broke down and picked up my first G-Shock(the exact model you pictured) as I was in need of a serious beater. Been beating the bag out of it on the farm for a couple weeks and it still looks new. Makes me feel like the 90s all over.

Duke Of Prunes says:

Really good video and choice of watches (especially 1, 2, 3, and 5). I got into watches in the mid 70’s, when big bright red LED’S were phased out for LCD’S — kind of hideous, but I loved my big, chunky gold Timex digital!

Rich Dubbya says:

I want to say the Breitling Emergency can send a distress beacon to anywhere in the world… I think you hit the big ones. G-shock went from taking a fall from 4 stories to falling from the stratosphere and survive.. That is a huge feat.

The Lord Luxury Channel says:

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AjaxForever says:

Damn good video

Publius Velocitor says:

Great video! Just to add on a few details to what you said: In the 1950’s, Hamilton Ventura was the first battery powered watch, but I’m not sure whether it was quartz movement or something else. Hamilton partnered with Japanese electronics company Ricoh (which mostly makes photocopiers today) to mass produce them, but I’m not sure why it wasn’t successful. Seiko came along 10 years later and set off the revolution you’re talking about, but Hamilton and Ricoh deserve some credit for breaking that ground. Later, Hamilton came along (as you said) with the first digital LED. Honestly, Hamilton doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the daring and innovation they brought to the industry.

If you make another one like this, please consider including the Seiko Kinetic (I’ve had one for years, and love it!) and the Seiko SNR003… the first commercially available Spring Drive movement. I think they’re historically important because they show that innovation is not dead in the world of mechanical timepieces, and that (much like hybrid automobiles) fusion of technologies hold a lot of promise bringing the best of divergent technologies together (in cars, gas/electric combine to give a better power/fuel efficiency than either could do alone; in Spring Drive and Kinetic you have the accuracy of quartz without the tendency in quartz movements for the battery to die at the most inopportune times.)

Teamhonn says:

Great video. I learned so much.

JP Davis says:

My heart is with the Proletariat designs (Seiko), but I have some Swiss luxury pieces. I will bestow the ultimate Ugly Honor to AP! Guess that the Swiss always get the last laugh when it comes to separating fools from their money. Best Regards, JP

I'm Rich Bitch. says:

*_The Breitling emergency watch is such a cool innovation. Too bad the emergency function is so obvious and exclusive to Breitling. Well done Rich. Great vid!_*

J.R. Regenold says:

Wow, you really did a lot of research for this show. Made me start digging through my drawer to find my old Spaceview. Probably needs a new battery, but is running since I put one in it about a year ago. Keep up the good work! Another amazing show.

celestialfix says:

Really nice video. I agree with your watch history data points.

ChestyMD says:

great great info my friend……loving the content.

evan h says:

Interesting and informative as always. Oh and love the humor.

Did they ever figure out if Rolex or a Smiths watch was the first to top of Everest? Tenzing Norgay was dutifully wearing his Rolex but rumor was Hillary was wearing a Smiths? So the question becomes who actually stepped foot on the summit first? The biggest and most important watch advertising history is still in controversy.

Fernando Sbert says:

Good vid. I think I would have included the blancpain 50 fathoms.

Lee K says:

My best friend gave me a Swatch GB02 on my wedding day in 1984 and I wore that thing as my only watch for the next five years before the movement quit on it. Like an idiot, I threw it away a few years ago. Oh well — Swatch was indeed a revolutionary concept for the Swiss and they are still going strong today.

iDid says:

Oh yeah…love my Swatches! Swatch was my first quartz and my first automatic watch, lol!

Kurt Nunn says:

Really have become a fan of this channel

crownmover says:

The Petersfiled is still better than the Apple watch

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