Don’t Overpay for your Rolex, Omega, Breitling or Other Luxury Watches

When buying a luxury watch from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Panerai, Tag Heuer, Cartier and others I always recommend buying pre-owned. If you are going to buy new I’d always recommend asking for a discount…here’s why.

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I’m just a passionate collector of watches, cars and well-crafted goods. I’ve been fortunate in life and I enjoy sharing my passions with others. I created this channel to connect with like-minded individuals that appreciate fine craftsmanship regardless of price. My videos are casual and have occasional swearing and sarcasm. Elitism and snobbery free, here is a place we can come together to celebrate the finer things in life where all passionate souls are welcome.

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Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Panerai, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Zenith, Seiko, Citizen, Orient, Casio, Mondaine, Hamilton, Longines and many more.

I also provide expertise on automatic watches, quartz watches, and automobiles including Lexus, Chevrolet, BMW, Mini and others.

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raxxaRn says:

My fiancee bought me an Omega for my 30s birthday, new, 26% off 2017 version on grey market. I don’t know how these guys can sell them for such a discount, checked it before we payed for it of course and it was legit.

Alex Huxley says:

Watch always has three prices = 1) What he bought it for, 2) What he is asking for it & 3) What he expects to SELL it for (Paul Thorpe)

Ryan Jones says:

Not everyone wants to scour for pre-owned deals on the Internet. Also, not everyone wants to think about selling their watch after buying (and never do) so I can see why retail exists.

Vince Piro says:

Spot on. If I am in love with a watch at an AD, I usually step out of the store and check a few grey market sites and then return ready to ask for that discount. Most of the time, the AD will be willing to come close. If not, I have walked away.Sometimes, the AD will call back and make another offer or find you a good deal on another watch that they have overstocked. Either way, it is a win.

Shafir Iqbal says:

Blue chip watches are acceptable ;)- stick to stainless steel rolex- u cant go wrong!
ADz couldnt give me jackal off the hulk sub or the z-blue milly!! 🙁
(lol you lucky u didnt get pulled and slapped with a filthy u tube fine)

D fens says:

Some sound advice when buying new, especially if it’s not a Rolex or Patek and is going to depreciate really bad in the first year alone. As for in the states you can negotiate on the retail price of a luxury watch but in countries like Japan what ever the tag says that is what you are paying.

The one upside is that since the dollar is stronger averaging 10 percent and up plus being duty free of about 10 percent you can get a 20 percent plus discount if you are visiting. On my next trip to Japan in a few months, I’m going to seriously consider buying new over their if the exchange is good enough so I don’t have to deal with all the back and forth BS.

Still kicking my self when the exchange rate a few years back was almost 35 percent off plus the no 8 percent sales tax.

John Michael Richards says:

Thanks for the information. Yet there are many people who delight in paying over the odds for their Rolex.

Jake Cornell says:

I guess I’m lucky that my grail is discontinued then. Great talking points as always. Don’t get pulled over by the fuzz just to talk to us though 😉

Mike W says:

In the UK, you can normally get the equivalent of the VAT off the retail price on Brietling and Omega, Rolex don’t shift on the RRP. This is from the high street outlets, typically the well known UK jewellers. Personally I wouldn’t buy second hand nor would I buy grey.

alittleolder says:

Great Video as always. Props on using a lav in your car. Rarely anyone thinks of that. I usually get 20% at my AD for my Omegas and Longines. That’s ok for me. I thought in the meantime, since the Swiss market crashed you can get even better prices. I bought my last “good” watch in April of last year. But I am looking currently.

itsKibble Talks Watches says:

Great advise! Though keep buying retail so I can have my job I enjoy xD

metatech says:

Perhaps you could elaborate on parts for Rolex (and other parts for that matter) watches and repairs. Do the watches become “fake” if Chinese parts are used? How can Rolex or watch repairers tell if it is a non official Rolex part in an otherwise authentic watch? I thought this was a good video.

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice content!

Leo says:

Great video, do you have suggestions on how to research and find reputable dealers who sell pre-owned?

WatchUp Gentlemen says:

Stop promoting this, if no one bought retail, we wouldn’t have pre-owned :p Jk! Great video as always!

Best Regards,


Tough Solar says:

Thanks. I save money by buying a Seiko 5. Haha. Pre-owned of course!
More driving!

mark percival says:

Great to hear you back and with a real zing in your voice. Excellent advice, too. I’ve only ever bought half dozen new watches from a boutique and always got a big discount. Same with used. My 1st question is What can you do for me with this watch $wise. Your new job seems like a crazy demanding position, but I hope you’re liking it. All the best for now mate.

Jay Bee says:

would a boutique owned by omega give u 25% off?

Julian Takeshi Quayle says:

Good advise dude. Not likely I’d use it anytime soon though, but always appreciated by the rookies =p

gmshadowtraders says:

Easier said than done mate! It’s very tricky

JP Davis says:

Great vid,  JA.   So often,  see grown men who should know better become  intimidated when entering the doors of upscale AD’s.   The manager  almost right up front knocks 10% off a Breitling or Omega and the customer folds.  AD’s don’t care much for me,  has to be at least 30% off or I walk.  Cash,  then  even absorb the sales tax (9% LA).  Best,  JP

Fred Calabrese says:

I’ve only purchased entry to mid level watches. I’ve had good luck from one gray market dealer. I’d like feedback about buying luxury from gray market dealers.

Ryan Mallory says:

The in car videos are great, very off the cuff feel. I know a lot goes into your video’s however and really appreciate what you do. Thanks!

drefann says:

Interesting video. I can agree with most of what you say except the whole “always try to go for pre-owned” thing that you and many other channels seem to go for. I think it should be a bit more nuanced than that.
My reasoning:
– Buying new from the AD (but NOT retailprice, I fully agree on that part) not only supports the AD and thus the economy in your neigbouhood but also brings in money for the watchbrand that they can use to invest. If everyone starts buying pre-owned, then offcourse the watchmaker needs to charge ridiculous retail prices to stay afloat. It’s a neverending circle (that works in the other direction aswell…)
– Buy new depending on what you need from your watch. For example, if you’re are looking for a watch you know you will wear at least 3 days a week, or maybe the only watch you will wear for the next decade or longer. You get the warranty, reassurance it is (most likely) real and the full service from the AD.
– Looking for a beater? Go grey market.
– Looking for a watch you really want for collection purposes? Go pre-owned (unless you get a really good deal from the grey market or AD).

But in the end, like you said, avoid paying retail price. For me there is only one brand I feel comfortable paying retail for because I like the company alot, and that is Nomos.

wayne61650 says:

I am looking to buy the new version of the Rolex Explorer 1.
I went to a local dealer and asked for a discount and they told me the don’t offer any discounts on the Rolex brand.
I was planning on going back again and talk to the manager.

What is your opinion on the type of discount I should ask for on this watch?

Thank you for your help.

ABKReilly says:

I enjoy these car videos. You should consider continuing to make them even when your schedule allows you not to. Great points as usual. Keep up the good work.

Rick Hasemeier says:

How old of GMT or Sub with a date or no date would you buy used ? What is the depreciation curve? Buy a5 year old or a 7 years old version? Is a Sub without date have greater or lesser depreciation with one with a date ? I am considering a Batman GMT or sub with no date . What have you paid for complete service on a Rolex from independent watchmaker? I understand that the more complicated movements say a Daytona are more expensive for overhaul(aka Ferrari). The cost of ownership is factor to consider like LExus service cost over 7 years vs say a BMW. How often do you think you have a complete service on a Rolex? Like your videos no BS and great advice.

M sharief says:

Why r u driving ? Assuming u want some timepass

Jay Bee says:

how much of a discount should a boutique or a AD be able to give u? 10% 20%?

The Loli Catcher says:

eh, retail seems like pissing away money. my car was brand new £16700, i picked it up 3 years old, 27000 miles, £6000. People are nuts. my favourite panerai, the PAM00337 was $7700, and now people are struggling to sell them at $4200 used

James Peters says:

Now that’s real empathy from a watch fan to watch fans

Alex Huxley says:

Excellent advice JA yet again – Do your research BEFORE you buy, not after.

Patrick Naswell says:

Great video. Do you pay full asking price for used pieces from the types of dealers you mentioned? I wonder what a reasonable percentage is to negotiate.

Crowsnest3000 says:

People are finally waking up!! The corporate, marketing brainwashing is cracking. Instagram is the largest free marketing tool these highwaymen use. Don’t fall for this any longer

Mike W says:

@Paul, if you had reason to activate the warrenty would you have to do that via the grey dealer? My personal preference is always via an AD. That’s just my liking, if you have a dealer you trust that’s cool but with the cost I only go AD. Anyhow, Omega and Brietling are the mainstays of my collection, I have a DJ2 as my only Rolex so they’ve only fucked me over the once then 🙂

Amintas Neto says:

Spot on J. Antony. We are leaving buyer’s time. So don’t sell your pieces unless you really need. Buy only if you can get a decent discount.

Oz Time says:

Good one Anthony. Can you do a follow up on gray deals on the big names and models, more down in weeds, reviews. I think these would be interesting.Cheers.

Andrew Villanueva says:

could you tell me how much my Rolex submarine gilt dial 5513 early 1960s.

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Can’t afford a 50K watch but am perfectly happy having haggled $100 of my SARW025.

New or used is a personal thing but always haggle 🙂

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